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  1. Sugar Cane Denim

    I regret selling my pair so long ago
  2. W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Got my 1901s RTW That Ryan switched out since his demo pair offered via IG were huge. Very nice construction and fit only issue is the shin area is a bit wider than I like and leg opening is at least 9 on a 35. Larger than spec This Below knee width makes them a bit out of proportion for the slim top block which I love Im going to wear for a while and see if breakin makes them drape a little better before contemplating a very very small taper The denim is beautiful however don’t know who makes these for WH but they are certainly in the top tier of manufacturing fabric is sweet -smooth with a wonderful feel and weight i think it’s 12.50 oz Nihon Menpu Left Hand Twill
  3. Left Field Jeans

    Agree if the greaser has a slightly slimmer thigh it would be my perfect pair
  4. TCB

    What size dress shirt do you usually wear ?
  5. Full Count Denim Thread

    Nice. I’m more and more pro washer and dryer as I get older. The denim does come alive as you say. For many different pairs.
  6. Full Count Denim Thread

    Yes...clue us in?
  7. TCB

    I tersting for the others with a 35
  8. TCB

    These are the slim 50s?
  9. Full Count Denim Thread

    The new R denim was posted on IG ...
  10. W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Thanks mpukas. Yes these were the pair on IG.....always a bit of a guess with denim but even though the size of this pair is consistent with what Ryan told me, they are just plain big all over.....kinda of a pretty big fail.... id like to try and work something out with Ryan ...but he’s tough to get a hold of ...
  11. W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Maynard/ecsong. Thanks so much for the candid reply. I think I’ll try and get ahold of Ryan on IG and see if he will consider an exchange — maybe a RTW 1901- he’s tough to get ahold of so who knows.....I may have to sell em.... Construction, fabric and denim are world class ....despite the fit
  12. W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Hi all. Just got these 1960 steer Ryder prototypes from Ryan. Can I get a fit check comment. Trying to embrace the loose fit bit the thighs feel huge. I have not soaked but Ryan says minimal shrinkage Thanks
  13. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Good question.
  14. Mister Freedom

    Aries, forgot to ask. What was your soak dry routine ?
  15. Warehouse

    I’m really pro dryer theses days..so long as it’s not overdone