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Roy Denim Very Nice Pocket Bag Jeans 32 unhemmedclassified


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Roy Denim Very Nice Pocket Bag Jeans 32 unhemmed

I have a new pair of Roy's Very Nice Pocket Bag Jeans, sold exclusively at Self Edge and still with the pocket tag affixed. The wings of the tag are a bit wrinkled, they came to me like that.

Heads up that the waist is smaller than my other size 32 Roys, which preclude me from wearing them. I wore them around the house for an hour or two, so there are some light creases behind the knees, but those would quickly work out (see photo).

If I recall and based on the leg twist, these are cold rinsed (can't confirm because Self Edge took the page down for them).

Inseam is 35.5" (original hem), hem is 8.5"


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