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  1. Whoever is next can private message me their details, and I'll send them out asap! Really enjoyed wearing the roys for my leg of the tour.
  2. Wondering who is up next on the tour? Will post another update of the jeans soon. I have had them almost a month now. Worn them probably 95% of the time.
  3. Have been sent to northern Alberta for some out of town work, beside a town with a population of 276. Needless to say not much to do. Posting a picture of the Roy's and my rogue territory supply jacket for a colour comparison. Also posting a pic of the work jeans I wear on days where I'm working with concrete. They are some Rpm West raws I thrifted .
  4. Alas, my work out of town has come to an end. Tonight was my last night so I went swimming in some glacier fed lakes, and enjoyed some beer. Whiskers on the Roy's are showing up , and knee fades are getting quite a bit stronger.
  5. Yeah, unfortunately my job hasn't been here all summer. The first half was in peace River and the Slave Lake Region, which is very far north. This lead to some unfortunate weather. It was also night shift, so I couldn't really see any sights while I was there. So when they offered me the opportunity to finish off my Job here I jumped at it.
  6. Lake Louise is beautiful. I was there and through the Banff area last winter. There is some amazing hikes, and really cool sights. Great mountain biking too.
  7. A few more photos taken recently. The building is at my university when I was back in town, the rest in the national park. The park is a great place to work, and I'm lucky I got sent there this summer. If you're ever visiting Alberta, it's one of the highlights. Sorry if photo quality isn't the greatest, only have my iPhone as a camera.
  8. Right now I'm an engineering summer student, going into my last year of school this Fall. Working on a parking lot and road in Jasper National Park.
  9. Hello, been wearing the roys at work and afterwards in the mountains. I'm working in Jasper National park, one of the most beautiful areas of Canada. My job site is at a very high altitude, so it is actually quite cold. Luckily my Canadian tuxedo is keeping me warm. Jacket is Bob Dong 23oz. Most of these photos are taken either on Mt. Edith Cavell ( where I am working), surrounding highway viewpoints, or Pyramid lake. Pyramid lake is great in the morning before work, as no one else is there that early. I can watch the sun rise, and swim in the cold glacier fed lake all by myself.
  10. Hello, Finally got a chance to try on the Roys. Initial impressions: Amazing quality! That's the first thing that came to mind. From the stitching to the rivets, to the feel of the selvedge and shell stitching on the fly. Previous to this, most of my denim has been Naked and Famous, or unbranded. Obviously the Roys quality is much higher. My Red cloud denim is much closer in terms of quality. As for the denim itself, it's great to have a pair in this color. Most of my denim has high contrast fading as I tend not to wash a lot, so this is a nice change. The fit is very comfortable while still not looking sloppy. Wearing them I went out to eat one of my favorite local restaurants, a place famous for its large portion sizes and meat. Right up my alley. Anyhow, fit pics featuring a neighborhood cat and pictures of the meal. Burger had 8oz of beef brisket, 8oz of pork, and 4oz of smoked chicken. The poutine was a beef brisket poutine with waffle sauce, gravy, and aged cheese!
  11. Good news! The roys have arrived at my house. I am away for work until Sunday, but will begin wearing them then. With them I will be returning to the rocky mountains for work; I'm sure the denim will appreciate the fresh air and amazing views. I will make sure to upload some photos to the thread of the sights around this area, as well as a fit picture once I have them and try them on.
  12. Great. Looking forward to wearing these hard at my job and around Edmonton. May even be going on a trip at the end of the month I could bring them on.
  13. Wow, that scenery is amazing! Especially the basalt columns. I'm not sure who is next, but I'm available if you want to send it this way!
  14. Super excited to watch the next leg of this tour. The blue color is coming in very nicely, and it will be great to see some of L.A. Haven't been since I was a kid.
  15. Looks awesome! My job is casual enough that the patch shouldn't cause any issue!