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  1. holio cornolio

    Studio D'artisan

    A bit under 32”. Edit just measured - actually a bit under 33 actual measured waist size.
  2. holio cornolio

    Studio D'artisan

    I’ve decided preeeetty much that I will pull the trigger on a pair of sd103 as my next purchase, but I’m struggling a bit with sizing with SDA. My fav fitting pair of jeans are my much loved TCB 60s, and as far as I can tell, the 103 share quite a similar cut, just a cm or so higher rise. But I’m sure I’ve read that sda shrinkage is quite pronounced. I’m wearing a 32 in the TCBs and could probably get away with a 31. Should I go for a 32 in SDA? Cheers
  3. holio cornolio

    Red Cloud & Co. jeans

    It’s redcloud423
  4. holio cornolio

    Red Cloud & Co. jeans

    It’s redcloud423
  5. holio cornolio


    ^ arse. 2 photos wouldn’t upload.
  6. holio cornolio


    TCB 60s just going into semi retirement
  7. holio cornolio

    Red Cloud & Co. jeans

    I must post some pics of the TCB 60s
  8. holio cornolio

    Red Cloud & Co. jeans

    It is. I am corn holio. Thanks. Been loitering on and off. A couple of pairs of jeans simultaneously came to the end of their useful lives. My TCB 60s now spring a new hole every time I wear them, and my Norman Porter NP01 do likewise. So I got a pie of baihe jeans from Ali express as an experiment. As experiments go it wasn’t a success. My daughter summed it up best ‘dad, are you wearing skinny jeans? Please don’t ‘. So that leaves me back in the market. Considering my options and red cloud are on the list. Anyone? Anyone?
  9. holio cornolio

    Red Cloud & Co. jeans

    Anyone else following red cloud on Instagram? Anyone any idea about this 70s model!