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  1. No, I have a couple of hiking trousers in lighter and quicker drying material that I plan to wear. I'm very ambivalent towards modern sports and outdoor gear. So much of it is plain ugly, the production of high-tech materials is often bad for the environment, and companies promote replacing stuff every time something new and supposedly improved appears. I try to keep it simple with clothes in wool and cotton, shoes mostly made of leather. Jeans would probably work in good weather but are uncomfortable to wear (and very heavy) when wet. Plus they take ages to dry. I'm bringing jeans for looking smart when going to the pub or out to eat after the day's walk though!
  2. I misplaced @Lendo's old Resolutes after replacing the top button and sort of forgot about them. Very stupid because they are great! Not to bore you with details about the next week of my life, but I'm going on a hike along Hadrian's Wall (Newcastle to the West coast of England) and am currently testing/breaking in gear. In this case anorak and shoes, jeans are unfortunately not coming with. Some super quick fitpics. Was too afraid of neighbors walking in on me and took them in a hurry, realised only afterwards that the lighting was sub-optimal.
  3. (The tour is probably fully booked and with alternates on a wait list, but just wanted to say that if there's room for just one more person before it's all over, I'd like to sign up!)
  4. TCB

    Oooh, I'm very tempted to get the slim 50s! Most my jeans are quite high rise, which I prefer, but I measured the Warehouse 900s just now and they match the rise of the TCBs in my size (24,5cm), with a marginally smaller waist. I like them a lot as an alternative to and a different fit from all those similar top-blocks. That new TCB patch is my all-time favorite too! But alas, I will hold off for a while. I haven't really decided about the 20s contest yet, and I've promised myself to sell some of the stuff I don't use before adding new purchases to the mix.
  5. I know what you mean, @Broark. I find that white (or natural) denim often looks too preppy, depending on what's worn with it of course. But I really dig it when done right, like Paul Weller in the eighties. Simple and cool. I guess I just have to do it right then
  6. Just copped a pair of offwhite Boncouras at the Drake's outlet in London for - drum roll - £32! They had two pairs left, both size 32, and I really hope they don't shrink, because it's the smallest size 32 I've ever tried on. A perfect 30, I'd say. Probably old stock, the patch appears to be different from the ones currently offered at Drake's and Alpha Shadows. My co-worker bought the other pair later, and I forced him to tell the shop assistant that we're not a couple buying matching jeans, haha. Edit: must be one-washed with this level of leg twist and roping going on. Phew, relieved.
  7. TCB

    You guys! But hmmmm. What I took away from measurements is that this jacket is noticeably shorter than the 50s version? Say it is so! And forgive me if you've answered this before, @volvo, but did you get the same size?
  8. It was indeed sunny and hot, but in this case I was more concerned about all the walking and standing on concrete, which can get painful even in new cushioned sneakers. After wearing the Wescos for half a day now and marvelling about the comfort, I think I would've been ok, but just didn't want to risk blisters or sore feet.
  9. Not that much age to speak of yet but I took delivery of these Wescos at my hotel when I was in the US last week - thanks, Standard & Strange! The fit is very good, surprisingly comfortable, but I still didn't dare to wear them during the 20,000 steps-a-day madness that is SXSW. So the five minute walk to the grocery store just now was my first time wearing the boots outside. Looking forward to digging jeans with compatible hem widths out of the closet and putting these to good use, more and better pics to come.
  10. HAHA!
  11. Just a little teaser pic. I haven't replaced the top button yet, getting one today is the plan, but the cat's already into the Resolutes. He looks a little disturbed, but he's just eyeing a bird on the roof nextdoor.
  12. TCB

    That looks very good, Iron Horse! Great tailoring.
  13. @Lendo's old Resolutes are in da house and they fit (great)! Not sure what I expected, but they are very soft and feel kind of stretchy, and have nice tint to them that is different from my other denim. Pics to come.
  14. TCB

    Great fit, Iron Horse! Not to go all Ed on you, but it would be interesting to see the backside where the tailoring has taken place too, see if it's noticeable.
  15. TCB

    Not to derail with sizing issues half a year in advance, and maybe the contest version is sized differently than the size 32 prototype used in the tour, but I'm a 29-30 in Warehouse and they were a couple of sizes too big on me. I tightened the cinch as much as possible to go without a belt, but the whole upper block was very loose. I guess the extra room works well with suspenders though. I haven't decided yet but if I participate I plan to go with a size 30 (unless I get updated info suggesting otherwise).