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  1. Weird though, because the thigh measurement for a size 30 is 10.8" on the 2014 vs 11.2" on the 2009, according to the same tables.
  2. Cough!
  3. Great fit!
  4. Not very helpful fit-wise (a friggin horse is blocking the view), but this photo of my granddad (left) and his uncle is from 1929 and too good to not post. This is also the only thread where it’s somewhat relevant. The horse is called Stella btw. Written on the back.
  5. I wasn’t bothered by the suspender buttons on the tour jeans at all, but I didn’t wear a belt either, just tightened the cinch to the max to keep them from falling down. That was a size 32 though, a 30 will stay up on its own. The waist-to-hip ratio on most women makes it almost impossible for properly sized jeans to sag or fall down, so I can’t say that my experience is universal. Still, even though I’m arguing against my own proclamation of functionality above all, I do love a good cinch!
  6. True, Volvo. I'm completely down with what you pro-button people are saying, and the authenticity argument is indeed compelling, but I'm absolutely positive that I'll never wear suspenders (<- famous last words, haha). It's not that I don't like the look on others - I do - but I feel suspenders would push me into overtly retro territory, the costume-y feeling that someone referred to earlier. Also, I find the look a bit too masculine (a good thing for most men, I think, but not for me). Lastly I'm a big fan of functionality and buttons that won't be used have no function really.
  7. TCB

    Great fit, Blaewen! Congrats. I'm unfortunately too big/tall for the boys jacket - if it only came in sz large!
  8. Great work! I hereby confirm my spot, Volvo. Waist and inseam are correct.
  9. TCB

    Gahhhh, when will he stop?!?
  10. ^^ Ahem, after a little more measuring, I'd like to change to a 31" inseam. Sorry about the back and forth. Thanks, Volvo!
  11. Ok! I forgot yesterday but I'm in! Size 30, 30.5/78 cm inseam, no suspender buttons. Of course I'm interested in the t-shirt as well, patch looks great! (Oh, and Volvo, it's Birgitte. Not that big a difference but only old people are named Birgit here )
  12. Count me in as interested! That would be a size 30", I'll update with desired inseam length after measuring my favourite wide-legged pair when I get home this afternoon.
  13. No, I have a couple of hiking trousers in lighter and quicker drying material that I plan to wear. I'm very ambivalent towards modern sports and outdoor gear. So much of it is plain ugly, the production of high-tech materials is often bad for the environment, and companies promote replacing stuff every time something new and supposedly improved appears. I try to keep it simple with clothes in wool and cotton, shoes mostly made of leather. Jeans would probably work in good weather but are uncomfortable to wear (and very heavy) when wet. Plus they take ages to dry. I'm bringing jeans for looking smart when going to the pub or out to eat after the day's walk though!
  14. I misplaced @Lendo's old Resolutes after replacing the top button and sort of forgot about them. Very stupid because they are great! Not to bore you with details about the next week of my life, but I'm going on a hike along Hadrian's Wall (Newcastle to the West coast of England) and am currently testing/breaking in gear. In this case anorak and shoes, jeans are unfortunately not coming with. Some super quick fitpics. Was too afraid of neighbors walking in on me and took them in a hurry, realised only afterwards that the lighting was sub-optimal.
  15. (The tour is probably fully booked and with alternates on a wait list, but just wanted to say that if there's room for just one more person before it's all over, I'd like to sign up!)