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  1. TCB

    Thanks! After a couple of delivery mishaps I picked the Normas up at the local post office today, and I must say I understand what you mean, @blaewen_blue. I don't think there are that many modern female bodies that can fill these jeans out in all the "right" places. Not even Marilyn Monroe had a waist-to-hip ratio that low. Extreme hourglass. Even so, I do like the roomy fit and find it very comfortable too, so I'm quite happy with the purchase. I'll try to post a few pics in the near future.
  2. About the 55: I wear a size 30 without a belt and can report that after a week of wear the waist now measures 31". It's a little under tag size right after a wash.
  3. TCB

    ^ Haha! Money saved for you at least. I sometimes wish I was a little less interested in raw denim and online shopping...
  4. TCB

    I caved and ordered the 701/Norma last week, was just notified that they are passing through customs as we speak. I hope they fit well, it'll be the first woman specific cut I've bought in a long time and quite different from my other jeans. I'll keep you posted!
  5. I love it! #4
  6. Agreed, @bartlebyyphonics. As much as I'd like to be an active participant and post regularly, and that others do so too, I also know that forced participation («this week you must post a picture doing [activity] in your jeans») has made me drop out of contests in the past. A good balance and somewhat shared expectations would be great. Very excited to begin!
  7. TCB

    Great! I'll await your review, @blaewen_blue. I fear that I might have to go custom though, a 72 cm inseam will probably be too short on me - and I normally prefer shorter lengths (aka the high-water look).
  8. TCB

    701s up in the webshop now. Trying to justify a purchase to myself, but between the contest jeans and the robot vacuum I just bought... We'll see.
  9. Got it, thanks! Much appreciated. Funny, me too, in natural leather. Perhaps it's time to bring them down from the attic.
  10. Great smock, @bartlebyyphonics! How would you say that the sizes are? It says that small covers chests 34" to 38" and being closer to 38" I wonder if medium is the way to go?
  11. Weird though, because the thigh measurement for a size 30 is 10.8" on the 2014 vs 11.2" on the 2009, according to the same tables.
  12. Cough!
  13. Great fit!
  14. Not very helpful fit-wise (a friggin horse is blocking the view), but this photo of my granddad (left) and his uncle is from 1929 and too good to not post. This is also the only thread where it’s somewhat relevant. The horse is called Stella btw. Written on the back.
  15. I wasn’t bothered by the suspender buttons on the tour jeans at all, but I didn’t wear a belt either, just tightened the cinch to the max to keep them from falling down. That was a size 32 though, a 30 will stay up on its own. The waist-to-hip ratio on most women makes it almost impossible for properly sized jeans to sag or fall down, so I can’t say that my experience is universal. Still, even though I’m arguing against my own proclamation of functionality above all, I do love a good cinch!