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  1. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    The jeans look and feel so much like the last ones that I haven’t really felt it necessary to document the same part of the process, plus I’ve been more or less living in a suitcase the past two months, but for the sake of participation I have a mini Instagram update. Nice sunny weather here, but still cold enough to wear my most favouritest jacket that I just mended.
  2. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Looks great, @bartlebyyphonics! How (much) would you say the fit differs from our TCB 20s?
  3. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Forgot to say that it looks AMAZING, @Paul T! Should have started with that. And: I also love the jacket a lot, but I find one thing about the fit quite weird... don't know if you have experienced the same. The jacket spot-on everywhere, nicely fitted but still loose and not restrictive, except for the underarms where it fits rather tight. I have done a lot of sports in my life and maybe that part of of my body has a bit more muscle than the average person's, but not visibly so and certainly not more than men my size. It's gradual and luckily not too tight, just...very tapered below the elbow? I don't know.
  4. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Grubby = wash, no question about it. Hygiene before beauty - or in this case, preservation of fabric/fit. I haven't worn mine nearly as much and don't know how yours would turn out after a soak/wash, but in my case I started with machine wash and dryer because it was a bit too big, and the fabric still had that stiffness afterwards. Even the back pleats are mostly intact. Also worth noting that it didn't shrink much in width, only a little in length.
  5. Warehouse

    Maybe Lot. 1101 could be what you're looking for, @julian-wolf? I have regular 800s and 1101s in a size 30. My measurement notes indicate that both have an 11.5" (the 1101 between .5 and .75) thigh right after wash + dry, but although they're similar on paper it certainly doesn't feel that way. The 1101s have a way more comfortable top block and stretch more too. I can measure the thigh after wear later, if any interest?
  6. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Somehow I'm reminded of that time when I was an exchange student in Argentina and had to present Norway in a school assembly, and someone asked about the Norwegian monarchy from medieval times until today. I shaked my head and said "Aaaaah, es un quilombo...", a word I associated only with mess or chaos, the way I had heard it used colloquially, when in fact it means brothel of the nastiest kind. I just couldn't figure out why they were all laughing so much In other news: Wearing the 2.0 jeans today and I had forgotten how much I like the fit. So comfortable and also clean and stylish.
  7. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    One delayed and two cancelled flights later... I made it to the post office just before they closed up for Easter, got the jeans and the little note that kinda looks like my cat, and I also collected a box of my own dirty laundry that I sent home when it wouldn't fit in the suitcase anymore. I forgot to measure before the wash but my specs were exactly the same as last time. After a wash and dry they're now 0.5" smaller in the waist than the first pair were at the same point, and the same elsewhere. I forgot to specify that I wanted the new patch so that illegible piece of bacon was transferred on to this pair. I thought it couldn't get any worse, but after this initial wash it's more or less stamp-sized. All good though, it's quite funny and also unique.
  8. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    On a layover in Houston at the moment, planning for when I finally get home Wednesday morning. I have to pick up my cat first (living things get priority) but after that it's straight to the post office, and it's actually the last date to collect before the jeans are returned to sender. Cutting it close here! The last three weeks have been eventful and fun. First, in lieu of contest jeans, my Warehouse 1101 got to hang out with the Norwegian Crown Prince at SXSW. After that I mostly wore shorts, both in Austin and on vacation in México. I'll post a few pictures from the trip when I have actual 20s to document as well.
  9. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Just got notice that my pair is at the post office, but I'll be in the US and then Mexico for another two weeks. Feels good to have something waiting for me when I return, even though I get a bit impatient. As for the patches, arcs and pocket bags I don't really care (the regular 20s patch is one of my favorites really), I'm just happy that a difficult situation was solved in a reasonable way, where we all (the ones not requesting a refund) end up with great jeans. Our cost has been small compared to that of Inoue, not to mention all the extra work for Volvo: Thanks!
  10. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    Fingers and toes crossed that @MasonAlexander have received them in Canada by now. I shipped the jeans when I got back from vacation in the middle of December, was told that it could take a little longer because of Christmas, but a few weeks at the most.
  11. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Not sure about the new rinse version, but I find the 55 501 in sz. 30 to fit tighter (not a full size but maybe about a half) than the TCB 20s in the same size.
  12. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    No tearing apart cats, please! May I suggest two strong cats tearing apart a Volvo 240? Or would that be just as cruel in your eyes, @volvo?
  13. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    I also wrote a note since the patch is fried and illegible but forgot to put it in the pocket, only noticed it when I got back from the post office last Tuesday. Should I send an email to Inoue with info so that he can match sender address with SuFu name and jeans?
  14. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    True, but I'm fine with it as I'm partial to the high water look. Works very well in the snow. And lately I have also discovered that my inseam sweet spot is either longer or shorter than 79cm depending on how I wear it.
  15. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    I've been measuring meticulously after every wash except the third one, when I was going on vacation and didn't have time. Here are my numbers for a size 30, 79 cm leg. Wash: Pre / 1st / 2nd / 4th Waist: 15.75" (40cm) / 14.75" (37,5cm) / 14.5" (37cm) / 14.5" (37cm) Inseam: 33" (84cm) / 30.5" (78cm) / 30.25" (77cm) / 29.5" (75cm) --- WHOAH! I have all the other measurements too, but they're in the +/- 1" range, nothing extraordinary, and most didn't change this time. I was just thinking a couple of days ago that I should have gone with either 1" longer or 1" shorter inseam since I found it neither here nor there after the previous wash; too long to wear without a turn-up, too short with one. I'll have to see tomorrow when I put them on but they're probably (even) more to my liking now. Note that the washer and dryer that I have access to are of the industrial kind, they probably go a little harder than the regular home appliances that most people use.