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Taking Care of the World Tour


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Thanks for the nice comments! 


Cuffs were sloppy, I just made them right there and then. I'm 5'10"/1,77m. I only need a single cuff if I wear a belt (not that uncomfortable and more in tune with my style than suspenders), double if I go without. 

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Just a few updates, I've been planning the office Christmas party for the last couple of days because the ones supposed to be in charge came down with the flu. 


First, a sneak peak of the indigo/shibori project. Shoelaces dipped once and twice. 



A bandana with pattern. It went back for another dip after this photo was taken. 



From when I woke up yesterday morning. Last full moon of 2016. 



I always go away for Christmas so I don't own many festive decorations, except for this:


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Sorry about the radio silence, I don't currently have a laptop that works and can't figure out to embed photos on the iPad, so for now the work computer is where it happens. 


I've been busy with the indigo/shibory dye this weekend. I'll have to do some serious cleaning later, because - to paraphrase Arrested Development: I just blue myself and my bathroom. It's a real mess. 


Anyways, no fit pics this time, but here's an update on the dyeing: 


Some of the stuff I dyed. The fabric with different patterns will be made into pillows. 



Nothing fancy here, just a couple of dips and a bit uneven, but I love this shirt and I couldn't wear it before because of the yellow-y beige colour that didn't look good on me at all. Now I have a useable shirt in a nice indigo. 



How I wish these gloves were wearable. So pretty!



I had to eat too, so I made a customised larb based on memory. I don't think the cucumber and carrot is supposed to be mixed in at this stage, but it turned out quite well and very tasty. 


Tomorrow I leave for the north. Ufortunately it's going to rain the whole time according to the forecast, so no snow or northern lights, but I'm sure I can find something to photograph. 

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Today we went to the "city centre" to buy the last gifts and some ingredients for upcoming dinners.

It actually snowed a little this morning:


30 minutes later, about 1:30pm, we got to the very happening downtown Tromsø and it was already dark.


This used to be my favorite shop when I was a kid. All candy. Felt good to see that it's still going strong.


We went to the fish market to get some lutefisk, more about that in a few days, and passed by the boats that either sell fresh fish (during the season) or take tourists out on whale safaris.


At the fish market. Note the orange jacket with rephlex (or whatever it's called in English), lots of people wear them here because it's so dark.


I briefly considered getting this dried cod to eat as a snack (an acquired taste, I must admit):


But instead I settled on the raindeer stew. The photo is not very appealing, but it was excellent!


My mom's cousin used to run the polar museum here. We stopped by and I snapped a photo of this photo of polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen. Really like the cut and assymetry of his jacket.


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I was expecting some sort of mention of lutefisk during the Arctic leg of this tour! Viking peasant Xmas food par excellence!

It would be a hard hard competition between lutefisk and Marmite (see Roy tour thread debate), but the lutefisk must win it as its a much more elaborate recipe...

I also had the dried cod snack bags while in Norway, terrible...

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this is the Viking dried cod snack, I had it in Lofoten Islands a few years ago and will never forget!



this is how we do it in Liguria where dried cod is one of the classics of local traditional cooking


the old woman in the picture is somewhat of a local legend, she's 97 yr old now and she still occasionally works in the same restaurant she opened in 1940, 76 years ago.

If you want to google the recipe (good luck to find one in English) the name is stoccafisso accomodato alla genovese.

I have fond memories of cooking this recipe in Lofoten islands for some local guys that own a dry cod business. I was quite drunk and I ventured to cook it for 16 people. It's a miracle that i didn't cut any of my fingers or things like that!

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Haha, @Volvo, I really wish I was there.

@Bobbo, I guess we're just a little more advanced in the potentially gross food department. But you have surströmming going for you, so I don't really know ;)


I ventured outside today in that small daylight window around noon.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!










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If you want to google the recipe (good luck to find one in English) the name is stoccafisso accomodato alla genovese...,

Google translate my man. I will be making this some time soon... sounds epic.
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Super update mandel. Lovely pics. We won't see snow here in my neck of the woods this Christmas but your post reminds me that we should maybe travel somewhere to try and get a white Christmas in again before my kids are too old to give a crap.

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