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  1. I talked to Inoue san via instagram but no reply. I believe he's super busy recently with new release and Workers collab.
  2. TCB

    Right, 505 in grail status.
  3. TCB

    The TCB 505 and Orange jeans posted on TCB website are so beautiful.
  4. congratz! really worth the waiting.
  5. yeah, the indigo duck canvas should be used for the front pocket bags instead of normal white fabric, not the back pocket. hopefully we fix them. and again, thanks for your work volvo
  6. lovely patch, way better looking when sewn on. there is another fabric for the back pocket?
  7. yeah. we like to enjoy the whole process
  8. @jsn when shall we expect the time of start the production?
  9. paid
  10. finally we are making some progress. thanks volvo. good luck with your tour
  11. The fit is spot on. According to volvo, the 20's fabric is different with the tour pair.
  12. I wanna buy a pair of black jeans and 3sixteen 220x double black seems the ideal choice. But I need sizing advice since I never own any 3sixteen jeans. May I ask that the 220x 14.5oz double black fabric shrink after wash? Specially width wise. ST might be too tight on the thigh area so I'm eyeing for CT or SL. Anything I need to pay attention when choosing size? How's the sizing comparing with japanese denim(Warehouse, TCB jeans, Sugar cane) Thanks.
  13. I believe that Tezomeya fabric feels really comfortable when wearing
  14. Thanks for your post. really enjoy it.
  15. stay strong dude, good luck.