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  1. I wanna buy a pair of black jeans and 3sixteen 220x double black seems the ideal choice. But I need sizing advice since I never own any 3sixteen jeans. May I ask that the 220x 14.5oz double black fabric shrink after wash? Specially width wise. ST might be too tight on the thigh area so I'm eyeing for CT or SL. Anything I need to pay attention when choosing size? How's the sizing comparing with japanese denim(Warehouse, TCB jeans, Sugar cane) Thanks.
  2. I believe that Tezomeya fabric feels really comfortable when wearing
  3. Thanks for your post. really enjoy it.
  4. stay strong dude, good luck.
  5. Eagerly waiting for these. It's been a very long time since the last cinch-back jeans I wore. I need these in my life and work.
  6. Here I got a question re 20s. We've known that tcb 20s fabric is relatively heavier than the originals. Does Inoue san modified anything else? The front rise seems abit low for a pair of 20s jeans.
  7. I'm not familiar with dubble works jeans. But the Co. uses so called oxidized fabrics on WH lot.800. Not banner denim. I don't know what's the 14.5oz denim refers to.
  8. ^Sup Ed, did you see my PM?
  9. Me too, just curious about the w32 waist and front rise measurements. I need to decide 32 or 33 for myself.
  10. W33 L70cm(desired length after shrunk) and Paypal pls
  11. really nice fit indeed. really nice.
  12. foot patrol with brown domain I think
  13. TCB

    Worth waiting for the 20's contest pair. Special patch and arcs! 'Ats nice!
  14. I tried sending them emails. Never heard back from them...
  15. TCB

    I'll wait for the contest pair this time as I want to give some wear to my beloved WH pair.