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  1. really nice fit indeed. really nice.
  2. foot patrol with brown domain I think
  3. TCB

    Worth waiting for the 20's contest pair. Special patch and arcs! 'Ats nice!
  4. I tried sending them emails. Never heard back from them...
  5. TCB

    I'll wait for the contest pair this time as I want to give some wear to my beloved WH pair.
  6. TCB

    really nice pics volvo. always looking good on a nice faded pair of TCB jeans.
  7. RC is active. New DaaiFau by R.C. co is coming. Lots of new stuff.
  8. Thanks for sharing the story Sir Paul. Always good reading.
  9. invasion of 20's! thanks for sharing aho. are we gonna have contest jeans patch dedicated redesign next year? cause I really can't wait for putting those TCB 20's on.
  10. the vintage processed leather patch on these DD series are my favorite, so looking good.
  11. Plus, the horror series Tee from Belafonte are my favorite.
  12. yeah, belafonte is nice. I put Atlast co./Belafonte/Tenderloin all together as same kind of brand's style.
  13. TCB

    The leather patch design is incredible. Definitely 20's will be in my TCB jeans family.
  14. I'll wait, I'll wait.
  15. Thanks all of you, really appreciated.