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  1. TCB

    thanks bobbo!!!
  2. TCB

    what size jacket is that? thanks. you bought it raw, right?
  3. TCB

    just get bespoke denim tailoring and be done with cm sizing disappointment. i don't think the gold miners back in the days when they bought levi jeans were complaining about sizing issues. a cm there too loose a mm too tight over here......
  4. TCB

    that's it. let me try that
  5. TCB

    great shots and fades. are you in general with the tcb jeans?
  6. TCB

    i wash my jeans but i have found when you spin dry them in the washing machine you get these damn lines running down the jeans. do you just take them out of the machine wet and hang them to dry? i have found this method to be the solution but it's a pain with all the water dripping all over the floor.
  7. TCB

    @ volvo, man i want to get the 20's jacket but i don't know which size. i got the 42 in the 50 and it's got plenty of room for me to fit a thick sweatshirt. i plan to get the 20's jacket as a summer/fall jacket with just a t shirt. so maybe a 40 in the 20's jacket, i am going to get the post wash version.
  8. TCB

    mr haddock. i totally agree. you have a bunch of great jeans. keep some of them in a certain shade of indigo. i know you have a totally destroyed pair so have a pair that is totally faded, a pair that still has a nice shade of blue/indigo but still a worn look and another pair with a lighter fade etc.....great job as always. i have been going non stop canadian tuxedo style for the last few months on the weekends only. i need to really wear in my tcb gear. it doesn't help that i am in uniform 5 days a week hence my weekend jeans wear only. damn!!!!
  9. TCB

    thanks for this.
  10. TCB

    mr. haddock. you bought the 42 raw right? is the sizing of your raw post wash the same as the one wash version of this jacket? i mean really you basically one washed the jacket yourself. i am deciding whether to get the raw or the one wash version.....i am inclined to get the one wash. thanks.
  11. TCB

    how tall are you etc......? thanks. are you a lean guy? a stockish type of dude? thanks.
  12. TCB

    you are a freak!!! ha. good call on this.
  13. TCB

    why are there two values for the shoulder width?
  14. TCB

    so tcb experts! is the type 1 shorter in length both in terms of the body and the sleeves when compared to the type 2? thanks. if the type 1 is very similar to the type 2 in sizing then i may want to get a size 40 in the type 1. my tcb50 is fine but just a tad too long in the body and arm sleeves, just a little, not the end of the world but the jacket would have been perfect if the sleeves and body length were a little shorter. this is just me.
  15. TCB

    this new type 1 jacket is made of the same denim as the tcb20's jeans. https://tcbjeans.stores.jp/items/58cfd79f1a704bab8e01acab