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  1. TCB

  2. TCB

    alvin, he does that sometimes. he will respond once the item has been shipped with the tracking number. i could be wrong but i wonder if it's really hajime that answers the email. twice now i have told him, in english, maybe i should have used google translate, to mark the item as a lower value and twice now tcb has not done so. it's worked for me many times before though. my last item i had been burnt for a 100 dollar custom charge for the black cat chore coat. damn!
  3. TCB

    that's a nice shade of indigo.
  4. TCB

    tcb likes tweaking their jeans a bit from the original. especially their denim jackets, they are longer in length.
  5. TCB

    listen erk, wear the fuck out of whatever jeans you have in your wardrobe. time, abuse and body heat will loosen up everything. don't fret about dimensions.
  6. TCB

    i have the 50 and 60 jeans in the same size and i have found that the 60 jeans fits a bit tighter in general.
  7. before i order anything online concerning big ticket items, i always ask the shipper if they can send the parcel with the country's postal system like canada post, aussie post or u.s.p.s.. then you ask the sender if they can declare a lower value of the item of declare the items as an used item or vintage item worn clothing etc......this works for me here in canada. and why the postal system? at least when you have to pay anything, it's the custom fees and some taxes. with puro, ups, dhl etc...you get nailed with brokerage fees, border fees, this fee and that fee and then to top it all off when you are not home and they leave you this note saying that you have to pick up your parcel far far away from your house....well this takes the cake!!! fuck that. for me the deal breaker is when the shipper has to use DHL, UPS, PUROLATOR etc.....then i am not getting the item. end of story. EMS is also very very preferable for me. ask for EMS service. they always use the country's postal system.
  8. is there a national world wide canadian tuxedo day? us denim heads should make one. i have been wearing the tux for pretty much the most weekends this year. yeah, only the weekends. i wear an uniform on the week days.
  9. TCB

    this jacket could be a limited run made for some of his friends like the guy from WORKERS. i have observed that hajime once in a while will make stuff for other people. that chore jacket in the same set of photos has that signature green stitching in the reinforcement corners of the pockets. i am pretty certain that tcb makes clothing for other companies.
  10. the idea seems totally alien to me to have your jeans altered in such a drastic way, i am talking about that downsizing thing and other such hacks. would you ivy style!!!! i too am reading that book that you have mentioned volvo!!! a very fascinating read. i am near the end where they talk about nigo and bathing ape and stuff........loving those van sneekers by moonstar enterprises.
  11. i need a pair of doek shoes basket in navy size 9 or 27 cm. maybe you have a pair slightly used? or you can even buy me a pair? damn, i am dying to get a pair.
  12. TCB

    i don't think that you can compare the ranchman cut to the jeans jacket cuts. i can tell from my own experience that i have a 42 tcb jacket and a size 40 tcb jacket and the latter only allow you really to wear a t shirt underneath it and the former allows you to wear a thick sweatshirt underneath it if need be. lots of room for me with the 42 not a lot with the size 40.
  13. TCB

    i would love to support the shop vancouver but it's just much cheaper to order from hajime himself. just got the 30's jacket. i got a size 40 and it's huge and i did ask for a one wash version but they sent a raw version. some heavy duty boiling and tumble drying coming up for maximum shrinkage. do any of you guys actually adjust the back cinch at the back? or do you guy just pull it just tight enough so the cinch sits flush against the fabric?
  14. yeah, can i join too? i got a great movie by michael hanneke called the seventh continent. it's a masterpiece. a made for tv movie.
  15. twin peaks the return is excellent. there is only one david lynch. it's not for everybody. of course american gods has been mentioned already here, right? so bloody good as well.