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  1. TCB

    just having a laugh here.
  2. TCB

    my rule with ordering stuff online and you are unsure about sizing, order two sizes over your regular size, try the gear on and if it is pretty loose, boil the fucker in hot water and tumble dry till kingdom come and bob's your uncle. overalls are meant to fit loose anyways, right?
  3. TCB

    i agree. my 50's took a long time to fade. the 20's are faster. i can tell.
  4. TCB

    workers brand too. why not? make more money, create more jobs great for the denim economy i'd say.
  5. TCB

    if you read his blogs on the happyjeans site you see sometimes how the tcb staff sandblast the crap out of some denim items and you can already deduct from that that tcb makes things for others.
  6. TCB

    tcb makes stuff for other people as well. there may be a blanket lined jacket coming for next fall/winter though. may.
  7. TCB

    it's in cantonese.
  8. TCB

    i have the bolt syndrome too. is this only happening with the 60's coin pocket denim? interesting....has the bolt been seen on other denim jeans at all?
  9. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    yeah man, embrace the ultra loose fit!!!! the roping on the hem has been insanely fast for this denim. faster then the 60, the 50 and the seamen pants. actually the roping has been as fast on the black cat jelt denim chore jacket. crazy!
  10. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    i think that hajime is making a few more extra pairs of the contest jeans, he had a few more of those special patches left.
  11. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    i'm actually using the cinch rather than a belt on my pair. works great!!
  12. Canadian Denim Heads!

    thanks for that. sole survivor. i wish people can resole my keen boots that i have for work. i have over ten pairs that i have to throw away because the soles have been worn out.
  13. Canadian Denim Heads!

    a friend of mine told me that there is an amazing cobbler/resoler for all your goodyear welt shoes. she is located in the kensington market area. i have seen her work on my friend's shoes, red wings, and she can put on red wing soles for you. the resoles look pretty damn good. @ wei wen, where are you located? i'm in scarborough. maybe you want to meet up and chat over some shit?
  14. TCB

    30's jacket fades faster than the 50's jacket in my opinion. i have worn the former for a shorter amount of time and i am seeing way more fades on it than the latter. also a nice touch are the buttons. they are already oxidizing and i am seeing specks of rust on them. i shrank the 30's jacket a lot by putting it in a dryer and a hot water bath. sleeves and body length are perfect now. asked for a one wash but got the raw version.
  15. TCB

    thanks but one pair of low rise jeans in my arsenal is enough for me. i like it airy down there if you know what i mean?