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  1. heavydoom


    i am working on the fit pics.
  2. heavydoom


    hey tiger. first jacket by tcb was the tcb50 which i got in a 42. this jacket was huge and long for me. i shrunk the fuck out of this jacket. so thinking that all 42 sized jackets are huge i bought the duck tcb50, the tcb30, the cat boy jacket in a size 40. all of them now fit very close to my body. really fitted. then i got the seamen's jacket in a 40 which was also very huge on me. then i got the black cat chore coat in a 38 which fit me perfectly. i now got the blouse in a 42 and it's perfect on me without shrinking it more. it's a post wash jacket. all i can say that when it comes to sizing with tcb be very effing careful. we all must agree here that we must try on clothes before we buy them. online shopping is convenient but it's not perfect!!!! i will try to model the jacket for you guys and gals if time permits.
  3. heavydoom


    i just got the pleated blouse size 42. it's a much shorter jacket in terms of its length compared to other tcb jackets. the same goes for the arm sleeves. they are much shorter. all in all it's a perfect fit for me. no selvedge inside the jacket. the denim is a very light material. it's like a perfect spring/summer jacket really. the texture is really strange on this denim. it's like you are looking at tiger stripes on the denim. some weird shit going on here. i am in love with this blouse!!!!! peace and ..........fight for freedom!!!!!
  4. heavydoom


    looks all right to me!
  5. heavydoom


    seamen's jumper is a loose fitting jacket. do not get the 42. get the 40 and if the 40 is still too loose you can always tumble dry it to shrink it further.
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