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Taking Care of the World Tour


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haha, awesome mario cart race!  I took that game very seriously on the Nintendo 64


Absolutely. And then a little later in life we made a drinking game out of it (where it was definitely still taken too seriously  :blink:  )

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Everyone starts with an unopened beer - you can open it when the race starts though you don't have to start drinking it right away, but the beer does have to be finished before you cross the finish line and you can only drink while your kart is stopped. The best strategy is to just chug the ever loving shit out of that thing when the green drops.  Get a case of beer (or more), 3 friends, and you'll be passed out in no time.


And great update!

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Glad to hear and see you enjoying your stay in Japland.....wish I could give you a guide tour in Tokyo area! (I wonder if there's still The Cracker Jeans in Tokyo)

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Sent Foxy the TCB's earlier today to make sure we get a bit of everything! Still got some photo dumps for the days that are left.

Will be in Berlin by Friday evening to start the next leg - they should arrive on time.

Many thanks for shipping!

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Looking forward to the next leg of the tour. Happy to see my name added to the subs list, and in the event that I am lucky eneough to take part, I will need to seriously up my posting game  :D

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Yes, here comes a little more from Tokyo!


Godzilla fucking shit up in Shibuya.



Swedes fucking shit up in Shibuya.



I don't know if it's depressing or a good thing to put these signs on the stairways?



Going out for drinks.



The cheap 180 yen stuff, haha.







Next day I went back to Harajuku. This time Real McCoys and Fullcount was on the list. The McCoys store is no joke. Was fun to browse all the great stuff although I didn't plan to pick anything up.







Great staff working at Fullcount. We talked quite a bit about their jeans and upcoming collection. And I ended up with a nice pair of 1101's, completing the Osaka 5 denim support. I'll post my thoughts about them when I have the time.


More to come...

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After that we felt the need for chilling and a cup of coffee. We made our way towards Fuglen but got lost in Yoyogi park, haha.



We ended up further north, close to Little Nap, I'm not complaining. Had a nice cappuccino.







After that we made our way to Ueno and Hinoya. Two chambray shirts and a beanie later we moved on.



The next day we met up a friend at Onibus other joint in Shibuya - About life coffee brewers. Also good stuff, as shown by my greedily sip of coffee before remembering to take a pic for the tour.








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We had some spare time so we went to the Samurai museum. I suppose it was decent, not a revelation. They had a performance that was pretty nuts, I'd never to a hand flip with a katana. They also had english speaking guides that was included in the entrance fee, walking with you talking about the different eras, important historical figures and fights.







Godzilla also tore shit up in Shinjuku. He's everywhere!



And that's pretty much it from Japan. Now I'm back in Gothenburg, working a lot but I have done some fun stuff too. The last thing I did before sending them out was watching a derby in the Swedish second division. Crap game but the atmosphere was good.











Take care of the jeans Foxy! 

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Bobbo,Believe it or not, I met you on August(cant remenber the exact date) in HARAJUKU, I saw your TCB 20  haha. 

But we were both walking so fast, so I didn't say Hi with you.

So jealous of your TCB 20, cant wait to get them!


BTW, I am also on the Curva Nord of my team,haha. 

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Haha, that is awsome! Too bad we didn't get to chat.

You will like them, I'm sure!


And Louis: Yeah, I liked it very much. It was a nice getaway from the more hectic Harajuku. Didn't have time to try his pour over this time, but next time around I'll be back and try it.

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Ah Little Nap....still can taste the exceptional Gibraltar. Really cool, small cozy place.

Quite surprised you did not stop by Bear Pond Coffee on your coffee tour,

some seriously amazing espresso there.


Yeah, I didn't look up coffee spots very properly. Marked a few while on the airport, haha. 

Will have to do it more properly next time around.

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Apologies for the delayed start of reporting, but the recent workload and travel schedule got the better of me.

Now, after having spend a few days adjusting to New Orleans I found some time to get to editing some of the recent pictures...

Here is where it all started:

While in Berlin picking up the jeans, my wife & I had an appointment with our car dealer for a test drive of a Volvo 444 from the 50's. We had seen this particular car beforehand, but it took us a while to finally arrange for it to be driven.

Here is the car, mostly in original conditions and prior to any repairs:









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The actual test drive was fun!


While sitting in the back enjoying the ride I took a closer look at some of the features in the back...



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After the drive we took a closer at the engine...






The engine is rather simple, but pretty much indestructible...



Now we are left with making the difficult decision over buying yet another oldtimer or not...

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