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Taking Care of the World Tour


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I really thought World Tours were kind of dead just as real contests. But you guys teached me better: it's so awesome to see anyone's home and their way of living. Keep it up Mandel! Norway and the Lofoten are still on my to  do list :)


time for you to get in on it as well. oh and i'm possibly heading into Germany in Sept!!




It is the same. Not to be confused with codpieces however, which is something entirely different.


so is it fish or is it not fish???

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I forgot to document the lutefisk, which is described this way on Wikipedia: Made from aged stockfish (air-dried whitefish) or dried/salted whitefish (klippfisk) and lye (lut). It is gelatinous in texture. Its name literally means "lye fish".

I find it a little hard to eat, after half a portion or less I get overwhelmed by the above mentioned "gelatinous texture" and my knowledge about the process and I get a bit quesy.

The day after (yesterday) we had my favorite christmas dish, pinnekjøtt, which is dried and smoked lamb that is steamed on twigs (or a modern equivalent) and served with mashed kohlrabi and potatoes. I was happy again!


After eating and staying indoors mostly, we went on a long hike earlier today. This was the first day with enough snow for a while, and the ski trails had just been made, so we pissed off quite a few eager skiers by walking there. My mom got in an argument with a youngster training for something, and I got really embarrassed. I guess parents have a way of bringing that out, no matter one's age.


I would have skied if I could, but I didn't bring any gear on the plane because it's a bit of a hassle and the forecast said it would rain the whole time.


My mom walking a little ahead of me.


This is the place where I played basketball for many years in my youth. Note that the name is written twice, first in Norwegian and below, a little smaller, in Sápmi, the language of the indigenous people here. Everything that is run by the government has to use both languages.


Having a little fun in the jungle gym we passed on the way.



This is the lake close to where I grew up. The mountain in the middle, Tromsdalstinden, is an iconic sight in Tromsø. I actually climbed it in September in my Ooe-Youfukutens. (Photo proof is in that thread.)


The Northern Lights Observatory looks very cool!



It's cold and clear tonight, good conditions for northern lights. I'll get on it if that happens!

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An Oslo sunset viewed from my balcony beats the northern lights in my book.



I think I'll join the 20s contest, I've gotten used to the wider fit now and I think a size 30" will be spot-on in the waist and hip, tighter but still relaxed. The denim is soooo comfortable and it actually feels a bit stretchy when pulled.

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haha hopefully no one on the tour jeans. that would be a shame. generally with cinch backs it's possible to fasten the cinch under the belt loop when wearing a belt. I am doing that on my RC436XX all the time and the only moment it feels slightly uncomfortable is whan laying on the ground and playing with my daughter, but I can live with that no probs!

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Who's going to be gutsy one and cut off the cinch back like peopled used to?  ^_^ 

I did that with my LVC 37s, removed the cinch strap entirely by unpicking the stitching and easing the rivets off. I also tapered them - much happier now.

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