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Taking Care of the World Tour


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On 13/06/2017 at 7:18 AM, Foxy2 said:

out of curiosity - what are the current measurements?

following up on foxy's request

some measurements before washing pls to judge denim stretch ahead of all 20s comp. final size deadline

edit: both requesting at same time! before or after wash measurements fine

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Measurements before wash (BiG method):

Waist - 38 cm

Front rise - 29.5 cm

Back rise - 42 cm

Thigh - 30 cm

Knee - 24 cm

Leg Opening - 21.5 cm

Inseam - 80.5 cm



In the bucket now, will update with post-wash numbers soon.

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13 hours ago, redragon said:


Real quick update! 

Package arrived far ahead of time safely. Will probably wash it before I wear.

Fabric really soft. 

Was it soaked/washed previously in really hot water? Leather patch looks really tiny!

That's all for now.

I washed them using warm water and a hot tumble dry. 

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Did not know you washed it already... :wacko:



Still partly wet.

First impressions:

- back pocket is ridiculously shallow & small.

- Real soft fabric, some texture & nep. Abit boring.

- middle button holes partly busted, might be attempt to reproduce old sewing method?

- scoville buttons is way cool!


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Add more enthusiasm.
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Still some shrinkage post-wash:

(Other measurements roughly the same as before)

Back rise: 40.5 cm

Inseam: 79 cm

Leg Opening - 21 cm


Room mirror decided to kick the bucket so fitpic will be abit delayed.

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all I know is that I was able to wear them at the earlier stages of the tour...and that my own pairs (50's and 60's) did fit me in W32.

I don't know how the recent washing regime and lack of serious streching has contributed to the current measurements. also, mistakes while measuring are possible...

I'm pretty confident that the tour pair can be stretched out to 86-88cm waist easily - pretty close to what they must have measured during the early stages of the tour.

what that means in regards to the measurements and sizing of the contest run - who knows...

I would be sticking with a size W32 for a regular cut, but due to some weight gain and the fact that this is a 1920's cut with cinch I am willing to go up 1 to W33.

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dang they run pretty small, after all the wears it just stretch to 82cm? dont know if i can button them all up without feeling restictive and i dont think they will stretch to 86-88cm but we'll see.

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thanx for the replies

I suspect they may have been washed immediately prior to shipping with the lack of change in waist measurements. but... 

they def. don't seem seriously bagged out by this point

I am back to vacillating between 36 and 38...

(my boring thought process to share: will it stretch to 37 from 36 but be a bit too regular, will 38 cinch down to 37 but end up stretching to 39 and be unwearable other than with braces?)

quelle horreur 

decisions decisions

a 37 would be the perfect size for my needs, but I think I will need a 36 for all my big talk, something I have stated recently on the interest thread, but busy volvo seems to be missing, pm coming soonish... 

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hey ^ bear in mind that the fabric used for the tour pair it's not the same used for the contest pair!

FWIW the 20s/30s denim it's quite stretchy.

my natural waist is about 36.5 these days and I think the 36 will be a perfect standard fit. I could opt for a 37 if there was one for a more vintage fit and but it's not available and a 38 is definitely too much. I think you'll be grand with a 36.

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FWIW also my 50s jeans are a size 31 and fit perfectly. The tour pair is a size 32 and always felt a size one size too big so I'm confident in a 31 for the contest pair. 

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At your own risk! ^

If your natural waist measures more than 1 inch than tag size I wouldn't suggest to size down.

EG if your natural waist is 30 you may try to make a 29 work, but I wouldn't personally suggest it, it's a wide fit jeans after all just embrace the intended fit.

Regarding fabric stretch, I've experienced through the 30s jacket, which shrank a ton length wise and very little width wise, the fabric feels like it could be pulled a lot if needed, but haven't done it as I don't need it at all, the jacket fits now like a glove after my 6 kilos weight loss! I shrank to perfection haha!

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^ Tailor tape around the top of your hips with no jeans on. I'm 36,5 and i wear a 36 on tcb. The 50s (and 20s as well according to the chart) sit just on top of the hips for me.

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While waiting for something more exciting to come along worth documenting here, did notice small difference in the yoke construction when compared to "modern" model of 501. 

Cross check with other brand doing similar period repro also does the yoke right over left.

Just wondering if there is any historical reason for this, maybe @Paul T can chime in...

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The stagger is done right over left also on my wh 1004 and the original Inoue copied is done that way. It's deliciously offset in that tour pair too, little neat detail.

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Weekend, Been on a nice walk around Monas (monument Nasional) - literal translation to national monument. Built by 2nd president of Indonesia.

Pretty common joke is that this is his last "erection". One of the largest garden to walk around in, trying to play tourist in my own city feels weird.


Apparently the police force is celebrating their anniversary on Monday. Impressive looking armory out, lots of people selfie around.



Feels like "dad's jeans". 


People sitting waiting to go up to the observation deck. I tried...failed in perspiring mess & out of patience.

Pretty much sums up my week, mundane & failure.

that ends on a really dark note. :unsure:

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On 5 July 2017 at 0:53 AM, redragon said:


While waiting for something more exciting to come along worth documenting here, did notice small difference in the yoke construction when compared to "modern" model of 501. 

Cross check with other brand doing similar period repro also does the yoke right over left.

Just wondering if there is any historical reason for this, maybe @Paul T can chime in...

Most 20sjean were right over left. 40sand 50s left over right. In the 30s they switchedbetween both. There are also differences in how the 2 rows of stitches lineup, there is a 'stagger' post war although the 50s tcb didn't feature one, and the 20s seem to .

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Interesting stuff for garment engineers...

I assume that the variations were due to smaller scaled, less standardized pre-WWII production - maybe even scattered across multiple factories/workshops (or even involving homeworkers).

As all of my Levi's types or Levi's-based types have the left and right leg inseams closed and top-stitched in continuous operations (after the rise seams were finished in pre-assembly), it doesn't matter that front and back rises are felled in opposite directions. It actually might be better that way as the resulting cross section (inseam - rise) can be aligned in a way that produces less excess seam allowance material and is therefore easier to close.

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Travelled across the pond for friend's wedding at the city state Singapore.


Not much time but manage to squeeze time for Yayoi Kusuma huge exhibition at the National Gallery, looking back from earliest to recent works (70 years and counting) 

Been fascinated by this artist for quite some time but never seen it in person so this opportunity is too good to pass.


Main hall decorated by balls with her signature polka dots.



First of some long queue to get the ticket into the exhibition. Guest appearance by the jeans but indoor light not so good.



It's split into 3 sections taking over 3/4 of 3rd floor of the gallery. 



Vibe inside, alot of people taking selfie & photographs. Loud but manageable. 

Her dots painting are hypnotically pleasing, seeing it is very different from pictures in the internet. Wish I had more time to sit down & slowly savor it all in.




Eye catching & definitely unique. Most of these artworks are on loans from private collections around the world.


Quick pass through her famed pumpkin covered in dots motif. These people are queueing for a small interactive exhibit inside which I am too lazy for...


Break into 2nd sections. Patience is virtue...


Dots everywhere , mirrors everywhere.


Particularly powerful words. Echoes of the 1% demonstration a couple of years back even though this happend in the 1960s.


Video installation, more obsession with infinite images with mirrors.




Some of her most recent works. Which is still ongoing project with 500+ huge panels of canvas, this is just a small sample.

Honestly, not to sure what to make of it, very psychedelic use of colors & lines.

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