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Taking Care of the World Tour


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This is the last room of the exhibition. 

"Narcissus Garden" - apparently this work is first shown in the Venice Biennale in 1966 (very prestigious place to show your work). She sold each ball in that event for $2, a form of protest for the commercialization of art. Eventually, officials of the event stopped it but the installation was still allowed. 


Taking over the city!


Random shots around the city...


Not much of food shot but I did try this tea with cheese sauce. Surprisingly tasty! (Or my tastebuds is really messed up?)


Crazy huge ads for mobile phone at the subway station.IMG_20170715_193754.thumb.jpg.b8f066c761517b8f8a0cf3bd8e536c59.jpg

20 years since first Harry Potter books out?!? 


Closing this entry with night view of the famed orchard road. Fast dash around, the humidity is maddening!



New(ish) apple shop next to (errrr...iconic) Abercrombie. (Images of half naked men greeting you at the door is a stuff of nightmares :wacko:)

That's all for now!


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nice update


kusama ftw!

i share some of my favourites of hers:

her protruding phallic furniture, her call not only to abolish wall street but also to abolish pants, her clothing works - years ahead of the CDG and Rick Owens body deformations / revelations... 

keep those updates coming redragon: show those dad-jeans the sights!



kusama 002.png


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Thank you!

Got 2 more shots from the exhibit that I somehow missed posting above: 


The red installation on the floor is made from hundreds of red gloves, similar to the phallic furniture you post above.


Stuffed fabric with dots. I like the subtlety by which she sign her works. 

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Minor update in the midst of mudane stuff happening...



Half of the 2nd buttonhole coming apart, really annoying...


After some quick YouTube wisdom, self repair commences.

Actually not hard but I messed some parts in the middle & had to re-stitch. 



Charmingly bad hand repair job, at least the fraying stops for now... 

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Sorry, been out of the loop for a week or so.

Just got back from trip to Hong Kong to visit a Photography museum exhibiting work by Lartigue, been fascinated by him for quite some time. 

Also took the chance to walk around the city & try to eat my way through the horrendous heat blanketing the city. :wacko:

Here we go...


This is F11, arguably the only private photography museum in the city. 


I am specifically visiting to see the work of this man Jacques Henri Lartigue, french photographer taking "Street photography" style in the turn of century. 



Vibe inside is very chill. You can reserve online for guided tour at noon. The museum open for public from 3-6pm. It does not always had a exhibit on, this one ends at the end if July (so today I guess)


All of it is Black & White, almost all are imported from Paris (by consent of museum there) to be displayed. 



Up there with the comfiest space I had been in, the TV loops a BBC documentary on the photographer.


If you are interested in finding out more him & his work, this is a great place to start: 


Both by a YouTube channel I high respect.

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From here on, it's more or less random photographs from around the city. I do not take much as it's pretty hot out there.


The ubiquitous tram serving the Hong Kong side of the city.

The beat of the city is essentially split between Hong Kong Island at the South & Kowloon at North.


Extreme gap, sadly pretty common in the city.



High rise everywhere, some time can be overwhelming...



Had a chance to arrange a Meetup with Simon (aka Sugar Mountain) over coffee.

Women sitting to the left of us was playing Nintendo switch. My first time seeing it for real in the wild and distracted me like crazy when we chat.


Another one, dad-ly jeans in view. It's actually really comfortable to wear in tropical setting.

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More randomness around.



Aboard ferry going from Kowloon to Hong Kong. Faster by subway but view is much nicer up here.



Sartorial mode


You can see these roots around the city, does add to the chaotic charm. 


Random amazing things :)


Ending this anti climatic photo tour on one of the best hidden tea House in the city. You do need to work for it, climbing lots of ladder up. (The topography is not shown in Google maps :angry:) but it's worth the effort. Ice tea had never felt better...

This also marks the end of my leg, will wash the jeans & pass it on to Jigsaw asap.

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Yeah, its a highly dynamic city with rent prices for shops soaring like crazy. shops closes & open regularly.

One of the most visible change at retails of this forum's interest is the closing down of flagship RRL store. Its pretty clear that it can no way be sustainable...the way most items were priced in that store in this economic times. 

The other sad side effects of the high rent is the slow demise of small traditional restaurants around the city. All of the one I like to go to is still there but do feel like its just a matter of time till the hammer comes down. 

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@Bobbo Lukewarm reaction, I remember him saying the cut would not work on him. 

@garden gnomes in space @Maynard Friedman Singapore's humidity is a killer as well.

Hong Kong's blend of humidity & (what feels like) heat waves bouncing off the pavement & road, seriously feels like an oven whenever I stepped outside.

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see. i never knew they had a RRL store. all i knew about hk was Take5 back in their old shop, heard that they've moved but there's so much new things now i'd assume. lots of interesting food and drinks scene as well that's booming i heard.

Singapore's humidity isn't really that bad. i thought that heat and humidity was bad, but then perth's dry summer heat is unbearable too especially when the wind blowing is warm as well... at least there's winter in hong kong compared to singapore, indo and all that..

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Lovely HK update. We returned from there on the 18th, sorry I didn't see you. Having always thought folks exaggerated the humidity of the place... I salute you for travelling around in those pants.

I liked the city, altho perception was coloured by the fact we did a houseswap with a banker, who owned an expensive property on Old Peak Rd - complete with Fillipino maid. Shocked to see the space she lived in, and how there's this almost victorian culture of servants. Loved seeing them take over the city on Sundays. Bored by the mall culture, but loved the fast-changing areas around Sai Ying pun and Kennedy Town, wish I'd spent more time there.

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Great updates, really enjoyed it! HK heat/humidity is no joke. I recently came back from Arizona (record highs in the low 120's Fahrenheit) but still would prefer that over Hong Kong summer nights even lol

Crazy to hear about RRL closing, though honestly I don't know how they could stay open (any of them really), as I was always the only one in the shop anytime I visited, and it's such a niche style to begin with. Still, it was a pretty iconic shop, across the street from that famous staircase/wall art. HK is among my favorite cities in the world, and I honestly do like the mall culture (if not only for the air conditioning lol) but I'm just a consumer-millennial after all! Great hiking spots as well outside the city proper

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@louisbosco There are some (imo) nicer/better shops springing around Hong Kong since Take5.

Delstore, Hide & Seek, The Vestige, White Whale Co & Black Sun is pretty great.

Don't really like Take 5 anymore, got bad experience with the storekeeper the last time I was there.

@Paul T Wearing baggier jeans then my usual pair helps, much better air circulation around the thigh & knees area. :) 

I always try to stay out of Central & Causeway Bay area during weekend for that exact reason unless there is something essential. (Eslite bookstore at Hysan Place is pretty fine reason...)

Never got around to visiting Sai Ying Pun & Kennedy Town this time. I always had soft spot just walking around Shiung Wan area & looking at the small independent stores mushrooming around that area. I also (irrationally) like to punish my well-being travelling up Kowloon to Prince Edward for tasty brunch at One Dim Sum (much, much better option then Tim Ho Wan)

@aho It is now Tom Dixon...not sure what happen to the famous murals outside. Not really surprising to hear its closure, price they are charging for clothing inside is horrendous...

Personally also not into mall culture (There is alot already here in Jakarta) I like to find some hidden small shops around the city or coffee/tea spots to cool off. The chaos dynamic of the city is what draws me in again & again, obsession with photographing their bamboo scaffolding might play a part also. 

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nice update redragon!

thanks for sharing!

great to see some interest in historical and early street photography!

verging off denim, but staying with your themes: pardon if you already know these, but thinking to share hoping they are of interest - Clive Scott's 'Street Photography' is a good theoretically inflected account of emergence of street photography, with a focus on Paris (with a nice use of a Lartigue image in the intro), whilst Joel Meyerowitz and Colin Westerbrook's 'Bystander' is a good (more picture based) account with a more international scope



your own shots are pretty good too! your raised perspective cityscapes remind of donovan wylie's recent-ish work in the us:


and your covered chairs shot have a lovely resonance with an old Andre Kertesz


looking forward to seeing how the jeans develop on their next leg!



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Last look at the pair post-wash before passing it next...


Final conclusion after wearing it for a month:

- Jeans become really boring from over-wash.

- 1920s cut is definitely not for me.

- nice details on this pair though...

Really glad to be part of this tour, thank you @Bobbo for organizing it!

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