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Superdenim community sale thread


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selling my sugar cane SC42966 jeans, size 32 and chainstitch hemmed to approx 31.5". worn for about 6 months; there is definitely some wear, but no rips/holes (inc at the crotch). unfortunately shipping from australia is often expensive (particularly to the UK), so please keep that in mind. saying that, the australian dollar is terrible at the moment, so it might even itself out somewhat. happy to take more photos etc if needed.

$230 AUD (approx. $162 USD / 120 GBP at time of posting) without shipping. a new pair on self edge retail for $265 USD, so i thought this would be reasonable. if it isn't, let me know.




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On 8/27/2021 at 5:42 AM, smoothsailor said:

Oké what’s wrong with these pieces? Are they to worn, to 2014, to high priced, tell me.


Strange init! every single item i listed for sale on Denimbro, sold, sometimes within hours, sometimes months but it all sold, ive never sold anything on sufu.. i have more stuffs i'd like to list for sale but photographing it and measuring it just seems like a complete waste of time. :(
Bump up the Jam..
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I ended up putting stuff on eBay - I’ve sold stuff and most of the buyers are good guys, but I got inundated with scalpers and assholes telling me I needed to sell to them at pennies in the pound.

I’d have Paul’s shoes in a heartbeat but they’re too big, and I’d have bought a pair of Neal’s Buckwheats but they’re too small. 

It is crazy that there is genuine good stuff here that can’t/won’t sell :blink2:

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My last two ebay experiences are as follows...
Sold some bike bits to a genuinely nice dude, he asked for them to be shipped to click and collect at Sainsbury's, i posted them, they arrived at Sainsbury's within 2 days, they were signed for by 'Coombs' at 12.30pm.. 2 weeks passed and the buyer never received a collection update from Sainsbury's so he went down there to find out what the flip was going on... Sainsbury's had no record of said package.. long/short the buyer had to file a dispute with ebay (knowing this wasn't my fault, he kindly asked if that would be ok) ebay refunded him out of my funds even though i complied with all requests.. Sainsbury's said the package must have been returned to sender.. yet they had no evidence of such. cnuts!
I bought a replacement PS4 controller for my kid, the seller had 100% feedback, it was mint but didn't work, when i tried to return the item the seller was no longer a registered user so ebay refunded me, next day i got an angry txt saying "you've stolen £30 from me" how this dude got my mobile number i don't know, i never dish it out, I said "if there is any dodgy shit going on here, it's on your part not mine" long/short i agreed to post it back on my terms.. i wasn't paying and i'm not cycling miles to a drop shop.. "PP me the postage costs and i'll drop it in at the post office" next thing i'm getting bombarded with phishing attempts for my bank deets, email address ect from random numbers claiming thet i need to send the controller back Or Else!, i just chucked the fucking thing in the bin. Hff!
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A common theme for me is accepting a bid (usually at a decent discount) then no payment made - item is sold and you need to wait nearly a week to get the thing re-listed.

Also I’ve noticed certain groups seem to want to ask endless questions about a thing and you know they’re never going to buy, but I’ve suffered that in Denimbro too.


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There's been some great stuff for sale on here, maybe not enough people outside of regulars checking it out ?

@Double 0 Soul My eBay experiences have been on the whole fairly good though I also had a problem with click & collect from my local Sainsburys/argos. Item of clothing I bought arrived at Sainsbury's and was signed for by what turned out to be an unrecognised staff signature, item never was found which was gutting as it was not exactly something I could easily replace. The seller had used Royal Mail and two thirds of the cost was covered by the postage insurance which the seller passed on to me which seemed more than fair with me as he'd lost out more. Haven't used click and collect on any purchases since, recent one was a lovely FW piece from @Duke Mantee and I sure as hell didn't want that to go missing ;)




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Another thing to take into account would be size and saturation of the market. For example if most people using this board regularly are a size 33/34, of course those sizes will sell faster. Then again, if a new collection comes out the new stuff is more interesting than the old stuff and gets bought more frequently, therefore the clothing cabinet is filled with new stuff.

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With Covid, we’ve possibly become a bit more insular, going out less and realising we don’t have a need or opportunity for a bigger wardrobe. I know I’m pretty much wearing the same few things. Consequently we’re trying to trim down our clothing collections by selling stuff off… BUT if others are also doing the same thing, then we don’t really have a market as we’re all selling. The only things people are likely to want are exceptional or rare items that we probably want to hang on to anyway. Just a thought.

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^This as well, mate. During the lockdowns I mostly wore stuff, that was already worn in and had holes here and there, but the pristine stuff stayed in the closet, therefore it's still fresh and all that. So there's not as much need for more and new stuff. 

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I haven't had a ton of luck on here with sales lately, think it's a combination of what Maynard is saying for sure.
Grailed has worked well for me, but you do have to deal with lots of lowball offers.
On the really shitty ones (for instance if I have an IH shirt listed for $200, they send me a $75 offer) I send back offers for higher than the current list price. :D

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I've sold a few items on Grailed but noticed prices are generally low-end and the service costs are high-end.  Dead convenient though so will continue with it.

Yep Maynard going out less, but sometimes with a little more time on our hands and the shops open 24*7 has meant more purchases than are necessary!   


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SOLD——Selling Freewheelers 601xx 1944-45 barely worn, maybe 1-2x, chainstitched to 29 inches size 32







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adding to previous discussion: would grab many things on this thread if my size... ironically only one in the ball park is smooth's amazing clinch shoes; but I need more lace ups like I need more holes in my head... [and happy to buy most things 2nd hand apart from shoes; the formation of the footbed and all that...]

[if anyone had 2-tone aeroleather ice hockey jacket / or B6 in size 44/46 however...]

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Sadly I’ll be letting these go as they are now too snug to be comfortable for me. Probably the best made pair I own. 

Viapiana jeans in double black 15oz Kuroki denim. 

cinch back, crotch rivet, fancy f.pockets(that’s how Ben called them haha), brass hardware, no holes or stains, slightly faded and worn(but has a lot more life left in it. I would say generally they are in 8/10 condition)

Measurements(flat measured):

waist 80 cm

f. Rise- 30 cm

b. Rise - 41 cm

Inseam length - 79 cm 

190$(excluding shipment, will be about 20-25$ to almost anywhere in the world)

I’ll be happy to add more details/pictures if needed  





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Got a bunch of jeans that are not getting the wear. Just wondering if there's any interest here before I head to eBay, Grailed etc.

Mr Freedom W34 L32 R12 H9 (light wear)

Left Field Greasers W34 (more like 34") L35 R11 H8 (bit worn)

Blackhorse Lane E8 W34 L35 R11.5 H7 (hardly worn)

Akka rainbow weft W34 L35 R11 H7 (hardly worn)

TCB blouse/shirt, black P2P 19"

Mr Freedom henley, red P2P 19"

May add some SC '47s and RMC WWlls.

Not figured out prices yet but open to offers.

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On 2/15/2021 at 7:53 PM, Hopethisoneisnttaken said:

I’ll upload these FOB Factory military trousers to eBay in a few days, so thought I’d offer them here before. Size is LL which is somewhere around 32-33. 

the waist measured flat is 41 cm(16.2”). 

price is 120$ obo excluding shipment(usually about 20$)

let me know if you need anything else like pictures measurements etc 







These are still available if anyone's interested. 85$ OBO(excluding shipment)

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SOLD size 34 GBG001 contest jeans. Never worn. Hot washed when I got them and they’ve just always been too tight.

$115 shipped US.

Waist - 16.5” Front Rise - 12” Back Rise - 15.5” Thigh - 13” Knee - 9” Hem - 8” Inseam - 30.25” 



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I apologize for the upcoming photodump, I've got a bunch of jeans I'm trying to sell. Measurements are done BiG style by myself unless stated otherwise. 

Prices are with shipping included (CONUS). Let me know if the prices are unreasonable, not sure what to price some of these so I looked at the pricing on various websites to try and match. Offers welcome. Also if you need better photos I'm glad to add more but I already feel bad with how much there is already. 

***SOLD*** Sugarcane 1966, one-washed size 30; Brand New;  measurements taken off Self Edge's website;  $250

*** SOLD*** TCB 50s Raw size 31; Brand New;  $185

***SOLD*** TCB 40s one-washed size 30, worn twice;  $210

***SOLD*** TCB 40s one-washed size 31, worn once;  $210


Studio D'artisan GZ-009, size 31; worn about one month;  $250

Waist: 15.75"  Front rise: 11"  Back rise: 14.75"  Thigh: 12.25"  Knee: 8.5"  Hem: 8"  Inseam: 30"

Purchased these raw from Blue Owl. I did an initial hot soak for 1 hour. Hem was done by Railcar Fine Goods and inseam is 30". I wore them for approximately 30 days but didn't like the fact that the waist was slightly too large for me. I did one hand-wash with Woolite afterwards because my intention was to sell them and I have not worn them since the wash. Not much fading if any at all from what I can tell, they're still as dark as the TCB 40s I'm selling. Note that I did write the date that I soaked and handwashed the jeans on the inside of the right pocket--hope that doesn't bother you. 






The Real McCoy's Joe McCoy Lot. 996 size 31; tried on for fit;  $250

Waist: 14.75"  Front rise: 11.75"  Back rise: 16"  Thigh: 13:  Knee: 9.25"  Hem: ~7.5"  Inseam: 29.75" 

Can't call these brand new since I did chuck them in the wash and tried them on for fit. Liked the fit of my white Resolute's much more so have been wearing them instead. They have the original hem. Note that the leather patch does stain the surrounding fabric in the wash (I see why the white Resolute 711s have a paper patch), and there is a weird small stain on the left knee that was probably from the wrapping paper the jeans came shipped in. Pretty sure some OxiClean will get it out. 





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Sold items
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