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  1. dotcomzzz


    Actually grabbed some one wash 105s yesterday from Canoe Club last week with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement because the things are just so neppy. Like for real. It was great and I felt great about my kop. But then I wore them and things changed. I'm not so into the fit anymore. I'm thinking 107s now. Anyway shameless plug the 105s are up for sale if anyone wants a pair of few hours old size 5 o/w for cheap tags in hand
  2. dotcomzzz

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    who knows of someone stocking one wash 710 38s in 32 inseam and maybe 33 inseam?
  3. dotcomzzz


    Only half an inch? I dunno, I've seen up to 34" as here https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/9983/2-year-wash-107-slim and as short as 32.5" here https://www.alphashadows.com/inventory/orslow-107-slim-fit-denim-2-year-wash I get that there's variances in the length, sure, but 1.5" seems like a lot. Oh well I think I'll just go for the ones from alphashadows, as they have the shortest inseam I can find and I'm after a sort of hayashi look @peter1 They're definitely not cheap. And yeah I'm sure I could find a similar wash, I'd just never seen that type of oxidation on the rivets before so wanted to share. I guess I just like rivets. But no you're totally right, ebaying some 501s would be the way to go if I'm after something like that wash and that's it.
  4. dotcomzzz


    I dunno, I just thought the rivet coloring was cool/unusual. Anyway, I'd be happy to find a short inseam pair of 107 two years. I see inseams ranging from 32.5" - 34" but nothing shorter for a size 5. Does anyone know if they've stopped doing the short inseam on these, or was 32.5 as short as they ever were?
  5. dotcomzzz


    Canoe club has a new sort of wash in the 107 https://shopcanoeclub.com/collections/orslow/products/orslow-ivy-fit-denim-107-2-year-wash Theyre calling it a two year wash but it's not the typical two year. Way more washed out and no lap whiskers like the typical two year. It's also got some very cool oxidation going on with the rivets, looks like gasoline in water or something. Sadly they are not selvage but I don't care. I'm hoping they can get a 5 in
  6. dotcomzzz


    Apparently there is a 'used' version of the two year 107. Looks more faded out in the lap area and the inseam is about five inches shorter. Also heavy oxidation on the hardware. I got a pair of 5s from End so we'll see how they look in a few days
  7. dotcomzzz


    Tried the 105's in the one wash and two year at canoe club the other day. They were tabless and look so much cleaner imo. Not the most flattering fit on me however, so I'm going to hold out for the 107s and see if they do the trick.