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  1. dotcomzzz


    Tried the 105's in the one wash and two year at canoe club the other day. They were tabless and look so much cleaner imo. Not the most flattering fit on me however, so I'm going to hold out for the 107s and see if they do the trick.
  2. dotcomzzz

    The Flat Head

    Kiya, I'm guessing all the work shirt flannels (non pearl flannels) have the cutaway collar this year. For some reason I can't get behind the look. Nice to see xxl's available in any case.
  3. dotcomzzz


    Nice, no tab is better than where they chose to put it imo. Should look cleaner.
  4. dotcomzzz


    Anyone have experience with the loop wheeled hoodies. How are they?
  5. dotcomzzz


    How are people sizing the one wash 900s? I've read the banner denim stretches so I'm wondering if I should size down or go tts.
  6. Didn't have a chance to call them today, Berkeley Supply, but their site doesn't mention anything about hemming. Looks like Indigo Proof it is then.
  7. Well I'm in Colorado. I'm looking to send them in somewhere in the states, either coast I'm guessing, as I'm skeptical there's anybody in my neck of the woods who does this sort of thing properly. Who do you trust stateside then?
  8. What's the consensus on where to send denim to be chain stitched? Is it advised to go with a Union Special machine for a good amount of roping or are there other ways? Thanks!
  9. dotcomzzz


    I was told by WH that 'OR' means raw, don't ask me why.
  10. dotcomzzz

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    I like roman pros, they were always the anti new era cap to me, but can't get behind the leather sweatband. What team @cheapmuthafukr?
  11. dotcomzzz


    So I came across another listing that had this Wading about 28 cm (※ Thigh width of 10 cm inseam part) Lol, sounds like 10 cm down from the crotch, across the leg. In which case these should work out, stoked.
  12. dotcomzzz


    I would like to snag a pair of 900s on yjp, but want to clarify a couple things. I've been reading a little about the banner denim on here, is it true that it is pretty stretchy? And does anyone know what 'wading' means. Ty cheers Also is anyone familiar with the 900z? As far as I can tell differences are redline selvage and paper patch. Is the denim still banner tho?