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  1. Thanks @mlwdp, Glad Hand looks cool. I had a pair of made in Japan Thom Browne’s I really liked but lost and I was thinking of trying out a different brand instead of simply replacing them with the same model.
  2. Thanks @kicks79. I’ll check out those brands as my starting points and keep doing a little research.
  3. I’m looking for some new sunglasses! What are some brands worth checking out?
  4. Warehouse

    I didn’t notice them very scratchy/itchy even before the soak. I actually found them so thin and soft that I skipped the usual wash to leave in a bit more starch.
  5. Warehouse

    33x32 800 c/l post hour long hot soak: waist - 32” front rise - 11” back rise - 14.75” thigh @ crotch - 12.5” thigh 1” down - 12” knee - 8.6” hem - 8.25” inseam - 31.25” I didn’t take measurements of my 33x32 14.5 oz denim 800s after their hot soak and cold wash but pre-soak one wash from warehouse they were: waist - 32.5” front rise - 11.8” back rise - 15.5” thigh @ crotch - 12.5” thigh 1” down - 12.1” knee - 8.9” hem - 8.5” inseam - 32.75” I didn’t notice much shrinkage with the 14.5 oz denim outside of the inseam shrinking up to tagged size and the waist getting a bit more snug. Overall the c/l blend is very nice. I’ve never seen a light denim have such depth of color and texture but I definitely prefer the 14.5oz denim. It’s nice to have something lighter though... c/l pictured.
  6. Warehouse

    Thanks, that’s great news. I’ll update when they are in hand.
  7. Warehouse

    My regular 800s came one wash and after an hour long hot soak with agitation and a cold machine wash the thighs did not shrink a noticeable amount. They remained at 12.5.” I say they might be too small because when I was doing some research I found @Bobbo‘s measurements from a while back, his size 33 measured around 12.25” at the thigh, they also had a shorter rise.
  8. Warehouse

    Good looking out @goodrain. Fortunately I already proxied a size 33. I think the thighs might be too snug but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. Warehouse

    After emailing warehouse a couple of questions about the c/l denim and when we could expect a restock I was told: ”Thank you for the inquiry.However, this item is sold out.There is no plan to re-arrive the item.Thank you for your email.” So either that’s a wrap for the c/l denim or something was lost in translation but i reckon it’s the former.
  10. The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Thanks @CAL415, they are the Moonstar Gym Classics. Good eye. @i_denim Out of curiosity I took a look at diesel footwear. Never again.
  11. The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    I've been trying to ID these sneakers and i'm coming up empty. Anyone familiar?
  12. Warehouse

    @bartlebyyphonics and @goodrain Thanks guys. After a hot soak and cold machine wash the only major changes in fit were the waist shrinking up a bit and the inseam shortening to the tagged 32 length.
  13. Warehouse

    Thanks for the insight @Maynard Friedman.
  14. Warehouse

    Hey guys, how much shrinkage should I expect from these one wash warehouse 800s? I'm an hour long hot soak followed by cold machine wash kind of guy with cold machine washes thereafter and was planning on doing the same with these. I have room in the waist and seat to shrink up a bit but I'm worried about my thighs if there is a lot of shrink to be had. What do you all think? I appreciate the help! They are a size 33... and I'm sorry about the absurdly large pictures, I'll do better next time.