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  1. Unlikely he did anything to the hardware, I’ll ask him. I’ll check my pair too, it’s been years since I wore or looked at them.
  2. I’m confused by the pictures, Roy always talked about wanting to put the one back pocket on the opposite side for his pair that he wore ( so back pocket on the left side) The first set of pics when laid flat, it looks as if it’s on the right side- but the fit pics show it on the left hand side? Interesting to see the patina on the crotch rivet, that old closet of his might have a little moisture going on, you see this sort of thing when you find pants stored in boxes in someone’s garage.
  3. Ah shit- just read your post doc- oh fudge
  4. The second pic- I zoomed in and there are rivets under closer inspection- pretty sure this dude is wearing a 1800’s triple pleat Levi jacket- the collar is correct if you zoom up, crazy, forget looking at 1800’s photos- I think this is the one.
  5. I always assumed that the Levi triple pleat that seems to disappear in the 1880’s was never really used again, but it clearly was on the page before this one….wonder who made it?
  6. Cool- nice to see someone here got ahold of them, I believe only 7 exist.
  7. The 1890’s sold, don’t know who bought them, but I know someone else has them now.
  8. I’ve heard from the source, many a times the other side of this story, and I got to say- it’s not so cut and dried, while I might have all the patience in the world for what some might consider a difficult customer- others may not.
  9. Back to doing some metal fabrication work, not full time, but it’s what he did for many years before he started making jeans.
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