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Superdenim community sale thread


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Hi, I have a few items I'm selling.  First is a size 40 Pure Blue Japan AI-019 "Aizome Natural Indigo" 17.5oz Relaxed Tapered jean.  Second is a Tanuki size 38 AM5540HT 15OZ "Amagumo" High Tapered  jean and third is a Flat Head Wild Child wallet.  I can send you the dimensions or you can look them up online (I haven't washed either pair yet and have only worn them a few times).  I'm asking $565 shipped for the PBJ's, $250 shipped for the Tanuki's, and $315 shipped for the wallet all Paypal F&F.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks.










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On 1/18/2021 at 11:48 AM, julian-wolf said:

I have a few things for sale—will add photos & measurements since time down the road, but most of you probably know what most things look like anyhow

- Sugar Cane SC40200 hand-dyed natural indigo, size 32, worn & washed but with plenty of life left—asking $100

- Sugar Cane SC41955 made in USA, pre-lawsuit, size 33 once-washed, brand new with tags, box, newspaper, etc.—asking $200

- Tender Co. Type 430 Butterfly Shirt, airbag cambric dyed with red ochre, size 4 (fits slim), brand new with tags—asking $160 SOLD

- Stevenson Overall Co. Unionist shirt (http://soc-la.com/item.php?c=1975), 100% linen indigo check, size Large, brand new with tags—asking $210

Open to reasonable offers for any of the above

See earlier in the thread for photos of the jeans

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Selling some TFH 3009

Levis 501xxc from Valencia 1996

tender 129 red wattle

” “ barge blue 129

WH 800

Ande Whall Cobras

WH Lee 101

and other stuff on ebay. Not much traction there.













if anyone’s interested or has ?s thought I’d throw this in here


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Hey guys. Clearing out a few pairs that don't fit after covid. Jeans are located in Berlin, all prices are flexible, and include shipping within Europe. Just make me an offer. And as always, feel free to ask for measurements. Since these jeans are pretty well known models, I figured it's okay to post them without measurements for the time being. 

Also, trades are accepted! Looking for Resolute, Warehouse, or LVC 55/66 in size 32 or maybe 33. 


Denim 66, Orizzonti era, size 31, asking 150€ 



LVC 1947, tagged 32x36, last of the Cone era (I believe), asking 100€



Warehouse 900, tagged 31x32, asking 75€





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Thinking about selling everything. 
Hesitant to list my ROYs because I love them most, but I’m in a tight spot. I don’t want to be that reseller who is asking for astronomical prices, but on one hand I’m kinda hoping they don’t sell and I get to keep em, or they do sell and some of my problems are lightened.

two are brand new, the others are hardly worn.

besides the ROYs I’ll be listing a bunch to come.

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On 8/7/2021 at 1:32 PM, Broark said:

Thinking about thinning out the heard a bit, DM for more information. Pricing, measurements and more photos available upon request.
Previously posted and still available, info on my Grailed page: Fullcount 1101 PH, Old Hands, PBJ, several Iron Heart shirts, other odds and ends.
If you see something on my Grailed page that you're interested in message me on here! https://www.grailed.com/broark
SelfEdge x Dry Bones 19, natural indigo, W38.
Flat Head 3009, W38. Japanese domestic arcs.
Full Count 1101, W35.
LVC 1976, Cone. W36.
TCB S40 contest jeans, W38.

Still have a few pairs up for sale, let me know if anyone is interested!
I can provide pricing and measurements via direct message. Surprised no one has been interested in the Cone LVC's or Flat Heads.

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On 10/11/2021 at 9:23 PM, sven said:

TCB 40's, Size 34, Sufu price €150 (plus shipping from Sweden)

Gave them a gentle wash when purchased, and then worn for only a few days. So pretty much like new. Unmodified length.
Can update with measurements if interested. 


Can You send me the measurements could be interested!

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Got a few things for sale here - prices are totally negotiable and am open to international shipping. Just PM me for additional pics & measurements if interested

TCB seaman’s trousers size 32, washed once to remove shrinkage and worn ~5x. Professional hemmed to 28” by Self Edge. Looking for $120 shipped in USA 




Resolute 710 size 33x32. Worn a decent amount, washed and tumble dried the Hayashi-San way. Pics are pretty accurate to color, some decent fading beginning to form, but plenty of life left in these. Looking for $100 shipped in USA


Warehouse Duck Digger Lot 469 snap hoodie, size 42. This one fits pretty wide and boxy, definitely a vintage style cut. Proxied from the Warehouse JP site last year, washed once to get out any shrinkage and only worn twice. Could pass as brand new. Looking for $140 shipped in USA 


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Hey. A few months back I posted in the Roy thread about having some jeans for sale. At the time, I was worried they smell too much like my mom's cigarettes. Luckily, this isn't the case. They just smell like they've been stored in a pile of denim for 3 years. In the US for the next week and would be glad to ship them promptly. Open to trade offers for Warehouse, Yofukuten, Resolute, or cone era LVC in my size (roughly 32 in WH). As for how to price these, I have no idea... I put them on Grailed for a ridiculous price - and if someone wants to pay that, I won't stop them. For you guys, any reasonable offer will work. 

Roy RN01? Size 30 Original seller said he bought them from Self Edge in 2008 and hemmed to 30 inch inseam. Wear is what you see in pics - a little fading on the back pocket, creases behind the knees. These still feel pretty crispy. 

Waist - 15.5"
FR - 9"
BR - 13.5"
Thigh - 11"
Inseam - 30"
LO - 7"



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27 minutes ago, Geeman said:

@Denimstoyevsky how you measuring the thigh..?

From crotch to outseam, but as you can see in the photo, the fabric is folded over weird. Would be happy to measure from inseam to outseam, if you want. 

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On 10/21/2021 at 9:31 PM, Fooleo said:

TCB seaman’s trousers size 32, washed once to remove shrinkage and worn ~5x. Professional hemmed to 28” by Self Edge. Looking for $120 shipped in USA 




Resolute 710 size 33x32. Worn a decent amount, washed and tumble dried the Hayashi-San way. Pics are pretty accurate to color, some decent fading beginning to form, but plenty of life left in these. Looking for $100 shipped in USA




Hoodie Sold! Bumping & dropping to $85 shipped on the TCBs and $75 for the Resolutes :)) 

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