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    Purchased these Rare 008 in October of 2018 from @julian-wolf They have about 6-8 months of actual wear time. I have a desk job so I don't wear my denim hard but I am able to wear denim everyday. The fit pic is closest to their actual color. I wasn't able to get great pictures because it's overcast and raining. I bought these when I was in the worst shape of my life, which makes these jeans the baggiest pair that I own. I don't care because they are so comfortable. These were my favorite pair until I bought the OOE OA02xx3. I do wish they used this fabric in a similar cut with a higher rise because this fabric has become my absolute favorite denim that I own.
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    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Stag Provisions is offering an extra 50% sale items with code Extra50. if anyone wants a LVC 1880 Triple Pleat Blouse Jacket
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    After 7 months of waiting I finally received my Ciano Farmer Denim Co. workshirt. This is 14oz Texas denim lot# 12 red selvage. I didn’t opt to have taped seams and I decided on the Corozo buttons. I really like the chain stitch run off and the gussets. Fit is perfect, except the length. I’m not a tall person. The fabric is really smooth to the touch and should break in very easily. This is a hefty shirt and I’ll be wearing in mainly as a jacket. Should work perfect for the mild winters here in Houston. Buttoning this shirt is a chore but should get easier with time. I’ve wanted a denim piece made with Texas denim and constructed in Texas for a while now. Can’t wait to post progress pic in a year or two.
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    I'm slowly making my way through the thread. Currently on page 53. Silly work is getting in my way.
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    The denim feels different than the 800s I had. I believe they are both supposed to be the flagship denim, correct me if I'm wrong. If they are both supposed to be the same denim has it changed over the years?
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    Found these on therealreal and had to take a chance once I saw the patch. They have some minor wear that you can see on the pockets, crotch, and hem. I’m going to assume these had only been cold soaked and never washed by the previous owner. They came in at a 31” inseam and shrank to 30 3/8” after a warm wash. The fit is somewhere in between my 66 501 LVC and BJ Rare 008. I’m excited to add these to my rotation. @501XX4EVER thanks for that chart. I couldn’t find it earlier. It is now saved.
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    I got these in today. Had to wash them as soon as they came in because they smelled like a musty thrift store. I'll do a small write up and post more pics later.