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On 10/1/2021 at 6:39 AM, JDelage said:

Black limited ed 1001XX...


Received them raw from FromJapan yesterday (good experience with them). Very happy so far. They're a tad big of course and I'm now going to wash them.







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7 minutes ago, srudy said:

I’m curious about the rise and how it feels @broark ?

Just wore them for the first time today and the rise feels good, not quite as high as my FW S601XX but still ample.
Not sure if it comes across in the photos or not, but the pattern on this pair kind of reminds me of the pair of CSF that I have. The hips kind of come in a bit and the waist goes straight up from that. So when worn they feel a little snug in the hips but loose in the waist if that makes sense.

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Man, you are the denim king!  So many nice pick ups recently, and these are by far the best imo.

Interestingly, l have some pics (now unfortunately uploaded to my ancient laptop) of an original pair like this, with the centre-back belt loop stitched under like your 36 dsb's. Think Flash found them on the Berberjin blog or similar.

I wonder if they are a factory or custom thing as despite seeing images of quite a number of late 30's 501's (and there are more pairs out there than l previously imagined),  l've only seen one pair like this (?)

I suppose we'll only ever know if/when Warehouse have another one of their vintage sell offs and hopefully these might get included. 

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@Dr_Heech here are a few vintage examples I found on Marvin's that look similar.
At first glance most of these have very similar details to the Warehouse repros: center back belt look, branded back pocket rivets, similar coin pocket position, etc.
Let me know if these look similar to the ones you were referencing! 

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Those middle pair from Marvins look to be the same, or similar, where the back centre belt loop is stitched under, like your WH '36 dsb repros.

Most other 1936-42 501's have a regular stitched belt loop like the other 2 examples you posted from Marvins.

Does that make sense?


Anyway my main reason of interest is that weird back belt loop. If it's a custom thing, then fine, as there's plenty of evidence to suggest that Levis did that for customers with jackets. But if it isn't a custom thing, then for a very (very) small period of 501XX production, in and around say 1936/7, hidden rivet Levis may have had this feature. So hold that thought.

Going back to the vintage denim thread, l posted a ds pair of earlier 501XX with exposed back pocket rivets which also had this belt loop feature. This may mean that this brief period of production was just before the 1936/1937 type model was introduced. So the ds pair would have been made after the NRA tag was stopped being used  around late 1935.

I'm going to go back over to the vintage denim thread to take another look at those guarantee tickets :ph34r:

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Anyone got a link to a size chart or experience sizing the S1000XX? The Bureau Belfast has them in stock in a 30/32 and I might order from them anyways, and I am looking for my next pair once the TCB contest is done and dusted ...

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5 hours ago, Frost said:

Anyone got a link to a size chart or experience sizing the S1000XX? The Bureau Belfast has them in stock in a 30/32 and I might order from them anyways, and I am looking for my next pair once the TCB contest is done and dusted ...


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I also (of course) have a pair of the Leepro's on the way. :ph34r:
I've been enjoying the the 1004XX 1936's so far, the fit has grown on me as the hips have relaxed a little bit. I will get some fit pics up eventually.
However I wanted to point of a few gripes I have with them...
1.) These probably have the most shallow pocket bags of any WH jeans I've bought. WH pocket bags typically are shallow to begin with, these are even shorter.
2.) I'm not sure if it's just the construction on my pair or what, but I am not able to pull the cinch through the back loop of the buckle. It can go through where the front part where the teeth are, but it can't be looped back in like on most cinches. The fabric is folded too thick, and the opening of the cinch isn't wide enough. Here are some photos of what I'm referring to. Basically the cinch can go through the area it's intended to on the buckle, but cannot be tucked back through the area on the left side of the buckle. It's a small issue but I prefer to loop the end of the cinch back through this side of the buckle.

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I’ve had difficulty with that before Broark but always managed to get the cinch strap through in the end. Obviously the denim is thicker there as it’s doubled over but can you pinch it with pliers to flatten it and then squeeze it through?

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