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On 4/15/2023 at 12:09 PM, Hopethisoneisnttaken said:

Anyone that has the wrecking crew overalls care to share how sizing compares to other tcb jeans? 

I have the seaman trouser in size 34 and 50s jeans in 36. I got the wrecking crew in 36. Wrecking crew overalls are a very wide and loose fit. Waist is like 40-42” probably.  I usually will wear them over another pair of jeans when I’m working around the house. Size 34 probably would have worked for me but I didn’t want to risk tight overalls. I think the boss of the cat overalls are not quite as wide. 

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I finally got a pair of TCB 50s. I chose W34. From the shop measurements it should have been fine.
When they arrived today they looked really small in the waist.
Having read, that the denim stretches quite a bit, I still gave it a try. First I thought, it would be impossible to close the top button. But after closing the fly with a lot of effort, I managed to also close it.
The rest fits fine, very comfortable. Also I didn't want the hem bigger than the current 24cm.
Having worn them for a few hours now, I can close the top button quite easily. They are still a bit tight, though.

In one wash they are very soft and comfortable from the getgo.
They remind me actually of the FW 1951s, from the cut, the hand of the denim and also the denim is somehow similar, if a bit darker.
I can understand now, why they're so popular. I wasn't disappointed. Great jeans for a fair price.

TCB 50s denim


And Freewheelers 1951 on top


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On 5/9/2023 at 11:17 PM, bloom said:

Ah, another downside to having muscles (let's call it that), the 710 won't fit you. In my case, unburdened by muscles, it's more the proportions. It feels like the part of the leg thats meant to be a knee is way up my thigh. Going up in size just seems to inflate the waist. So going up from my usual 31 or 32 to 36 would probably still be too tight in the legs, but flowing around the hips and waist. Like wearing a giant washing glove. Only with two fingers. And made in denim.

I have high hopes for the 714. I've found Resolute quite different from other denim brands I like, less workweary, tidy enough for office and my mother in law's sunday dinners. They also help keep alive my dream of becoming a surfing pensioner with naturally warm ankles.


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Viktor is such a likeable guy, great to see him doing collabs with TCB. Check out his book True Fit if you haven't, a great mix of photos from his vintage collection and denim history.

Almost 10(!?) years ago I did a short interview with him about it while doing some work for his publisher. You can read it here: https://indigoveins.com/true-fit-breathing-life-into-vintage-denim/ 

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@Mtvare Don't know why but I took the pictures the same day you asked but I simply forgot to post them, so here you go.
For reference I'm 180cm 65kg and the size is a 30, I left them unhemmed and the inseam shrunk from a 34 to a 33 after several washes.


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The pair of 50's I ordered arrived today.  The wide legs are going to take some getting used to.  My wife will hate them, but my stepdaughter will probably approve.

My current daily drivers at Sugar Cane 2009, which are somewhere in between slim and regular straight, but it feels like a huge difference. 




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