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  1. bootsofmannishleather

    Vintage Denim?

    I went to the Levi's 150th Anniversary Experience in SFO yesterday. They had a few vintage pairs from their vault on display. I figured y'al might wanna see them. They're: 1873 4-pocket 9-rivet (the dirty brown pair), 1879 4-pocket, WWII 501.
  2. bootsofmannishleather


    Mine shrunk more in length after some washes, but only like 1/2". I think with unsanforized, you really have to cold wash only if you want absolutely zero shrinkage.
  3. bootsofmannishleather

    Sugar Cane Denim

    This is rad. That 43 especially.
  4. bootsofmannishleather

    Samurai Jeans

    I don't typically like black denim, but these are GREAT - fantastic job fading these beauties
  5. bootsofmannishleather

    The Flat Head

    Thanks! I actually JUST discovered this yesterday, so your suggestion is totally on point. What I may actually do is just keep getting jeans like the 3005 or Warehouse 1001 on the large side and shrinking them slightly for the perfect measurements. Been looking at TFH, Warehouse, Fullcount, Samurai, TCB....As of now, my 3005 and 1001 both fit pretty well, and I'm trying to fade them diligently.
  6. bootsofmannishleather

    The Flat Head

    Thanks guys! @Cold Summer @blooming
  7. bootsofmannishleather

    The Flat Head

    Heeeeeyo! I have 3005s in size 32 from Franklin and Poe, and they're amazing, but I want slightly narrower legs (8.5" or so leg opening) with slightly deeper top block (higher front rise mainly, though a tad bit more back rise is good too - maybe 11.5" or 12" front rise). There's some room for flexibility with the knee and thigh measurements. After months of washing and wearing, here are the measurements on my 3005s: Waist - 16.5” (33”) 41.9cm (83.8cm) Front rise - 11” 27.9cm Back rise - 15.5” 39.3cm Inseam - 31.5” 80cm Thigh - 11.5” 29.2cm Knee - 9.25” 23.5cm Hem - 9” 22.9cm Should I look into 3004 or 3009? Or just straight up go with another brand? It's hard to gauge cuz the STF process isn't perfectly exact. If another TFH jean, which of the two might be best? I'm just not familiar with 3004 and 3009, how they ending up looking and feeling when worn. Thanks!
  8. bootsofmannishleather

    Sugar Cane Denim

    My standard fit Sugar Cane '47s from Hinoya which I can't wear anymore cuz there was a family dryer incident and they shrunk haha....I gave them to a good friend, who wears them a ton, so I still get to see them fading on a weekly basis. I think this was 8 months of wear, a few days a week, but I wasn't logging wears at that point like I do with my jeans now. Roping was decent even without a chain stitch (whoops) cuz I hemmed them when they were new.
  9. bootsofmannishleather


    I see - thanks guys!
  10. bootsofmannishleather


    Is there a jean that's pretty much like a Warehouse 1001xx but uses poly thread instead of 100% cotton thread? I'm thinking it would be nice to have the same fit with stitching that lasts longer.
  11. bootsofmannishleather

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    So looks like that Triple Pleat Blouse would shrink to like a 36 after an initial soak? Otherwise, I could possibly be interested. The raw measurements are perfect for me haha
  12. bootsofmannishleather

    THIS OR THAT? (Use me for all your Should I Buy...? questions)

    For more "modern" stuff - Oni (I enjoyed their "Secret Denim"), Tanuki, Samurai, PBJ seem to be the kings, the usually suspects some would say....I'm more into classic/repro stuff these days. The only repro brand I'd add to what's already been said is TCB; insane value. That might be a better entry point too, versus Warehouse/Freewheelers etc, cuz they're less expensive and/or easier to find. All that said, I do absolutely love my Warehouse 1001xx Duck Digger '47 so far (banner denim - muah) and feel they're worth every dollar ($275 vs ~$200 for some TCB). I've just barely started with these brands, so others will chime in with much more experience than I.....Some might add Sugar Cane to the mix, but I tend to like what I see from TCB more than Sugar Cane when comparing at same price tiers. I liked my Sugar Cane 47s a lot for the price (~$150), but I wasn't wow'd. I do hear Sugar Cane's Okinawa denim is NICE, but you pay much more for it.
  13. bootsofmannishleather


    Fair point this picture makes - a well faded pair of whatever jean is probably cooler to most of us than a brand new pair with our perfect criteria haha
  14. bootsofmannishleather


    I'm with you on this, personally, for the most part. I don't hate western wear (I wore cowboy boots almost exclusively for a decade haha), but I also don't want my personal style to be thoroughly "cowboy" ya know....So Wrangler, Lee, much of Mister Freedom are off the table unless I'm wearing them with untucked shirt covering much of the top block/back pocket patch etc (I have some Wranglers I do this with)....I do like the Warehouse cowboy jean and jacket because they're not too much in that way, but I probably wouldn't buy them. Same for TCB's version and Fullcount's.
  15. bootsofmannishleather


    @Uncle Karl the jacket is an absolute masterpiece
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