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Black jeans lovers!!!


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Has anyone compiled a list lately of currently available black denim?

so far that comes to mind:

sugarcane - type 3 black

left field - atlas, greaser, chelsea

rogue territory - stealth Stanton, standard issue, SK

3sixteen - black CT, ST, SL

momotaro x blue owl - natural taper, high tapered, slim tapered

iron heart 634, 






stevenson - big sur, 727

joe McCoy - 991BK

Japan Blue

Red Tail


Big John 


Freenote Cloth - Portola black


orslow 107 Black 


edited: added the below contributions but haven’t yet researched all exact models of black denim

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I think I’m gonna give Dawson a try, undecided between the Wide and the Wide Tapered fits but both do look like pretty plausible options. I remember considering these maybe a year or so ago and deciding against going for it but I can’t for the life of me remember what my reasoning was so it can’t have been too compelling.

Anyone heard from @MasonAlexander recently? Seems like he would probably have some input. Anyone else have first-hand experience with Dawson? For big bonus points, any experience with their black denim?

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@julian-wolf Out of interest, Pokey Lafarge has a pair of black Dawson denim. Seen him in them on stage. I think these may be them. 

I've tried on the wide jeans before a good while back. IIRC the rise was very high, the fit very wide straight down to the hem and quite fitted in the seat. The measurements are obviously key on Dawson's site but the wide taper has a lower rise worth noting.

The construction was really good quality. There is a Dawson thread somewhere too.

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Yeah, I’m having a tough time choosing between the Wide and the Wide Tapered. It seems that getting them to do a Regular or Standard cut in the black denim may also be an option—I like the cuts of the wider jeans, but this may be tempting from a details point of view. I already have two pairs in my lineup with exposed hip pocket rivets, and I don’t really need any more. Would prefer hidden rivets or simple bar tacks, I think.


West Ride would be really tempting if they did any cuts with Western-friendly rises—love their styling.

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I bought a  pair of Oni Aizumi and black jeans a few months ago, really dark inky dyed weft over a black warp. I was wondering how they will fade, if at all due to the black warp.

Searched the net, checked denimio found nothing so checked the gram. Messaged a dude who had posted a pair a while ago to see if he had any update pics, he didn't,  but he did give me a golden nugget of advice. .... don't wash until at least my first blow out :ph34r::huh:

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On 11/20/2019 at 10:55 PM, julian-wolf said:

Anyone else have first-hand experience with Dawson? For big bonus points, any experience with their black denim?

I literally live 6 streets from their workshop and know both Scott and Kelly to talk to. You can go to the Worksop as it now doubles as their store front, you're able to see the whole operation and every machine right in front of you. It's cool.

Their construction and finish is very good. No experience with the black denim. I like their taper and regular straight cuts, but mainly lust after their tops. 

Shouldnt be too hard to get hold of them on Instagram if you need more advice. 

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After almost 2 years, Trophy denim brought back their blackie denim in a full size run.  I wanted these so bad but settled on my black dirt pair since they told me they were no longer making this style anymore.  I guess the demand was too great besides that Lahaina collab.

Hope Denimio carries this.



61080129_o1 (1).jpg



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On 11/24/2019 at 1:46 AM, JDelage said:

A lot of black denim these days seems to be black x black. I like a white weft better, personally.

My skull 5010 black jeans from 2007 are white weft.  Unfortunately the black dye is a permanent type so they don't fade.  They look great but I'm no longer able to fit them :)

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