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Black jeans lovers!!!


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There have been a couple of black denim threads in the past, but they all seem to have died.

Links to the old ones for the sake of it:

- MORE pictures of worn in, BLACK DENIM?

- Who Was It Talkin' Bout Sugarcane Black Denim?

- Recommendations for Black Raw Denim

I've closed those, so this will be the dedicated black denim thread from now on!

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Couldnt be happier this thread got started. I really wanna pick up a pair of black jeans. Might grab one of the last few black knights bc I love the way black sams fade.

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I really don't know very well. I got them in september 2008, wore them off and on till the FC contest started for me in march 2009, then wore them maybe twice per month till now. So... 7, 8 months? I'll wear them some more between the end of the contest and the weather warming up.


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New Year, New Jeans


There's no thread yet dedicated to Stussy Deluxe denim, but having handled a couple of pairs they are certainly worth checking out:

- Japanese selvage denim

- Made in Japan

- Custom buttons and rivets

I already had several other pairs of denim to choose from as my next pair to break in, but these were so intriguing I just couldn't pass them up. I couldn't afford the SExIH07BK, so I present to you The Poor Man's Black Year:

Stussy Deluxe Overdyed Slim Fit Denim


Fit pics


Black Overdyed Indigo Under certain light you can already see the indigo hairs poking through the black overdye.


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