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  1. Mainly this, I have a pair of black 13MWZ and I love them but I’m just looking for something a little nicer.
  2. Are there any western-ish style jeans out there with exposed rivets? Thinking something in the styling of a Wrangle MWZ13
  3. I’ve been eyeing up a pair of the smokestacks in black as my next pair of Left Fields. These look great on you.
  4. The WW fit would probably be great for you then. The rise is on the higher side. Size wise I normally wear a 32-33. I bought a 34 in these because it’s all they had at the store I was at and I really wanted them. Realistically the 33 would have been better but I’ll never have to worry about any shrinkage with this size now.
  5. Picked up these 400ww jeans last week. First pair of UES and first pair of a more vintage fitting pant. I have to say I’m really digging them so far. The denim and details are awesome.
  6. I just picked up these custom Wesco Johannes off eBay for a killer deal. Looking forward to see how the rough out wears in!
  7. Garage Jacket in a salt & pepper fabric. I’ve had it for a number of years but haven’t put much wear on it. Putting it into regular rotation now.
  8. Eastman Leather Co Wabash shirt sz16.5/XL PtP - 21.5 Shoulder - 18.5 Length - 29.5 Sleeve - 25 overall a slimmer fitting shirt. 8oz Wabash indigo twill. Really nice fabric. Just a little too slim on me. Handful of wears and one wash and dry. Link to S&S $150 obo Samurai s520xx 21oz sz32 Waist - 16.5 FR -11.5 BR - 15.5 Th - 13 K - 8.5 LO - 7.35 Inseam - 30 Purchased in April ‘23, worn off and on for a few months. Hemmed. Washed and dried twice. Great jeans but the fit was never perfect for me. $180
  9. Yeah I checked those but it just says denim must be raw but doesn’t outline what’s allowed. Ill email them, thanks!
  10. I’m more than likely entering this year, but I wanted to ask if anyone knew if it has to be a pair of denim jeans to enter. I found a pair of 12.5oz indigo shashiko trousers I have my eye on.
  11. Not sure if the Left Field chinos are on anyone’s radar but I’ve had a few pairs and they’re awesome. The fit might be a little more modern than a classic chino but otherwise I think they check all the boxes in their details.
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