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  1. itschrisb

    Left Field Jeans

    Here are some pictures of my 15oz Kuroki Charles Atlas that I've had for I believe 2 years now and my workshirt that I've had since Christmas.
  2. itschrisb

    Left Field Jeans

    I'm in need of a new pair of jeans so if anyone wants to put together a contest I'd be interested!
  3. itschrisb

    Left Field Jeans

    Is this left field contest happening? Also I have an Anniversary shirt Sz L that's to big for me. $40 shipped to whoever would like it.
  4. itschrisb

    Shoes that look better with age...

    I have a pair of Chippewa Oxfords 9.5ee black leather. Worn a few times. $60 + shipping to anyone who would like them.
  5. itschrisb


    https://franklinandpoe.com/collections/trousers/products/indigofera-quinn-trouser-8-oz-indigo-military-chambray I bought these and wore them maybe 6 times. The fit just isnt for me. Retail for $250 I'd like to get $150. Thanks Sz33 W - 16.5 Th - 12 In - 28 LO - 8.75 Fr - 11 Br - 15