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Black jeans lovers!!!


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Is IH's 21oz SB denim too heavy for you? IH makes several cuts in SB. I had a pair of 9634z a few years ago but sold because they were a size too big. Although the denim is not selvedge, it's really bad ass. I've always wanted another pair. Maybe consider the 888S-SB, which is the limited edition selvedge Superblack? there are still some in your size... 

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Both the SBG and overdyed flagship denim are really appealing, but the 634 and 888 are too slim and it doesn't seem likely that they'll ever do a 1955 in any nonstandard fabric

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I can highly recommend the Pure Blue Japan XX-019-BB 


They are slim but really comfortable.

Denim is soft and easy to move in.

I went true with a size 32.


I am hoping that Iron Heart do the 888 in the SBG. Really wanted the 555-03 to work for me but the waist is ridiculously large. If they bought it down to proper tag size they would work. 




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Have you guys checked out the Black Marias by Left Field? I know Christian so I'm partial to the brand but the Collect Mills black denim fades beautifully. The Xinjiang denim doesnt seem to get as much contrast as the Collect in my experience but that could be due to my heavily washing schedule. 

The denim is available in all three fits, the Greaser straight 501 style cut, the Chelsea slim skinny from the thigh down tight fit, and the Atlas with bigger thighs and taper towards the ankle. I rock the Greaser to work in and the Atlas to look slim in. Ive have over 10 pairs of Left Field so lots of experience with the brand.



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On 11/10/2018 at 6:38 PM, Broark said:

I think the IH stuff might be a bit too heavy for me, but I really want black denim that fades. So if IH would’ve made them out of SBG instead of just SB in the 888 cut I probably would’ve bought a pair. 

Check out the Sugar Cane Type III jean. I got a pair a couple weeks ago and REALLY digging the cut and the denim. 

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Man, I'm really struggling to find a decent pair of black/black jeans. The PBJ 19s ended up just being a little too skinny for me, the sugar canes aren't tapered enough and I even decided to go and try LSG denim (since they were pretty cheap) and went and got them hemmed. They fit okay but honestly still a little too tight. I'm kind of stumped on what to get/where to look now. 

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15 hours ago, Broark said:

@unorthodoxI’ve been tempted by those but the thigh measurements kind of scare me. Need at least 13 in. on a size 36. 

If you're curious, here are the measurements of mine that I ended up selling (hemmed to 30" though).

Waist: 18in
Front Rise: 12.25in
Thigh: ~12.8in
Rear Rise: 16.25
Knee: 9.25in
Leg Opening: 8.5in
Length: 30in

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On 11/12/2018 at 8:45 PM, gazeboarder said:

I love my Iron Heart IH-555-03's in the SBG denim.  These look awesome as they break in over time.  I think this is a cut that is often overlooked but fits really well in larger waist sizes.  I wear a 36.

Do you have measurements of your broken in pair? They don't seem too bad, but still a little wide in the leg so I'm curious


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so i've been loving this pair of Imperials with black (greyish weft?) that i think were billed as "low viscosity sulfur dyed".  warm soaked.  worn for two weeks straight now.  not noticing any fading at the hem or belt loops where my jacket/bag rub constantly.  no ruboff on roughout leather boots or white sneakers. i've seen a few pics that suggest they fade eventually, but right now i'm not believing it

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9 hours ago, mlwdp said:

Trophy brought back their Blackie denim with a added twist for the Lahaina collab.

Thanks. Is there a website for those? Where do I find out more about them?

(Nevermind - found that info on the Trophy thread.)

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