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  1. gazeboarder

    Studio D'artisan

    I think the thigh measurements on the Denimio collab looks too big. You can kind of see this in the photos. The coin pocket detail is a little different. I would normally expect the PBJ to have more slub.
  2. gazeboarder

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    I love my Iron Heart IH-555-03's in the SBG denim. These look awesome as they break in over time. I think this is a cut that is often overlooked but fits really well in larger waist sizes. I wear a 36.
  3. gazeboarder

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    For me the heel has been too loose which then has created some abrasion on my heel. If I put a footbed in with more arch support and lace the sneaker tight in the middle I can get the movement to stop so they can still work.
  4. gazeboarder

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Hey Broark - How do the Visvim Kiefer's fit in the heel area for you? I ask because I have the same pair in the mustard color way and feel the fit in the heel is a little funky. If I wear these with a better footbed the fit improves. I have the same problem with the Visvim Skagways.
  5. gazeboarder

    The Flat Head

    I feel most of the Flat Head shirts have a weird fit with really wide shoulders and then a tight chest measurement and a tight bottom opening. In almost every picture you can see how the shoulders tend to be too wide. With that said I have two flannel work shirts that fit okay but neither fit as good as any of my Iron heart shirts. The fabrics are amazing but I just wish the fits were better. I'm not sure of this but maybe wide shoulders with a tight chest is a good fit for the average Japanese customer. I'm 6'3" 200 lbs so I understand I'm not the target Flat Head customer. With that said the shoulder measurements on both of my size 46 shirts are a little too wide for my liking. I also have a UES Indigo Flannel shirt and a Nine Lives shirt that I feel fits better than the Flat Head shirts. Do others feel the same way?
  6. gazeboarder

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Hi Kiya any plans to do a collab jean with Pure Blue Japan in the future? Sorry if this was already asked.
  7. gazeboarder

    Visvim fw2017

    Hey Everyone FYI, I recently bought a pair of the UTE Moc Trainer-Folk's in size 11(my normal shoe size). I love the look of these but the fit is super narrow. I have a narrower foot shape and these are going to take some time to stretch. With that said, I sort of wonder why Visvim is making their footwear so narrow. I work in footwear and my company offers some of our boot models in an Asian fit which consists of a wider forefoot and a slightly taller instep. These UTE Moc's would be unbearable for that type of foot shape. If you have an extremely narrow foot shape I would say these could be great. If you have an average width foot I recommend going up a 1/2 size.
  8. gazeboarder

    Pure Blue Japan

    I'm about 6'3" 205 lbs and normally wear Iron Heart shirts in size XXL and some in XXXL. I have two PBJ shirts in size 5 and one in size 6. The size 6 shirt is a little big. I think I need a 5.5. I feel their size grading from 5 to 6 jumps too much. I tried on the PBJ 6077 Hand Dyed Natural Indigo Jacket in size 5 at BIG last week. I was wearing a t-shirt and a button up Iron Heart chambray shirt under the jacket and felt the fit was good. I then tried on the 6066 deep indigo jacket in size 6 and that jacket was too big. The shoulders looked really wide. I hope this helps.
  9. gazeboarder

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Okay don't tell my wife (updated). I also listed the great shops that I bought this denim at. Iron Heart is the leading brand with 9 pairs. Self Edge taking most of my money with 10 pairs. Here's the list Studio Dartisan X's-37 Dirt Blue (these have a great fit) (Okayama Denim) Oni Denim Oni-527ZR (BIG) Oni Denim Oni-527OR (green) (Rodeo Bros Japan) Iron Heart 9301 (Self Edge) Iron Heart 7301 (Self Edge) Iron Heart 301 (Self Edge) Iron Heart 301S-14 (14oz) (Self Edge) Iron Heart SEXIH07BK (Self Edge) Iron Heart 555-01 (one of the best fitting jeans for me) (Iron Heart UK) Iron Heart 555-03 (Iron Heart UK) Iron Heart 666-UHR (Self Edge) Iron Heart 666-LB (one of my favorites, changed the leg opening to 8.0) (Iron Heart UK) Strike Gold 2109 (Self Edge) Strike Gold 3109 (Klax-on Japan) Pure Blue Japan XX-005 (BIG) Pure Blue Japan XX-017 (BIG) Pure Blue Japan XX-014 (Okayama Denim) Pure Blue Japan AI-003 (love these) (Okayama Denim) Samurai S710BK Black Shadow (BIG) Samurai S710XX 15oz 2ND (2ND collab jean ) Samurai S710XX 19oz (Americaya) Samurai S001JP (2nd Japan) The Flat Head SE05BSP (Self Edge) Fullcount B2014 (Bears Collab jean) (Bears Japan) Stevenson Overall C0 727R (Self Edge) Ande Whall Slackers (AW) Ande Whall SR09 Caribou (AW) Momotaro ER007-2B (Tate and Yoko) Momotaro BOM010-N (Blue Owl Workshop Collab) (BOW) Japan Blue ODJB 001 (Okayama Denim) Japan Blue JBO412 (Okayama Denim) Japan Blue JBCD0463 (Okayama Denim) Japan Blue JBO-412 (BOW) 3 Sixteen ST210 (Self Edge) Sugarcane Slack Denim SC40601 (Hinoya) Somet 018BK (BIG) Steel Feather SF0215 (Rivet and Hide) Indigofera Ray SLV Black (Rivet and Hide)
  10. gazeboarder

    Pure Blue Japan

    Hopefully Okayama Denim will carry these. I have a bunch of points I haven't used.
  11. gazeboarder

    Pure Blue Japan

    Why would you wash your jeans in water that hot? 90C = 192F That's crazy hot. Were you trying to get them to shrink a large amount?
  12. gazeboarder

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    The measurement specs on this new fit looks great for my size (36). The denim description sounds a little similar to the PBJ KS denim. "knubbed" selvedge. It is a super irregular weave that results in a highly textured denim that fades with striking contrast.
  13. gazeboarder

    Pure Blue Japan

    If you think about it BIG was the first brand in the USA to carry PBJ. They also helped with some of the more modern cuts. Move forward in time and several other shops started selling the brand including OD, R&H and Blue Owl. The one difference was OD was selling the brand at Japan local prices. I would not be surprised if BIG got a little concerned about this.
  14. gazeboarder

    Pure Blue Japan

    This is a great point. I've recently bought a few items from PBJ in their new larger sizes which is awesome. Before they came out with the size 6 I would not even consider most of their tops. The new indigo dyed sweatshirts are great. I also picked up a size 5 UES shirt while I was in Japan. The fit is awesome. So, Danny thanks for provide feedback to UES on their flannels.
  15. gazeboarder

    Pure Blue Japan

    That's cool and you get triple points which will add up to a nice discount on future purchases. I personally think this whole thing will blow over in a few months. If you think the prices are too high don't buy anything or try using a proxy. I will still buy from them just as I will still buy Iron Heart stuff which is similarly priced. For my sizing I can only buy Iron Heart stuff from either IH-UK, Self Edge or R&H. The fixed pricing is pretty much the same at all three.