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  1. @Ar_thor I have a short sleeve button down shirt and a coach's jacket from orslow, both in size 4 that are great fit for me. 18.5 or 19" shoulder and 22.5 or 23" chest on the shirt. I'm 6'2 with a 41.5" chest I'm typically an XL in japanese sizing
  2. effdatnoise

    Samurai Jeans

    my s0110xj, about 2 winters of wear. you can see better on @brownmetallic pair above, but I really like how the curve cut back pocket lining starts to wear parallel to the lazy s arc thing
  3. effdatnoise

    What are your jeans doing today?

    @julian-wolf I've spent a fair amount of time out there. It's just a mercantile and bakery. Basically feeds visitors and park employees who are headed to Bowman or Kintla lake. So stop in if you are headed into those spots. I did probably my favorite backpacking going from "The loop" off the going-to-the-sun road and hiking out of Kintla. Some totally spectacular campsites and hiking. Particularly around the "Hole-in-the-wall" campsite/area. Some of the employees live right there in polebridge or next to the mercantile...i think the owners live there or something. I went to the "Polebridge Formal" with some of the park employees at the end of the season. Drank a lot and camped, good times.
  4. @TheNorthern BlackBlue in minneapolis/st.paul just started carrying them. not sure when/if they'll post on webstore, but most of their in store stuff makes it online after a few weeks. or if you happen to be traveling in the area, their stores are great https://www.instagram.com/p/B7ojKjgnjj_/
  5. effdatnoise

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    so i've been loving this pair of Imperials with black (greyish weft?) that i think were billed as "low viscosity sulfur dyed". warm soaked. worn for two weeks straight now. not noticing any fading at the hem or belt loops where my jacket/bag rub constantly. no ruboff on roughout leather boots or white sneakers. i've seen a few pics that suggest they fade eventually, but right now i'm not believing it
  6. @maharu @JDelage I've been wearing some of the "military trousers" with patch pockets (is that what these are?) in the como fabric. super soft. love them. make a lot of other brands look like garbage honestly. dense stitching, raised belt loops, custom rivets that are painted black and wear in to show the copper, fully lined herringbone pockets. here are some old pics i took sometime last year. they've lightened up a bit since then. you can kinda see the copper ont he pocket rivet. the insides the paint is just starting to really rub off to show some copper on the edges. https://imgur.com/a/eR2oPvf i would put these construction-wise in the category of "nothing is better than these, just different". they source their fabrics from italy and japan i think. the more i type the more interesting i think the brand is...american but italian tailoring/sensibility with italian and japanese fabrics. so mayb ewhere they fall short is that they don't to my knowledge have their own fabrics...and nothing straight repro if that's what you looking for
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