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  1. TCB

    re: hats I have the 40s hat and its a little loose? I got L because i think im like 59 cm? but thats when I had long hair, I got buzz cut over the summer and its now a little loose. i find it to kinda shrink in the wash and hot dry but nothing crazy? I guess it really depends on how like your hats to fit, snug or a little loose. I prefer mine a little loose because I was scared of having my head squeezed and Id never wanna wear it. I think with the bucket hat style too it lends itself to a looser style, a tight fit might look a little odd. ive sized wrong on denim, jackets, clothes, boots, and sneakers but when i decided to start wearing hats I do what i do most of the time now, size up edit: my head is 57.5 - 58 cm using a cloth tape
  2. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I just had a Levi's ad on my instagram feed for various LVC models saying 30% off and free shipping using code FRIEND30. Not sure if USA only or what, been reading about a lot of people wanting to make purchases lately.
  3. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    I'm still down for a tee shirt. Is there a new total participants list? I remember something about ed getting more people to join. I'm real excited for this to start, I haven't had a pair of unsansforized jeans in about three years.
  4. I think it has to do with the cores remaining white while the outside is dyed so over time the dye falls off and the white core is shown. Sulfur is typically used for black jeans and Kapital has great persimmon dyed jeans in their century denim. I think they have used sumi ink to make a grey denim which fades similarly to indigo as well.
  5. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    I'm all paid up! Sorry for the delay everyone, August was a rough month for me, I was not working for a few weeks and wasn't sure I'd be able to still be in the contest. I squeezed some pennies and stocked up on some ramen and pb n js for the next week and was able to finally pay last night. Patch looks awesome, does anyone know what kind of leather it is made out of? The arcs look great too!
  6. Tender Co. Denim

    Tender on sale over at blackblue. some one buy these so i dont! https://www.blkblu.com/collections/archive/products/tender-jeans-type-129 https://www.blkblu.com/collections/archive/products/tender-jeans-type-130
  7. I've had eBay purchases from Europe and also orders from Japanese arrive at my apartment. I had to pick up at the post office once because of signature required otherwise I've never had any problems for packages outside the US.
  8. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    Are the proto arcs sewn on the same fabric as the pocket bags? It kind of looks like indigo canvas. Not sure if I'll unpick or not. Also I'm kinda bummed there are so few contestants but the odds are pretty much 1:4 to win a prize so thats awesome haha.
  9. TCB

    I got my package that same weekend I ordered on a wednesday or something? Again great service from the man himself. Ive always kinda squeezed into jeans that were too small hence my ironic username but lately ive decided to go up a size instead of down. The carpenter jeans are the loosest fit I own for sure but definitely are comfy. I worked the past two days in them and its nice to not have my jeans sticking to my legs when Im pouring sweat. The hat is dope too, I like the simplicity of the design and long bill.
  10. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    All this suspender talk pushed me back over to get the buttons on my pair even though I doubt I'll ever use them. Does anyone have any suggestions for a reasonably priced pair that don't venture too deep into the cosplay arena? I've found many in the past through thrift shopping but was curious if someone knew something I didn't.
  11. TCB

    I picked up the carpenter pants in denim and a 40s denim hat! I'm super excited to break them on the job. I'm an electrician so they will definitely get some abuse. I wanted something lighter weight and looser leg for the summer. I couldn't wait for the 1920s contest to start to get my first TCB pieces.
  12. TCB

    Thanks for the help guys, I sent Inoue an email and he got back to me right away with an invoice. I paid before I went to sleep and woke up to tracking number. That's some crazy fast service.
  13. TCB

    Living in the United States, which is the best place to order TCB products from? Directly or someone like Denimo?
  14. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    im in! first contest since the eternal one years ago but i unfortunately undersized and outgrew my pair. Size 36 inseam 81 cm no suspender buttons id be interested in a t shirt as well. is paypal possible? im kind of confused by the first post
  15. TCB

    so glad to hear more news about the 1920s contest!! is the possibility of no suspender buttons still in discussion? i'm dying for a loose cut cinch back for the summer