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  1. Name that film...

  2. shit you hate

    Marriage counseling.
  3. SUFU Ebbets Round Three

    ^This is the third time they did a run for sufu, isn't it? That's probably why they produced them before payment, since the first two rounds seemed to have gone off without trouble and some trust was built...

  5. usa :: new york :: general

    Need a good place to get a haircut anywhere in Manhattan. Prefer walk-in as I prolly won't have time to make an appointment since I'll only be there 2 days. Any recommendations are appreciated... Been there several times so I know where go for shopping and stuff but going solo for the first time so any good places to go eat by myself would be welcome too...
  6. superconfessional

    ^This person I'm talking about is as batshit crazy as I am. It could be so fucking perfect, we're like a double negative making a positive... I should stop talking about this now probably.
  7. superconfessional

    Also, I had to hire some new people at work, and one of the candidates had great qualifications and relevant experience and all I could wish for for this one position, and when I was checking her references and googling her, I noticed that she didn't have any social media activity, but I did stumble upon some nudes of her on 4chan. Still hired her...
  8. superconfessional

    Point taken, but this has been building for over a year and I'm pretty sure it's more than a mere infatuation at this point. My marriage was in decline before this happened, too. I don't really think so, but maybe it would just a rebound and maybe that would be exactly what I need. I don't know, I'm so fucking torn up over this, always in my own head, insomnia, lost 40lbs in 4 months, suicidal... But this probably wasn't the best place to vent this, so anyways...
  9. superconfessional

    I never thought this would happen to me again, but for the first time in 10 years I am obsessively, sick-to-my-stomach, going-so-fucking-crazy-I-wanna-kill-myself in love. And for the first time ever in my life, I think it's mutual. The kicker is that I'm married with kids, not really happily, but not miserably unhappily until the last year or so. I'm at a loss as to whether or not I should try to supress these feelings and wait till they fade and go on with an unfullfilling life that's slowly wearing me down, or hurt people I care a lot about, walk out on the life that I've been trying to build for the past 8 years and pursue this slim chance at true happiness... I fucked up big time letting it all come this far...
  10. seenmy is waywt jesus

  11. General female insanity appreciation thread.

    I was hoping this thread would be about the good kind of insanity, not the annoying kind... Cause I can appreciate some good crazy... "My boyfriend gave me this knife for my birthday. I want you to hold it to my throat while you fuck me."
  12. Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

    ask her to have a menage a trois with her roommate.
  13. NBA Basketball

    I hope Durant finds his Westbrook-less game and the rest of the Thunder steps up and makes some shots to close out the series tonight. Don't really wanna see a Spurs - Heat finals even though it would probably be entertaining enough...
  14. usa :: san francisco :: general

    Going to San Fransisco for the first time in a couple of weeks for a work trip. I'm staying in Mill Valley though and probably won't have a car, how big of a pain is it to get to the city from there? My time is going to be pretty booked up during the days but hoping to find half a day or so to spend in the city for some shopping mostly...