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Does warehouse denim typically stretch out crazy fast? 
just after wearing these jeans 12hrs I’ve got like an inch of room in the waist now. 
I may need to wash these pretty regularly to keep them from getting sloppy. 

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here are a couple photos after wearing for a day of the new deadstock blue 47’s that were recently released. i opted to hot wash and dry mine. this denim has a really rough texture. is it the same as the dsb 46’s? i have no idea. it’s ridiculously soft after the dryer and drapes really easily. i really love the leather patches for this line, i just wish it held details a little bit better after exposure to heat. i’ll be sure to get a fit pic up soon. they fit just like a pair of dd 47s i used to have. i am pretty new to warehouse so i assumed these 1001xx would fit just like my regular 1001xx in the same size, but that's just not the case. 



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here are a few photos and a fit pic of the dsb 47s, and my 46 dsb 2000xx. i think these are made with the same denim. i’m surprised how well they’re holding creases after putting them through the dryer. side note: you can see on the leg where the outseam connects that the front and back panels of denim are distinctly different shades. anyone know what’s up with that? 




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1 hour ago, MJF9 said:

I feel certain I've asked this before and @unders answered me but apologies I can't remember the answer

Which shops ship WH to the UK with helpful postage?  Thanks again

What items are you after? I’m in the states but I bought from whitefeather in Europe. 

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I bought from Bears a couple of months back, they were happy to mark down...

They marked it (Warehouse lot 900) down to about 20 quid! 

DHL weren't having it, they held it until I provided proof of purchase. Bears tried to help by printing a receipt in store and scanning a copy to support the amount stated.

DHL wouldn't accept it as it was in Japanese...so I just thanked Bears for trying and send me a full value receipt.  Passed that to DHL and they accepted and released even though it was also in Japanese.....

Funny that. 

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