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Well, I'm just thinkin that with all these contests goin on people aren't going to be as dedicated to participating as they had in the past.

If there is a new contest popping up every few months, then what is special about it?

don't get me wrong, I'd love to get a pair of warehouse and sure I'd participate in a warehouse contest, but I think the timing is wrong. And lets not forget there has already been a warehouse contest. I think more people are going to be interested in something like the eternal contest, a brand that hasn't been involved in a superfuture contest before.

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small question for the sizing of the 660. I have got a fh1005 in 33 and my other raws sjdj 33 and ajds in 32. Do you think that a BiG 660 l38 in 32 will be ok for me?

u might even be a 31..just check the actual waist on ur FH

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a little update on my 660s. not too much stuff going on, but the creases have set in like crazy, and some blue is really starting to show through.

Had them for about a month and a half, about 25 days of actual wear:

whiskers and a little button fade action. Busted pocket stitching as well:


wallet and seat fades are coming along:


busted rivet stitching and soon to be busted yoke connect:


combs are getting there...


these have stretched out a ton, so I might give them a soak or wash within the next couple of weeks.


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In regards to a DW760 contest...Yes I understand there's a lot of contests going on right now and I understand that this is all just a bit of an overload...So let me clarify my intentions: Keep this DW760 thing small...just a few dedicated participants wanting to celebrate Warehouse's 15th Anniversary on a budget while supporting business at BiG by doing just a small one time order on these. The Eternal contest will be the main "contest" and this will be our little documentation for those who are interested...I'm not even asking for a contest prize or customization, etc. Just keep it simple, straightforward and cheap (Over customization is killing the Samurai contest IMO)! As far as numbers, I have a feeling that when people realize they can get Warehouse jeans for under 200 we'll have many jumping on the bandwagon...Let's just play it by ear for now and see what Gordon has to say...I'm in contact with him now!

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by looking at those pics and their measurement chart those don't seem that wide/vintage. At the bottom they compare different brands/models fit-wise. The DW760 are on the slimmer side so you might get more people into this as you first have thought

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beautiful, wow, that site changed my mind completely about the fit...A lot slimmer than how its presented on the Bears site although I had seen the measurements before. Interesting...very interesting indeed...;)

BTW Gordon said he's not sure if there will be any other 15th Anniversary model releases. He received the new product line list and only the Whisky Cat and 1001XX were listed...But this doesn't mean they won't randomly pop something out later in the year IMO...

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I snapped a couple pictures recently of the denim on my Duckdigger 1930s before they head in for their second wash. Once I get around to washing them I'll try to take some better pictures of them along with the current state of my #800s.




I'm not sure how much wear I have on them. They've been kind of on and off since I picked them up in like 07. I kind of wish Warehouse used the old Duckdigger denim more (although I also love the 1000x denim on my 800s as well).

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Alright, change in plans...Regardless of contests, I want those DW760's so I'm asking Gordon if we can possibly do a group buy/special order, although I have no idea if that can actually happen. If everything does go clear, who else would be interested? So far I got about 12 people listed but just hit me up through PM if you might want in...can't guarantee this as a sure thing but heck, Warehouse denim on the cheap! ;)

If we gather enough people we could do our own little mini project and document the pair over the year like a contest, although in my opinion we don't really need any prizes...In the end, contests aren't really about winning but following the denim's story/progress which would be the core of this project...

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