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measurements : its a One Wash Tagged 33.

Waist : 32

inseam : 32,4

upper thigh : 12,1


front rise : 12,1

back rise: 14

leg opening : 8,6

i measured according to BIG standards, in cm then converted in inches.

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its just fine, one more inch would be perfect, but they dont offer it :).

i rather prefer it that way instead of endless stacking. one thing among others i like with WH is that the average 34 inseam usually suits me perfectly.

i measured from the crotch stich to the bottom, following the leg stiching,

sharply. u can consider its a 33 inseam.

ill make fit pics to show you.

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^Thanks for all the info...any opinions on the denim itself in comparison to the regular 1000XX denim?

i would say it looks like pretty much the same as the denim used for the 700, but i will do some more detailed comparison between 1001, 700, 800 on saturday....

doesnt seem heavier anyway than the others.

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nice shots of the 1001xx! well, it seems my pair is awaiting customs procedures so I guess I can expect them in about a week; sigh

i sized down so I am not sure what to expect with the fit. Docblues one wash is 1" smaller than tag size which is different from Warehouse one wash measurements. (one wash measures 1" bigger than tag size?) Maybe i'll have to sell them if they turn out too small, or I only give them cold soaks to avoid full shrinkage

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SLAB, u wont have any customs tax, as th value is 1000yens :) thanx the man.....

Waist is thighter than 700s, definetely. i have all my WH sizing 33, and the 1001 is the thighter (have to wear the 800 as i dotn recall really). Now maybe its because the wash was pretty hard. I am mot worried because they will strech out imo.

ill post on saturday fit pics of the 700 and the 1001, and measurments of 700, 800, and 1001.

and Thanx for the reps everybody :)

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Man, this denim is crisp!!

Mine came yesterday as well. I don't have access to my good camera right now. Sorry for the iPhone pics. I thought I'd share what the non wash looks like.



Better look at the texture of the non wash:


Cool branding on the inside of the pocket:


Comparison to my 660s (around 3 months old):

Back of my 660s:


Front of the two (660 on top):


Back of the two (660 on top):


Lastly, legs of both (again, 660 on top):


I plan to give these babies a wash n' dry this weekend, so I'll post pre-wash and post-wash measurements then. Also, I should have access to my camera then, so I'll also do fit pics of pre- and post-wash.

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Forgot you had a pair on the way too Weinfeld

good to see both OW and raws. and i know where do the little stich i removed came from: the "15 anniversary" tag :).

Prolly wont survive your wash then unless you do just a hot soak....

(oddly i cant rep from my work desktop, will do it from home... )

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good stuff guys!

I just heard from my wife my pair arrived as well; can't wait to check them out

definitely want to compare these myself with the 660's and Duckdiggers I own

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same pic twice :

raw pic and apertured pic with autocontrast on blue to show the difference, as it may not be so evident on small reduced pics like those.

None of the previous photos was modified from raws, and i will always mention it with raw reference if i do so.

you can also notice that 1001 is way shorter than the same 34 800, and with a bit bigger leg opening.

i will do measures tomorrow : too lazy to do it now.

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1001 day ONE. one wash. no soak. W33 fit pics





impressions : very soft denim. slubby+++.

inseam is slightly short for me but no so noticeable. i like it that way.

it becomes from now my everyday wear, and 700 is relegated to storage for an undefined amount of time.

and btw fits very well with CPO .

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660's at 7 months

pictures are unaltered

middle 3 pictures display truer color

i hemmed myself and used blue thread so that's why the leg opening looks weird.

also i uncuffed them to show the vintage fading going on

wondering if i should wash?


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Yikes. You guys and your painted arcs. That's a shame. Those brushes are gonna get confiscated by the denim police if you're not careful.

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