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Got my 700s two weeks ago. Been wearing them since and loving the denim!

Two warm soaks, they're still a little long in the legs, but that'll work itself out when I throw them in the washer in a couple of months.

fit pic please?

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I sized down one because they don't make a 26, and actually really like the fit on me. It's just what I wanted, which is a slim straight fit. I know it says on BIG that the 660 is a tapered cut, but it's pretty minimal on mine. Though, you might get more of a taper if you size down two.

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clever-id is really cool too but unfortunately always ships insured with actual value declared. I bought my Buzz N-1 jacket with him and had to pay an additional 140 euro tax...

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initial impressions : Very GOOD STUFF !!!!

As you can see its OW, wich is not a problem for me.

fits like a glove, ill do pics & measurements tonite as i didnt have time to do anything but those snapshots.

probably my best fit as a matter of fact, but i say that of any new pair coming in.....

i just put them on 2 mn this morning and i would say that they fit exactly between the 700 and 800....a classic straight cut, well done.

for the details, i have not looked at them yet.

pics comin tonite, and i guess from SLAB too as he may have received them also today.

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yellow and orange stitching on pockets


and on the belt straps... notice the small stich with some cardboard in it (i think) that was not removed before the wash... wich is not expected from WH :)





took it off with my pocket knife....

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^ yes its exactly what i meant. i will make a pic with the 3 of them when i got time.

800s are still unworn, washed once (bought them raw) and waiting their turn in the line so i will compare measurments of both.

i am wearing on rotation 700s and pbj007

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