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    Samurai Jeans

    Thanks chambo. I'll try and get some fit pix this weekend. Jeans basically look the same, just repaired. They fit me better now with the weight loss, so hopefully less strain on the seams etc
  2. blm14

    Samurai Jeans

    8 years later I pulled these out of the closet and got them repaired. I've lost about 40 pounds so they aren't so tight anymore which may have contributed to the problem. I'm giving em another chance!
  3. blm14

    Seriously though, where did everyone go?

    too many fights to the death outside uniqlo
  4. blm14


    May be a boo-boo on the uniqlo website, but they are listing their selvage jeans at a price of $1.90 marked down from $69.90: https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-pure-blue-japan-slim-fit-straight-jeans-142528.html FLY MY PRETTIES, FLY!
  5. blm14

    the unbranded brand

    Has anyone seen these? I saw some today, they actually looked pretty nice. Raw rope dyed japanese indigo denim with what looked like black selvage. Chainstitched hems, a large-ish plain leather patch, no pocket branding or tabs of any kind. The price was like $80, which is a pretty good deal. Quality and construction looked pretty solid. website's not up yet: http://www.theunbrandedbrand.com/ I saw three different styles at urban outfitters today, all of which looked pretty nice. Pix (courtesy of urbn website): more: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&navAction=jump&id=16918336&search=true&isProduct=true&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS&color=092 Would be curious to see how these fade.
  6. blm14

    Evisu is still loved!

    ED! Do you still have those no.0 evisus I sold you a while back? I've lost weight lol
  7. blm14

    Evisu is still loved!

    Does anyone have any information on the "PETERO" jeans that are currently listed on the evisu japan website? http://shop.evisu.jp/shopdetail/000000007453/004/004/X/page1/order/ http://shop.evisu.jp/shopdetail/000000006228/004/004/X/page1/order/
  8. blm14

    unban JMATSU this instant!

    The original events that started this thread occurred 10 years ago. I wonder if 'matsu even remembers this site
  9. blm14

    Urban Techwear

    Where is that old supertrash thread about the awkward oki-ni model? Look at his pupils!
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lawlessdenim/put-americans-to-work-making-heritage-jeans?ref=popular I am not involved in this project in any way, I just happened across it on kickstarter and thought it would be something the community would be interested in. They want to do all the manufacturing in the US, which is cool, and plan to use all narrow looms. Three styles planned - Straight, Slim Straight, and Skinny. They also make some other stuff - the leather cafe jacket looks sweet...
  11. blm14

    Post some "Next level" shit.

    ^ that is fucking incredible.
  12. blm14


    Anyone seen these in person? The brand was founded by the guys that started lucky (yeah yeah, don't write it off yet). Their stuff is made in america, they focus on workwear, and the jeans are made of japanese selvage denim: http://shop.civilianaire.com/collections/men-denim/products/regular-rinsed-grey Anyone have a pair? Thoughts? Reactions?
  13. blm14

    posts u regret

    also this one
  14. blm14

    posts u regret

    this one
  15. blm14

    TENRYO jeans

    Anyone heard of these guys? They have some really cool textiles that remind me of the purple face from PBJ: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/star-foot/item/tdp005/ Kind of unusual but I dig it
  16. blm14

    Kaufmann Mercantile

    Just discovered this site and figured it would be of interest to sufu. Lots of nifty high quality items including small collections of tools, menswear, furniture, accessories, and other goodies. Examples: https://www.kaufmann-mercantile.com/products/rancourt-and-co-x-km-leather-boots https://www.kaufmann-mercantile.com/products/soapstone-and-copper-covered-pot-small https://www.kaufmann-mercantile.com/products/italian-leather-covered-bike-chain-lock https://www.kaufmann-mercantile.com/products/handmade-leather-hip-bag
  17. blm14

    the lol wut threak

  18. blm14

    Levi's 501 Shrink to Fit (STF)

    wasn't sure whether to post in this one or the LVC... http://money.cnn.com/2015/05/29/technology/google-smart-clothing/ Now google will be able to map your fades
  19. blm14

    the lol wut threak

    http://shop.dvdasa.com/products/butthole-tshirt #fashion