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  1. Shoes that look better with age...

    Getting out my not-ungodly-hot-weather boots (it's Texas, I'm lucky if I can wear boots and jeans six months out of the year), finally. I've taken to wearing a rotation of Sanuks over the summer and my feet seem to have spread a bit, or I've become used to the relatively loose feeling. My 14EE White's SDs fit okay with plain cotton socks and probably better with some of my thin wool socks, but I'm doubtful they would be comfortable with heavier socks or after a day of walking. Thinking about ordering up another pair of SDs in F or FF - is it worth sending in a tracing of my foot to Baker or White's, or is the size difference between EE and F/FF usually small enough that I can lace tighter or wear bigger socks if necessary?
  2. Full Count Denim Thread

    FC seems to be the only brand that tapers relaxed/normal (0105/1101) cuts correctly, IMO (basing it on LVC legs of similar models - the '44/'55).
  3. Lighter is actually better for me - I live in Texas, the jeans window is relatively narrow to the lucky folk who live on the Pacific or up north.
  4. Weighing Fullcount 0105 and Roy RS04 - the Fullcounts are slightly lighter denim, narrower hem (but probably not enough to matter); The Roys have some crazy detailing and I dig the artisanship.
  5. Use KEH.com to check prices. Their BGN cameras are usually in much better condition than you'd expect - what a lot of Ebay sellers/etc. would call MINT LIKE NEW etc. My Hexar AF was listed as EXC (all they had at the time) and it looks spotless - even has the clear plastic on the bottom from the factory. I've been using a BGN Bronica SQ-A setup for 10 years now with no problems.
  6. Big Feet Having Ass Gentlemen Club

    Word. 13 double-fucking-E. It's not that hard, Red Wing.
  7. Iron Heart Jeans

    I keep looking at the 55-cut Ironheart UK is selling, but I can't pull the trigger on $400 plus hemming
  8. Big Feet Having Ass Gentlemen Club

    Size 11 sneakers != big feet 6'1" 13EE boots 14 sneakers my brother is 6'5" and wears size 16
  9. Plustek supposedly has a 120/35 dedicated scanner coming out. Haven't heard anything about price. I got a Plustek 7600i when B&H had them on sale (top of the line model under $300) - manual film advance, probably ~3000dpi real world resolution (I scan at 7200dpi with Vuescan then downsize in PS). Good deal on a 35mm scanner. Also have a Epson V700 for 120 negs. Works okay for those, I didn't have much luck with 35mm in the flatbed.
  10. Shoes that look better with age...

    robroy, those boots are amazing.
  11. Shoes that look better with age...

    I'm looking at a pair of Danner RAT boots for walking/hiking/work. I've read nothing but good reviews of them so far. Found a pair in my (odd) size on Ebay that are blems for 1/3 the usual price - a scuff on the toe and then one eyelet looks odd. Picture to follow, I can't tell if this could end up being a major issue with them, or if I could just put on a different/larger eyelet.
  12. Big point for MF is the ability to shoot in square. Love my trusty old Bronica SQ-A and the Rolleiflex I just picked up. 6x6 is my ideal format/ratio. You can crop digital or 35mm, of course, but it helps to see square in the viewfinder. Also enjoying a Hexar AF I picked up - enough that I'm probably going to sell my Leica M4 and Zeiss 35. Aside from the extra shutter speeds (which can be negated with a simple ND filter or slower film), I'm not finding anything I do where the Hexar can't equal the M4.
  13. Best Non-SLR digital camera

    Probably a model without the EVF or OVF - maybe they'll sell an add-on EVF or just assume buyers will be happy with the LCD screen. I hear Olympus might be debuting a 'pro' line of micro-4/3 with a built-in EVF. If the sensor improves even a little (cleaner 1600/3200, etc.) and it's priced closer to the NEX-7 than Xpro-1, that will be an interesting camera. I love the Panasonic 20mm for m4/3.
  14. Best Non-SLR digital camera

    Two very different animals. Fixed lens vs zoom, large compact sensor vs APS-sized, Hybrid viewfinder vs. optical-only (and then somewhat less useful than the OVF in the X100). The X10 didn't interest me - in a compact, I'd rather have something like the GRD4 (fixed, fast lens, small package). I'm very fond of my X100, even with its shortcomings (slow, slow operation without a UHS-1 card, slow AF), because it's as close to using my Hexar AF or Leica M4 as I've come in the digital realm.
  15. Best Non-SLR digital camera

    On the waiting list at my local camera shop for a XP1 + 35mm, hopefully can get the 17mm soon after. $2300 is pricey but not unreasonable - a NEX-7 plus Zeiss 24 is ~$2200, a GX1+EVF+25 'lux does come in ~$1600-1700, but I don't care for the EVF in the hot-shoe. If this system expands and builds, I can't imagine ever needing to buy into a DSLR system again. I trust Fuji more than either Sony or Panasonic. They've got a long history of great photographic products (film, medium-format cameras, sensors, etc., the X100 that I'm very fond of) and really seem to understand the desires of people who want a digital experience similar to film rangefinder/manual SLRs.