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Samurai Jeans


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Thanks gents! There was a chill in the air this morning when I watched my boy play his first football match this season so the 21oz with a sweatshirt came in handy. It doesn’t get much summer wear - great in autumn and winter though.

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Thats a sweet fade. 

The red thread on the patch is handsewn? Looks like a painstakingly detailed job with a needle. Very uniform.

I think it may be good to use a non-detergent “detergent” with a first wash in order to remove starches and such.

Woolite, any type of wash made for down fabrics (not the waterproofer) or a great product for all denim at all washes or bathtub soaks is this product:

ATSKO Sport Wash:


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Amazing denim evo indeed.


They deserve an eternal life for sure!!

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Sir, I'm not quite sure I can give direct links to online stores. But, I note that W34 OW is in DC4. W38, W40 OW is in the Czechs. I bought from the antipodes, in the store, the name of which begins on COR and ends on LECTION. :) But W33, W35 they no longer have. They also have the S211NBK.  

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 After soaking. As you can see, the shrinkage was significant. I was counting on a 5cm inseame, but it took almost 6.5cm. A bunch of folds near the crotch, but it's still uncrumpled denim. After the first soaking, some of the starch remains. The pants were standing. :)

The grail is not found again, but I am satisfied with these jeans by 85%. On almost all Japanese jeans, I have these corner folds near the crotch. Or do I have such a figure, or the Japanese do not know how to cut?









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Guys, someone can tell you the resources for the "Good Bay Last Year!" series so you can read the description, the pictures to look around with the hardware, the patch.
There is nothing to search through GOOGLE. Found a few links, but there is no necessary information.

I would like descriptions as on standard models. As far as I understood, these jeans offer to buy on subscription to members of the Japanese club SAMURAI JEANS (it is not clear just how they end up in Thai stores). I saw a couple of years ago such jeans on the Japanese page of the WEB-store of the company site. But he did not receive a response to the request for purchase. Should there be a website for fans from Japan with descriptions and photos of these issues?

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The old design looks more like Levi's. Yes they were forced, of course by Levi's. Here's an example of the old design



The waist will shrink around 2" but is stretchy. The inseam will lose up to 3" max.

Yep, that's the newer version of the same jeans.

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@Maynard Friedman It is pretty unique denim for sure, interesting hue, very flat, no irregularities to speak of and softened up quickly. They a feel almost like thick sweatpants at this point. Also an extremely tough fabric, only pair I own that has had significant wear but has required absolutely no repairs. I made these my dirty job pair early on so they have been through a lot. I wan't wild about this pair for quite a while but after I made them the beater pair I grew quite fond of them and at this point they are one of my favorite jeans, just took a while to come into their own. 

Pic of the denim when they were new for comparison sake 



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hope this is ok but after giving my Cadet pants (okayama denim exclusive) a hot soak, I learned the fit is not up my alley so I am selling them. Tag size 30; sold out at Okayama

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