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  1. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    My favorite timepiece!
  2. Samurai Jeans

    Which model is that of Samurai?
  3. Samurai Jeans

    Hello, can someone give me some more info about Samurai S511xx does not matter 15,16,17,19 oz because of measurement, silhouette etc. My big one is 34 at normal jeans. Which big should I buy 34 or 35?
  4. Samurai Jeans

    I bought the same model, but unfortunately number too big. Very nice jeans!
  5. Samurai Jeans

    Ordered right size, resend is not at the company!
  6. Pure Blue Japan

    I rub my patch with something bold.
  7. Samurai Jeans

    Thank you for the note, I will make
  8. Samurai Jeans

    Hi, I need some help. I got Samurai jeans and they're a bit too big. I wear 34 big, because of 24 oz I ordered in 35 large and find something too big. How should I proceed? Shall I wash hot or soak?
  9. Samurai Jeans

    OK. I'll do when I'm back! Thank you!
  10. Samurai Jeans

    Thank you, my friend, I am happy!
  11. Samurai Jeans

    Last week have arrived with me!
  12. Shoes that look better with age...

    Hello, Last week have arrived with me!
  13. Shoes that look better with age...

    Hello, Yes true, for 60/70 $ there is not "Made in USA" only China made!
  14. Sage

    I think so. Or do you suspect otherwise?
  15. Sage

    Yes I do !