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  1. I rub my patch with something bold.
  2. Thank you for the note, I will make
  3. Hi, I need some help. I got Samurai jeans and they're a bit too big. I wear 34 big, because of 24 oz I ordered in 35 large and find something too big. How should I proceed? Shall I wash hot or soak?
  4. OK. I'll do when I'm back! Thank you!
  5. Thank you, my friend, I am happy!
  6. Last week have arrived with me!
  7. Hello, Last week have arrived with me!
  8. Hello, Yes true, for 60/70 $ there is not "Made in USA" only China made!
  9. I think so. Or do you suspect otherwise?
  10. Yes I do !
  11. Today free, and nice weather! Sage Paramount 27 oz, Paul & Shark, Red Wing, Samurai Cap, Pure Blue Bandana.
  12. IRON HEART IHSH-62 INDIGO WABASH SHIRT XXL DENIM JAPAN For sale. If someone is interested, you can clarify everything by PN. Thank you in advance ! Best regards
  13. Hi, just returned from Indonesia package get!
  14. Hello, I have already ordered the week. Am I excited. Best regards Nasko http://www.heddels.com/2016/07/sage-4th-anniversary-the-paramount-27oz-sanforized-deep-indigo/
  15. Hi, today come from Japan! Samurai jeans of Shorts S310SP16