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Samurai Jeans


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6 hours ago, oomslokop said:

what is this, looks good

They are the S500AX 18OZ.

3 hours ago, Lazerr said:

@Tangem2 How was the shrinkage for you? The denim looked interesting, especially the fact that some of their homemade denim is mixed in . 

I havent soaked them yet but the sizing on these is very different from all of my other Samurai's. I got a 31 but normally wear a 33. Pre-soak they are just a touch loose in the waist so after wash and a few wears I think the fit will be good. Hope to get them soaked this week and added into the rotation soon.

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1 hour ago, Suitedupmon said:

Thanks for the link so surprised that is the first production of it ..as far as I can remembered the fabrics is 14-15 oz 

The 2nd production S7000vx RR is more desirable for me 17oz and the details selvedge is everywhere on that jeans ...I like it.

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36 minutes ago, thedapperdane said:

I am :-) thanks any word of advice when bidding on yahoo jp - it's my first time?

I received all my yahoo knowledge from @Double 0 Soul. I have never placed a bid on yahoo though, only outright bought something using Zenmarket.

I feel like other folks around here might know. Good luck! Hope you get them.

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^ I’ve tried combining shipping a few times, and it’s never been any cheaper than shipping items separately; actually, once the consolidation fee is included, it’s often more expensive.

If you’re waiting ‘til the end of the auction to bid, why not just use the sniper bid option?

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5 hours ago, thedapperdane said:

^^^^ thanks gents one more question @beautiful_FrEaK are these worth it's salt so to speak? 

Will you wear them? Then yes :D

deadstock pair below retail price is good. There are many proxy options. You don't have to use Buyer (which is pretty expensive as far as I remember). Check out Zenmarket or From Japan

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Samurai SIN18-01 Indigo Rope Dyed flannel, size XL. One wash. Impulse cop f/ OD. I saw this shirt a few years ago, and it was sold out in my size. I had always been intrigued by the colors, and don't own any Samurai shirts, so when I saw it on OD I caved. It's slim fit work shirt cut and is a little snug in the shoulders and chest. Otherwise a good fit overall. The asym pockets make my OCD twitch in the left side of my neck go up to 11, and there's a collar tab which I don't care for. But none of that matters... 

The fabric and the color!!! OMG!!! Pics don't do the colors justice. I'm nearly speechless. The contrast of the deep dark almost black indigo against the electric blue, how they're woven together, highlighted by cream and orange stitch lines is amazing. The stitch highlights are different widths depending on the direction and color. The weave is dense and has a rough texture. Not brushed and soft. Very different from TFH flannels which are looser weave and softer. This feels more sturdy and durable, less likely/prone to threads picking. Double layer elbow patch integrated into the cuff. Triple stitched seams. Obligatory chain stitch run-off. The pattern matching is spot on. 



















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@julian-wolf - this is the first and only (sa far) Samurai shirt I own. OD told me they re-ran this shirt for this season as a limited run. I guess it was 2 years ago that I saw this shirt, I thought it was longer. 

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Good stuff @mpukas. I did an instacop of the same shirt (same size too!). Its so amazing in colour. The Deep indigo/electric blue really pops accentuated by the white and tan stitching.


I also dig how thick the yarns used are. The only flannels I own to compare are an IH UHF and a Two Moons. I thought I was a snaps guy (I probably still am, but not the dealbreaker I thought). I'm excited to see how this ages too.

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