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  1. DeafKate

    UES Denim

    Looks great julian-wolf. Love the colorway, and the little change purse is a nice touch. Wish they did a western version with snaps. You buy direct from japaneseselvagejeans?
  2. DeafKate

    Interest check: Denimbridge contest

    That's like asking an artist to not sign their painting.
  3. DeafKate

    Interest check: Denimbridge contest

    Never done a contest before, but anything in the realm of OA02 has my interest, especially given that there's nothing specifically drawing my eye currently. Look forward to size charts.
  4. DeafKate


    Great shirt. the Labour Union stuff looks pretty swell. Mini-review?
  5. DeafKate

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Self Edge, History Preservation Associates and you can proxy through Denimio.