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  1. indigo_junkie

    The Flat Head

    Waist stretcher also comes in handy if you've put on a few pounds since your last wearing. ;) Esp with a pair you're reluctant to part with.
  2. indigo_junkie

    The Flat Head

    Waist bands are cut along the grain from a single piece of denim, is designed to allow a little stretch. The same can't be said of the leg of the jean. Even if you could get a clamp in there, you risk busting the outer seam of your jeans before you get any noticeable stretch. But you're right, the simplest option would be to buy jeans that fit in the first place.
  3. indigo_junkie

    The Flat Head

    Absolutely. Stretching the waist is not a solution to lack of research or bad purchasing decisions. But buying online, based on the measurements off a stock pair with the different ways a pair can be measured, if it turns out that all you just need to do is to stretch out the waist a little to make them a good fit, it's often times an easier solution than to resell.
  4. indigo_junkie

    The Flat Head

    Sorry, as this is a TFH thread. 5100XX 10th anniversary (the only pair of TFH I still own - now retired to the closet).
  5. indigo_junkie

    The Flat Head

    Homemade waist stretcher. Just mod a bar clamp. I got mine for about $11 at my local hardware store. It's been a life saver buying online. Just button up, stretch gently to desired width after washing (YMMV - depending on how good your hardware is. I haven't had a button break yet, but then again, I don't buy jeans with tin buttons). Let air dry. I follow the earlier advice and just purchase to thigh size (which you can't stretch out). I've had no problem stretching waist measurements to at least pre-soak widths. One caveat. Don't use this trick to size down on a straight fit in an attempt to make it a slim straight. Patterns are graded for a reason. If you want a slim straight jean, buy the right cut (ie. Don't cop a cheap pair in the wrong cut during a sale thinking you can just stretch the waist. Won't work, and now there's a ruined pair of KMW 2010 that's probably still hanging in a thrift store somewhere...)
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