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Full Count Denim Thread


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For what it's worth, the overall population is expected to decline in almost all major DMs, including the USA and Japan. So yes, working-aged populations will decline, but so will aggregate demand. Whether that's inflationary or deflationary is hard to say really.

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On 1/5/2023 at 10:03 PM, Ciabatta said:

Prices went up on Bears site… looks like $300+ for a new pair everywhere now. 

Received my new 0105 today. Price is on the tag, it is about $198 now.


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14 minutes ago, smoothsailor said:

How do you like these @Talan?

I like them a lot. The combination of the wide cut and the smooth denim is hard to beat. I'm waiting for the warm season to start wearing them actively. Right now, when the temperature is around zero, I wear jeans made of thicker fabric, like Boncoura and Iron Heart.

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3 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

Nearly bought the new FC1103 from Cultizm since they have a 25% off flash sale on most stuff...but then i asked myself "why?" and didn't pull the trigger. 

That is admirable restraint.

But the enabling we come here for. ;-)

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I've got a size 40 type 1 (2107), and 0105 (wide) jeans size 30 (chainstitch hemmed to 30.5") both one wash NWT in my closet. 

Realizing I may not get to them, if anyone is looking for either of those pieces I may let them go for near JPY retail. I'm not aggressively looking to sell but I don't like having new pieces on ice really, so will ship them out if it's worth it. 

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I have a pair of FC still in the packaging stashed in the cupboard ( and never had good experience when ordering from cultizim)

9 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

See it rather as a hint to get a discount. For you the VAT is also deducted, another 19% off.


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