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Full Count Denim Thread


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I've searched around and found that there isn't really a dedicated thread for this brand. Since I've got some decent wear on mine, I can finally show how they wear over time.

the rise is high, the fit is loose, but they are damn comfortable and the construction/cotton is top notch. i haven't felt any jeans better.... yet. warehouse?

model: 1101, 14oz zimbabwean cotton, 10 months

(stolen from evo thread)



let's see whoever else has em!

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My dear trusted travelling pants. Now retired from travelling. They've gone through many operations, someday I will take closeups of my (sometimes quite hideous) patching work.

The true color is something beetween first and last photo. I bought them years ago second hand and have put maybe 1 year worth of wear on them. Lot. 0106 (501xx cut) discontinued. Funny, but these jeans got me to superfuture, in a way.




edit: chris, could you post fit pics, I've been thinking of buying those 1101's for my new travelling pants :)

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how much does full count usually cost?


just checked the site and in case anyone else was wondering thsoe 1108's were running 23,904 yen which is about $196.

but now my question is how much would buying a pair run you total including service from japan? unless there is a us dealer somewhere, is there?


just checked blue in green and they are priced at 225 USD, the only one they carry is the 1108.

its amazing what a little bit of searching can do

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damnit why did you have to make a thread like this! do you have a picture of 1101 on? I was just about to pull the trigger on some 1108's but now I'm thinking I might like 1101 better. damnit i'm all mixed up. I was having a hard time deciding between eternal 872's and 1108's (I know their different) but i decided on fullcounts, but I never really considered 1101's... :(

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chris - where did you get your full counts from?

i got them from VMC in zurich while i was visiting last summer. super awesome guys over there. I think i paid around uhhhh $260 US or so for them.

fit pics, uhhhhhh i don't know if i have any at the moment, i don't really take pics of myself

but here's the closest thing i could find


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wow those look interesting, any more info on them? links?


(poor) Translation:

"With the same type as fixed turn 1108, the jeans which are made with the sweat denim of 14oz.

With the material which uses the sweat thread for the warp and replaces to the denim,

Although starting causing unique expression, the feeling which it will be secure it is and it is the denim.

The one where wearing with む thing it changes densely in the software, wears and pursues also feeling.

There is セルヴィッジ with the power loom and it is the one to which FULLCOUNT adhered."

Basically, 1108's with warp thread replaced by sweatpant material. I like them...nice to see a company that knows how to make decent denim experiment with new materials.

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poking around rakuten, some nice and slim full count, 1653 model

somebody translate it! :)


Super-slim jeans that have the same silhouette as #1616, the slimmest of all full count jeans.

They're almost straight, but it gets tighter around the knees and flare out just a bit around the hem. This cut will make your legs look longer.

Since they're using lower-priced denim than #1616, the price is very reasonable.

Thus, rivets, such as the ones around the coin pocket, are excluded.

But even though they' might not be at the same level as full count's standard zimbabwe cotton, the denim quality is still very high and you could enjoy nice color fades.

This is a great bargain for people not too concerned about elaborate details.







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very nice! but unfortunately i think i do care for the elaborate details... :(

looks like i'll have to fork out for something more expensive in their range. i love scrounging about rakuten. the variety (and the guesswork) is exciting.

yeah, i hear you. it seems like it's worth forking out another 30-40 bucks to get the details you want. especially, if you were planning to wear them for a year or so.

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