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  1. Lalafufu

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Oo down by 2 it is then
  2. Lalafufu

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Is Full Count's Super Rough Slub fabric loosely or tightly woven? Debating whether to size down by 2 or 1
  3. Were the original jeans worn by goldminers and made by Levi’s slubby?
  4. Lalafufu

    Imperial Jeans

    Looking forward to seeing what makes them different! yep heard the founder/s retired to pursue a career in law if final, this release should be extra special.
  5. Lalafufu

    Imperial Jeans

    Natural as in both the weft and warp will be dyed with natural indigo? so a bluexblue jean
  6. Lalafufu

    Imperial Jeans

    What colors will these guys be? Just the standard indigo warp x white/grey/beige weft? love imperial’s wing design for the back pockets
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