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  1. Lalafufu

    Italian denim vs. japanese denim

    Nice Looks like a future pair for me
  2. IndigoxIndigo vs IndigoxBlack how does the end look differ once both have faded?
  3. Lalafufu

    Samurai Jeans

    How did you make a black pair of jeans fade so well?!
  4. Who came up with black jeans and made them a thing I’m azzuming those jeans we see on laborers in vintage black & white photos are indigo and that black jeans came later
  5. Point taken. I currently don’t use belts
  6. Even when sized correctly [waist stretch an inch with wear] my jeans will go closer to my hips throughout the day this natural sag results in diaper butt I run religiously and have an ectomorph physique. Lean with an Asian booty Can diaper butt be eliminated in the future with higher rise jeans?
  7. Lalafufu

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Update I have the jeans now I’m happy with the starting waist measurement. Half an inch less than what I was told this should allow for the standard 1 inch stretch. thank you all for the help!
  8. Lalafufu

    Iron Heart Jeans

    I see I see. I’m not used to low tension black denim will try these jeans on myself to see if I like the starting waist measurement thanks for all the help everybody!
  9. Lalafufu

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Super black fade to grey sbg fabric how to tell if a fabric is tightly or loosely woven?
  10. Lalafufu

    Iron Heart Jeans

    yes exactly limit the stretch to only half an inch. I'm low body fat without a gut and at most lightly walk in my jeans I was thinking IH don't stretch as much due to the tight weave & thicker denim.
  11. Lalafufu

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Can I expect a pair of iron hearts to stretch only half an inch if the starting waist measurement is half an inch less than what my jeans stretch to?
  12. What’s industry standard for variance in waist measurement half inch?
  13. What makes some jeans HAIRIER than others?!
  14. How to tell if jeans have a looser weave? And do looser weaves stretch more?
  15. I would hype myself up in the past for Tanuki releases. Then see them irl and accept they aren’t for me. The details for the design look too cute and lead to a cartoonish looking jean if you’re Seattle BlueOwl has a great relationship with Tanuki and stocks a ton of them!
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