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  1. Same here what happened to the imperial release the highly anticipated and most delayed denim
  2. best arcs in the game imo
  3. amazing I like the blue stitching that accents the different parts of the jeans would love a pair myself. Samurai you and your limited runs
  4. anyone go true to your waist size on a 0605? how does it fit compared to size down 1 from your waist 0605?
  5. Here's to them being as SEXI as advertised! They have been pushed back to June?! When preview?
  6. We have been April fooled still looking forward to seeing what they look like. When I was a brand new kid to the game I loved Imperial’s arcs is this a slim straight fit? I like leg openings in the 7” to 7.25” range
  7. hehehehehehehe Imperial Resurrection is upon us
  8. Is Full Count's Super Rough Slub fabric loosely or tightly woven? Debating whether to size down by 2 or 1
  9. Were the original jeans worn by goldminers and made by Levi’s slubby?
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