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Superdenim community sale thread

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I thing purges are a great thing. Recently have been through a bit of one after a big move but it does leave space that wants to be filled (trying to resist). 

I’m not looking for anything specific these days, but if I recall you’re a size 40, so I am curious. I’m not a leather guy, nor a collared shirt guy really (or let’s say I have what I need and get no joy from such items) - so I guess that means jumpers, sweats/long sleeve tees, regular tees and light jackets are generally what I’d be curious about. If you’re a 30 (ish) for bottoms and have chinos or corduroys I could be interested as well. 

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8 hours ago, Duke Mantee said:

Thanks Doc … I guess I wouldn’t be too bothered if I didn’t sell anything and by the same token I’d be equally nonplussed if I sold more than I expect 

Thank you … unfortunately it’s all Size 17 though

I would love a 'new' shirt or two.

I'm a size 17" collar, about 23" pit to pit (could get away with 22.5") and about 18.5" shoulders. Arms roughly 25".

Let me know if you have anything when you've decided and we'll go from there :)

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On 1/29/2023 at 3:53 PM, Dr_Heech said:


Faithful replica of the S506XX made during WW2, manufacturered in the summer of 2016 by the Conners Sewing factory. This jacket is an earler rendition of the s506xx repros made by CSF - The 'One Rock' tab and inside stamp ( jacket '#101' ) are evidence of this. Other unique features are the one piece sleeves and a T-back construction, which are rarer on original s506xx than the usual two piece grafted sleeves and single panel backs.

The jacket has been gently worn and loved but has a whole lifetime still ahead of it. But it's not getting much love from me, so maybe it's time to pass it on? Beautiful denim only just starting to crock in some places.

Approx measuements are:

Pit to pit (pleats not extended) = 22"/56cm

Shoulder to shoulder = 20"/51cm

Shoulder to cuff = 24 3/4"/63cm

Collar seam to base = 24"/61cm

Still a bit of shrinkage left maybe as it's only had a few hot soaks and 2 machine washes with 1 proper spin (?)


Price was £280 but now down to £250 plus postage/shipping to wherever you live.

Thanks for looking!






















Price drop - now £250 +P&P



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On 5/14/2022 at 8:00 PM, Dr_Heech said:

For sale, Warehouse 1927 model.

Size 34x32. Duck digger denim. Washed twice and worn gently/infrequently evenings and weekends for 3 months. Some loose cotton on pocket openings.  Prefer the 1922 cut these so they are still up for sale. Approximate measurements are-

Waist 34"

Inseam 31.5"

Front rise 12"

Back rise 15"

Thigh across 12.5"

Hem across  9"


More photos/details on request.

Cost £270,  will sell for £100 (plus postage/shipping).





Bumping these bad boys. A hundred quid for a pair of late 1920's Warehouse repros, l must be mad.


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Ok here’s a batch - all Size 17


A: Sag Harbour #1333006 Vintage Cotton 50% / Wool 50% Serge - Royal Blue

B: Greaser #1623021 Vintage Lightweight Yarn Dyed Twill - Yellow Beige 

C: Swamper #1623008 Vintage Indigo Grained Stripe Chambray

D: Swamper #1623008 Vintage Indigo Grained Check Chambray

E: Greaser #1623021 Vintage Lightweight Yarn Dyed Twill - Raw White

F: Chanute #1333003 Original Wool Ombre Check - Burgundy x Bordeaux

G: Locomotive Fireman #1223005 Vintage Check Cotton 50% / Linen 50% - Indigo

H: Lange #1233006 Original Wool Gunclub Check - Khaki × Mocha

All in VG to Excellent condition - any fair offers will be considered 

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Posted (edited)

Selling a few things that either don’t fit or I don’t wear 

I have a pair of OOE Yofukuten x S&S Santa Fe 0A01 tagged sz 36 


waist 16.5'' (laid flat)

front rise 12'' (from crotch seam intersection to top of waist band)

knee 9.5' 

hem 9"

inseam 30'' (from crotch seam to hem)


they got a paint stain on the leg

I put a quarter on the paint for reference

$130 plus shipping and fees 


Clinch Yeager boots in natural rough out 

Sz 11 

$800 plus shipping and fees 



DM me if interested
















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added measurements

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Posted (edited)

YMC x Moonstar Black High Tops.

UK size 10. Unworn - tried on - New in Box. 

I paid £97 + Shipping for these. 
Asking £75 + Shipping of your choice. 

DM for details  thanks

Link to YMC x Moonstar



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Posted (edited)
On 2/14/2023 at 1:01 PM, indigoeagle said:

Another sizing problem :D
Selling a new unworn pair of Two Moon Chinos/WestPoint Trousers in W34, made in Japan
These fit a bit small, thus too small for me. I wear mostly 34, so these probably will fit you best, if you normally wear 32 (please see measurements below).

I bought them at this shop:
The colour is like on the pictures there.

There seem to be different versions. This is the 529.

Measurements:(BIG method)
Waist- 42cm (16.54 inches)
Front Rise- 28cm (11.02 inches)
Back Rise- 37cm (14.57 inches)
Hem Width- 22cm (8.66 inches)
Inseam- 83cm (32.68 inches)

These shouldn't shrink.

More infos on the Mushman blog: http://blog.mushmans.com/?eid=2246

Looking for EUR 135+ shipping. Shipping from Germany

Some pics
In the 3rd pic on the right- the twill doesn't look that extreme in reality. I guess, it's some interference phenomenon.
It's a pretty normal RHT.












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On 2/1/2023 at 11:57 AM, indigoeagle said:

New Cushman Type II size 40 raw, made in Japan


This pic is from Barnstormers, where I had bought it.


I'm selling a new 50's Cushman type 2 denim jacket in 40.



Here is a blog post by the top884 shop. The jacket seems to be sold out there, but they still have the pants in some sizes.

A pic from the blog post


Thanks for looking

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8634045B-7C1E-413C-BDD6-EE43AD5945C6.thumb.jpeg.cd8046f670ffd7c6725a95c792ca762f.jpeg419075D6-7276-4452-9CAB-4F3D25F8ECC0.thumb.jpeg.f5c6f6121eb6437f3e2fe8d126beddb7.jpegVery nice Denime shirt from the Shins era, bought many years ago from PSA for $350. Only worn once for a few hours as it’s too small for me.

It’s a pullover with a nice zipper on the side. Beautiful denim -one wash and slightly distressed.it’s been stored in my closet for over 12 years.

shoulders- 17.5, chest-21.75, sleeve-25.25, height-30.5.

I’d like to get $240 plus shipping from US, but I’ll take offers5C371E4A-30D9-4DAB-B1C9-7482451722C2.thumb.jpeg.bed65faa20e6ac0209e5696de0ba4464.jpeg13F01536-CF73-4920-A8D0-60E809DB4EF3.thumb.jpeg.b7de41b4120e9cf306c2d3e748c5d13a.jpeg



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Mister Freedom Mulholland Master sz 42 in Indigo jungle cloth, worn just a couple times (like new). Asking $900 shipped in the US (open to shipping internationally as well, but I would need to price it out based on the country you are in)




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On 2/18/2023 at 6:18 PM, mlwdp said:

I hate having to part with this shirt but I just don’t wear it like I used to.  I wrote a story about this shirt in the Denim blunders thread.  Kuma from Jelado helped with sizing.


Jelado “starry gate” Vincent shirt bought back in 2018 from Jelado.  Professionally dry cleaned.  Size XL but fits like a large.  Send me an offer if you’re interested.  







Here’s the measurements 

Shoulders 47cm
width 57cm
length 72.5cm
sleeve length 67cm

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Right, here goes. I need to sell the following, don’t make me go to eBay! Further clarification, photos, etc available on request:

Denime Tokyo Edition size W32 L37 - SOLD

  • One wash unworn condition, 12.5oz special weave denim
  • Produced circa 2005 under Shins ownership and were only available from the now closed Sendagaya store

Measurements BiG style

  • Waist (aligned): 31.75”
  • Front rise: 11”
  • Back rise: 14.5”
  • Thigh (at crotch): 12.5”
  • Inseam: 35”
  • Hem: 8”





Studio D’artisan SD-101 size W32 - £140 plus shipping

  • BNWOT, raw and unworn, flagship 15oz denim, blue selvedge ID
  • Bought in 2010 from the now closed Superdenim.co.uk

Measurements BiG style

  • Waist (aligned): 33.5”
  • Front rise: 11.5”
  • Back rise: 15”
  • Thigh (at crotch): 13.5”
  • Inseam: 35”
  • Hem: 9”





LVC 1966 size W32 L34 - £200 plus shipping

  • BNWT and raw
  • Cone denim, made in USA, 2015

Measurements BiG style

  • Waist (aligned): 33”
  • Front rise: 11.5”
  • Back rise: 15.5”
  • Thigh (at crotch): 12.5”
  • Inseam: 33.75”
  • Hem: 8.3”




LVC 1976 size W32 L34 - £200 plus shipping

  • BNWT and raw
  • Cone denim, made in USA, 2016

Measurements BiG style

  • Waist (aligned): 33” 
  • Front rise: 12”
  • Back rise: 15.25”
  • Thigh (at crotch): 12.75”
  • Inseam: 33.75”
  • Hem: 8.5”




LVC 1880s Triple Pleat blouse size 40/M - £300 plus shipping

  • BNWT and raw
  • Cone denim, made in USA, 2016. I mis-sized on this, gutted


  • Chest (P2P): 21”
  • Shoulder: 19.5”
  • Back length (base of collar to bottom of waistband): 22”
  • Sleeves (outer - shoulder to bottom of cuff): 24”
  • Sleeves (inner - armpit to bottom of cuff): 19”




Edited by Maynard Friedman

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Raw LVC 501XX 1933 made in USA 38x38


Waist 49cm

Front rise 34cm

Back rise 45cm

Inseam 93cm

Hem 25,5cm


300$ + shipping











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Roy “OG” jeans. Not sure when these were made, got them off eBay years ago and that is what the seller said. Have a thick older patch. 
The seller didn’t know or disclose that the waist had been modified as some point, and I didn’t notice either until I took the time to look. You can’t tell from the outside. I’d keep them myself but they are too small. 
W- 14.75

Fr- 9.5

RR- 14.25

Thigh 2 inches down- 10.75

Knee 13 inches down- 8

Hem- 7.25

Length- 35.5

I forgot to take a overall photo of the back. Minimal fading and in great shape all around, the only issue is the waist and you can really only tell from the inside. There are no other modifications I can find. Happy to provide any photos you’d like. Thinking 200 shipped in the us.






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DE037CC9-49C3-482C-80CB-BFF033A910B6.thumb.jpeg.9c6dfe678741f6ef33a3ace31284f87c.jpeg5B90986F-3D08-430D-8CA6-3DF86E20F422.thumb.jpeg.ac1242f7fd9a815e325d53361a9fa3ac.jpegCA805330-E075-48FC-AE93-EDBEEBCB8A87.thumb.jpeg.21f5b115fbf34887939b1b5852b5d47d.jpegEA5F8484-D566-4228-9355-CF5743B308CC.thumb.jpeg.4d8a45db6aeb90c64072655e6cbd1806.jpegDenim pullover made in Japan modeled after Levi’s Closed Front Jumper. Never worn ,just soaked to remove shrinkage.

Chest- 25.5
Sleeve- 24.5
Height- 31.5
asking $160 plus shipping

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