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Superdenim community sale thread


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Re Classifieds.

Yes, I would post there.

Although as @Double 0 Soul mentioned, I don’t visit any of the other parts of the forum outside Superdenim so would need a change in my habit. Plus, I get the feeling it may be swamped by items for sale that I have no interest in, such as 3D printed Acronym trousers and Rick Owens leather ponchos, etc so would be harder to navigate.

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@Double 0 Soul Keeping the sales pitches out of the brand threads makes sense. It's the same on the supertechwear threads. I still maintain we need some new mods to be nominated on superdenim who can help starting to tidy this up [at least with mod powers to be able to monitor threads] - for example basic stuff like hiding posts and enlightening members as to their posting etiquette.🙅‍♂️  There hasn't been any functioning mods on here in years... largely because it seems to be very well self monitored.

I don't really have any idea about whether things sell or not on here - or anywhere else... but I think it's probably worth aiming to make the platform work efficiently for the purpose. One thing though about Classified system is it has clear options for wanting to Buy Sell or Trade... and @Maynard Friedman ---> it is categorized by Brands (already inputted) so it could actually be better to navigate. The posts also get posted to the Activity feed and are further summarized in the (locked) Supermarket forum. As you know, that was locked years ago as it got so out of control when the site was much busier. We could always unlock it though that sort of defeats the purpose of Classifieds.🤷‍♂️ Anyway - just thinking of new options and ways to improve things now that a lot of the other tech shit has been cleaned up [and I have some rare free[er] time]. 

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Buzz Rickson's original spec chinos in black

Bought from Junky's but don't fit (I wear a 32 in the 1945 style but 32 are too small in these)

Only tried on, BNWT

Bought for Y19,580, which is £107 today, plus shipping and fees.

£90 plus postage


Buzz Rickson's chino 1.jpg

Buzz Rickson's chino 2.jpg

Buzz Rickson's chino 3.jpg

Buzz Rickson's chino 4.jpg

Buzz Rickson's chino 5.jpg

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Still got this Flat Head heavyweight flannel in size L/40 for sale!

Very good condition and has been very sparingly worn.

Dropping the price to 150 usd!

Shipping from Sweden, but I'll gladly write down value and mark as gift to avoid customs and fees!


- Shoulder: 49 cm / 19,3 inches

- Chest: 53 cm / 20,9 inches

- Back length: 69 cm / 27,2 inches

- Sleeve length: 62 cm / 24,4 inches







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For sale: Roy RT1002 Roy Tapered Cone Mills Black Seed Denim, tagged 30. 

Bought these on eBay about 5 years ago, but never wore them myself. They seem to have been hemmed to around 30". I wish I could provide better measurements, but I don't have a tape measure here. The jeans have been worn, maybe 10 times, but look like they've never been washed. 

Is $500 a fair asking price? 





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For sale: please pm for further pictures and measurements  - can ship wherever

Pallet  Life Story Painters Jacket £150 +Posage - Large (Japanese large, fits Medium on me) 


Chest 22.5” 56.5cm

Shoulder 18” 46cm (approx) 

Length 29.5” 75cm

Sleeve (raglan) 30” 76cm from collar

Mastersons LS-2 Shirt - Handmade - Medium - Cone chambray - £89.99+Posage


Chest 21” 53cm

Shoulder 18” 46cm

Length 28.25” 71cm

Sleeve 25” 63.5cm

Mastersons Indigo Shirt (can’t remember the name) Handmade - Medium £69.99+Postage

Chest 21.5” 54.5cm

Shoulder 18” 46cm

Length 28.75” 73cm

Sleeve 25.5” 65cm


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Eastman Leather Co Wabash shirt sz16.5/XL

PtP - 21.5

Shoulder - 18.5

Length - 29.5

Sleeve - 25

overall a slimmer fitting shirt. 8oz Wabash indigo twill. Really nice fabric. Just a little too slim on me. Handful of wears and one wash and dry.

Link to S&S

$150 obo


Samurai s520xx 21oz sz32

Waist - 16.5

FR -11.5

BR - 15.5

Th - 13

K - 8.5

LO - 7.35

Inseam - 30

Purchased in April ‘23, worn off and on for a few months. Hemmed. Washed and dried twice. Great jeans but the fit was never perfect for me. 


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On 8/5/2023 at 9:42 PM, Flash said:


Conners S406XXX  ww2 





£250 plus shipping 


Chest 21 

Back length 24

Sleeve 23 

price dropped 

Conners sewing factory s409xxx ww2  still available 

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Selling a black Rainbow Country Hercules jacket size 44


This one has a cotton rayon lining rather than the usual melton wool. 

I was able to get a size 46 so selling this one. Happy to sell it outside of eBay.

I’m In USA but open to international sales. DM me if you want any other pics or info. 

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I have sadly developed Morton's neuroma and can't wear my beloved Russell Moccasins x Nepenthes chukkas, size US 9/UK8/EU 42.

Roughout Laramie leather uppers in near perfect condition, rawhide laces. Christy soles, some life left in them but resoling down the line should not be difficult. I would say fit is true to Brannock size, probably a D width, with medium weight socks. Have always used shoe trees.

If you're in Europe, here is the listing on another site, with right-side-up photos. https://www.vinted.fr/items/3748186772-chukka-moccasins-russell-x-nepenthes-new-york-engineered-garments

Asking 200 Euros/190 pounds/$220 US etc. Paypal, Wise transfer etc. I think shipping from France should be about 30 euros w/in Europe, we can split. North America...maybe 50 euros, maybe less?

Really, these are forever shoes so looking for a new caretaker. (i.e., SuFu discount...) Shoot me a PM and let's talk chukkas.., Do I know why these photos are upside down? I do not!




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Some things I have for sale. DM if interested/if you want more pics! Prices include shipping in CONUS.

UES Heavy Flannel Shirt, Forest Green, Size 3 (M/L) $130

Heavy flannel comparable in weight to heavy shirts from Iron Heart, Flat Head. Excellent condition with no issues.

  • Shoulders 18
  • Chest 21
  • Arms 25.5
  • Length 27.5



Freenote 9 oz. Heavyweight Tee, Sky Blue, Size S $45

There are a couple of loose threads at the bottom of the pocket. Otherwise, like new.

  • Shoulders 18
  • Chest 20.5
  • Length 27.75


Merz B Schwanen 2-thread T Shirt, Mint Green, 6/L $40

Small hole in the fabric near the hem stitching on the right side.

  • Shoulders 17.5
  • Chest 20
  • Length 27


Gitman Short Sleeve Button Down, Light Green, S, $65

Nice lightweight S/S shirt from Gitman. Barely worn, no issues.

  • Shoulders 17.5
  • Chest 20.25
  • Length 29


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Freewheelers Ironalls ecru chambray in size 17.  Worn 3/4 times. 

I'm usually a 17 in most shirts but found this a touch too snug for me

It's a great shirt so selling because I got lucky and found a 17.5.  They sold out ages ago

Shoulders 47cm / Pit to Pit 58 cm / Arm 62 cm

DM me if interested.  I'm in the UK.

20231120 Ironalls Size 17.jpeg

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Pallet Life Story 15oz Narrow 5 Pocket Jeans, Large $105 shipped CONUS. Besides the knees these do not show much fading and no real creases/combs. Just a bit too slim of a cut for my liking these days.


~33" waist aligned, ~27" inseam (chainstiched) and ~7" leg opening


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On 8/5/2023 at 9:42 PM, Flash said:

Got some freewheelers stuff for sale 

As well as selling im also interested in trade/part trade for heavily worn jeans ( size 30 to 32 in in 30's to 50's fits ) ,not busted rags , just nicely faded so send me a message if you want to work something out 



Freewheelers vest 



Chest  20 

Back length  24.5 


Conners S406XXX  ww2 





£270 plus shipping 


Chest 21 

Back length 24

Sleeve 23 


Conners jacket now priced at £230 and ill split the cost of postage with you ( free in the UK )

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