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    I haven't seen any fade pictures of TCB black denim, possibly because...after 2 + months of 3x week wear, my black slim 50s aren't showing any fades. Tough stuff, even after a soak. They are about due for a wash (next week, possibly) so maybe some wear will emerge. Will post pix if it does. OTOH, the denim has become exceptionally soft, and I'm still sticking to my original assertion that sizing will return mostly to raw after a soak. It's kind of stretchy. Debating between a cold or warm wash; but will hang dry, for now.
  2. peter1

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    Can recommend the TCB slim 50s in black (black/white, not black/black). See my review on P. 121 of TCB thread. tl;dr : I'd compare the fit to a tapered, lower-rise 501, which I guess is the point. room in top block and thighs, but rise is on the lower side of medium. Raw version shrank just a little, so eyeball measurements closely. They are definitely vanity sized in that a 32 measures 34 waist...denim is not too heavy, maybe 13.5 oz. Can't report on fading as I've only worn them half-dozen times so far, but have high hopes...
  3. peter1


    If the raw version is any indication, won't shrink that much with hot soak, but this is just one data point. @i_denim
  4. peter1


    Hello, longtime lurker, first time poster. I've just received the black slim 50s in raw, and here are some initial impressions: --I sized down, sort of. Natural waist is 34 inches, but note that 32 in raw measures about that, so went with 32. Definitely was plenty big in the waist. --Did a hot soak to get most of the shrinkage dispensed with. Post-soak measurements were 33.5 waist, 33.5 length, 7.25 leg opening. The waist has basically stretched back to as-delivered after wearing for a day. I would say that if you want a tight fit you could even size down 2. I will probably do a machine wash at some point in the near future to get out any last shrinkage, as the length is a bit long and I'd rather not pay for hemming. Lots of dye loss during the soak, fwiw. And it's black...no transfer to the hands, however. --Fit: Kind of neither this nor that (not in a bad way). It's not a 501 anti-fit, but the top block is plenty roomy -- but note that the rise is on the low side of medium (fine with me, I prefer lowish rise). I'm a cyclist so the room around the haunches and thighs is definitely appreciated. The lower legs are definitely slim -- this is a modern fit rather than a repro. Overall, I think it would work for maybe 60 percent of body types, but depends how you want to style it. --denim: would say, slightly hairy but only just. The fabric is a bit lighter weight than I would expect for 13.8 oz. Feels more like 13 or maybe even less. But then I'm used to heavier denim. --details: black thread rather than orange should make for an interesting contrast once some fades appear. Interestingly a bit of surface corrosion appeared on the buttons after the hot soak. Overall, I'm pretty impressed. There aren't many white warp/black weft (or is it the other way round?) raw jeans out there, period. I'm hoping for some high contrast fades so will give these a good 2-3x week wearing this winter. If these develop the way I'd like I may try them in indigo as I'll be in the market soon.