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  1. peter1

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    I had that logo on a Nike shirt i bought around 1979/80, one of the first things I bought with my own money when I was about 12 years old. I wore that shirt to rags. Recall that Nike was an upscale, niche brand then. They basically had two-three models, the waffle trainer, leather b-balls and the canvas tennies with the foam filled tongue.
  2. peter1

    Shoes that look better with age...

    I have a pair of similar Russells, a Nepenthes collab from about 10 years ago with a Christy sole. Two points: The toe box is not huge, and the leather is burly, so don’t expect meaningful stretch. I’d suggest TTS or going up a half size if you have long toes.
  3. peter1


    It's well worth a visit. If I recall it's not far from the Saint Paul metro?
  4. peter1

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    I like those. They look like a fusion of Jack Purcells, Bensimons and Spring Courts...
  5. peter1

    home-made jeans

    Very nice -- I especially like the belt loop arrangement. I know it's not historically correct but moving the loops to either side of the center seam makes for a cleaner line when wearing a belt, avoids the uncomfortable bulge and reduces stress on the center loop. Although Calvin Klein might sue you for those arcs...
  6. peter1


    that is true. but even the CCP is getting it good right now. I was talking to a buy-side analyst the other day who almost convinced me that that a banking crisis like Lehman Bros was much worse than a natural-event driven one like Covid-19. Ideally I'd be an artist with a home studio and 200k euros in the bank...
  7. peter1


    Friday afternoon, boss told us 25% percent pay cut across the board (company wide), but the good news: "our business unit will survive" -- but how long, no one knows. Amazing how fast it all turned to shit. I feel fortunate all things considered but ask me again in 2-3 months. Anyway, if it's any consolation...and I think it is...the pain is pretty much universal. Ain't nobody except epidemiologists thinking this is a good thing.
  8. peter1

    Denim Repair

    I’ve had my daughter repair the bottoms with canvas and her sewing machine, but it’s the complete separation from the denim at the attachment point that is the real problem...
  9. peter1

    Denim Repair

    Question for you or any repair experts: I always blow out the pocket bag, because I'm a "hands in pocket" kind of guy, fiddling with cellphone etc...I have a couple of pairs of denim with total pocket failure, both at the bottom and at the top, where they attach to the denim. Have been dithering on whether to send them off for what is probably a pretty costly repair, with uncertain results. How are the pockets replaced? is the waistband chainstitch opened up, as well as the front seams? (Assuming that's the case). And what is a resonable price to pay? I'd probably pay no more than 50 euros but maybe that's way too low? TIA
  10. peter1


    I don't think you can minimize the potential effects of this. The rate of infection is probably over 50 percent by now in Iran, which would mean 40 million people. The problem is that many if not most of those infected have no or minimal symptoms. At some point in the next year or so everyone will get it; just hoping we can slow the spread so as to not overwhelm heath care... Anyway, to keep this on track, breaking in my almost new TCB Type II while I self quarantine in my home office...
  11. peter1


    Excellent pickup. I just washed mine yesterday and was noting how well they've held up for the past 3 years or so. I know that Orslow's designs are kind of boring, but the fabrics and construction are top notch. Especially the construction -- I haven't even had a button come off any of my Orslow pants. If you like the fatigues I'd also suggest the cargo pants and the New Yorkers.
  12. ^^That's really nice. The hidden placket is like the french ones I have, to avoid scratches etc. I'd shorten the sleeves by a few inches and wear a sweatshirt underneath. Regarding that Adolph LaFont one -- it looks sorta NOS to me. The reason I say that is most, if no all, "laboreurs" here have switched to more durable and practical work garments than a cotton moleskin coat. In fact I don't think I've ever seen any blue-collar workers wearing blue collars in the past few years...so anything new is most likely going to be a repro or re-interpretation. Vetra is nice, too, although I don't feel like it offers an upgrade over NOS or lightly-used vintage, whereas Le Mont St. Michel is comparable to a Buzz Rickson flight jacket in quality and materials.
  13. The newer ones are 5 euros at any French thrift store, but you have to do a lot of the fading yourself. I have a couple that I use for painting etc. The true vintage (70s and older) ones are in the 30-40 euro range, and some even more. Have a rummage through this http://www.lelaboureur.fr/accueil2.html for the real stuff. I have one of the vestes en laine...fabulous. Like wearing a sheep that just walked through briars. For a luxe version try Le Mont St. Michel. https://lemontsaintmichel.fr/en/men-workwear-jacket-bomber-72 Really nice quality, worth the money IMO. Although this is a little silly: https://lemontsaintmichel.fr/en/men-coats-jackets/vintage-washed-work-jacket-1243-.html#/color-blue There are a million different versions of these jackets but since it's so easy to get one from France, why not?
  14. peter1


    I will say "it depends." I have 6 pairs of the fatigues (both slim and regular) in various fabrics, and all are size 3, but depending on the fabric they fit differently. I wear a 32/33 in most brands, including TCB and APC, I also shoot for a waist around 17 inches. If you are looking at the heavy sateen, that has loosened up a bit with wear -- I could have probably squeezed into a 2. But I have a pair of wool serge fatigues in which the 3 is bordering on tight, and heavy cotton herringbone that are so loose that I have to tighten the side buttons. I'd lean toward a 3 -- they're fatigues and meant to fit a bit more relaxed,
  15. peter1


    A lot of sectors are in trouble. I work in automotive in Europe. The 80 percent drop in Chinese auto sales is not helping, to say the least. I moved on to bricks after the 240 GLT blew a turbo (non intercooled). 740s/940s are just...ok. Recent Volvos leave me cold though the V series interior is best in class.
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