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  1. peter1


    An ultra-slim 50s's denim isn't really what I had in mind, either. But if it sells, as noted above, more the better. I guess I've been living in a cave but I thought tight jeans weren't popular anymore and all the cool kids were wearing dad jeans.
  2. peter1

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    The article was quite good and debunks a few myths about raw denim. Doesn't talk about initial soaking, though -- I'm a believer in a hot soak to get extra dye out in the tub rather than on your white oxford shirts and tan suede boots...
  3. peter1


    This is where I had a problem. They didn't send me the measurements for my particular pair of slim 50s. but you can be sure when I paid 28 euros in return shipping that I made them do so! My fault partly by not insisting. It's one of the reasons that so many people are turned off by raw/artisanal denim. For me it's part of the fun except when I screw up.
  4. peter1

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    Thanks, that's a definite possibility. SE shipping to Yurrup might be prohibitive. Though I like the "modified" version with slightly longer length.
  5. peter1

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    No special reason other than that I have a couple pairs of TCB jeans so looking for variety. The LCV Type 2 was on sale in Europe for 210 euros but not in my size (M).
  6. peter1

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    Who makes an authentic, relatively affordable (and available in Europe or via mail) Type 2 besides TCB? It's on my target list for this year, but don't really want to pay more than 250 euros and hopefully less? TIA...could always go used, of course.
  7. peter1


    Been meaning to post this. Just a data point on the one-wash varieties. My first TCBs were slim 50s in black, raw. I went TTS (32), and did only a warm soak, got a little bit of shrinkage but the waist stretched back to raw size (around 34.5"), which is fine but I wanted a little closer fit in the waist and top block. So I picked up a pair of one-wash in indigo in 31, which were way too tight. I returned them for 33, which fit just fine and are actually smaller in the waist than the 32s that started out as raw. So...I don't know what washing process TCB uses but be aware that it appears to be pretty aggressive, much more so than I would normally do unless I was going for maximum shrinkage... Also, I got them from Denimio at a ridiculously cheap price, 129 euros. That's not much more than a pair of standard off the rack 501s cost in Europe.
  8. peter1


    I didn't see that on his Insta -- can you link? I'd be down for a new cut. I like the slim 50s, just wish the rise was a smidge higher. Maybe we'll see a mid- to high rise taper, that seems to be fasionable now. Not that I'd wear it after memories of Levis 550 cut back in the 90s...or maybe a Resolute style Ivy jean?
  9. peter1


    ^^Which is precisely why I like forums, even if they aren't as popular as they once were. I'm older and move slower... Regarding APCs, I wear petit standards, true to size, as my "nice" denim. They look great under a sports coat or with an oxford shirt. The only drawback for me are slightly too short inseams, and lack of chainstitch, though you could argue that not having roping makes them more formal. I'd like to find a gently used APC denim jacket -- think there are some out there that dont have much wear at a good price...
  10. peter1


    ^^Interesting. Are you going to let it fade naturally or wash as often as you might a "regular" shirt? Also: Those retail prices
  11. peter1


    My first pair was black and raw, and yes, the waist stretched back after an initial hot soak or two to the raw size. I've washed them in 30 deg a few times, hang dried, and while I've lost a bit in the length (maybe 1 inch?) the waist remains at original measurement (maybe 34" for a size 32, which is a bit larger than I'd like). So I'm trying one wash and sizing down to a 31 (supposedly 33 inches). However, I think the black denim might have different characteristics than the indigo. I referenced a bit of "springiness" above -- it's never been particularly stiff, and almost feels like it has a tiny bit of stretch built in. Very comfortable all in all.
  12. peter1


    Plumped for another pair of slim 50s in the Demimio sale. 129 euros shipped is a really good price. Instead of raw and size down 1 from natural waist I sized down 2 and went one wash as I need something a little tidier for office wear. We shall see. First pair was black and with wear after washing they have returned to raw dimensions. I'm hoping the indigo has the same characteristics as I like the slight springiness of the black denim, but would like a closer fit in the top block to eliminate diaper butt... Was very temped by blouson/ranch jackets but I think I'm going to hold out for a gently used LVC Type II. Gotta have that red tag....
  13. peter1

    Carabiners, Key Chains and Clips

    I agree. I'm a big fan of the Master-Piece key clips. Current one is red, adds a bit of "Office Space" flair, if you know what I mean. It's long enough to tuck into back pocket or even front pocket depending on where the belt loops are. https://caliroots.fr/master-piece-equipment-key-holder-01691-be/p/73998?size=TAILLEUNIQUE&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiZPvBRDZARIsAORkq7e04XPgZfWwhMplJyzUkoRybIMhq5CWRLR8MH2CTRR6akq-po0XhAMaAqAwEALw_wcB My original impetus for exterior key rings was not to lose track of where my keys are. I know, practical, huh? I walk out the door, pat my hip for keys, pat rear pocket for wallet, front pocket for phone, then I'm good to go. If I put the keys anywhere else I'm toast...as for what I have on the ring: very small combination lock (for luggage/computer bag; I travel a lot for work); key to apartment, bike lock, small mailbox key and office key. No car! Honestly if my style was more western/Harley-Davidson/rocker I'd have my wallet on a chain, too, for the same reasons. I've lost 2 wallets with EVERYTHING in them and it was such a PITA to get cards reissued etc.
  14. peter1


    Excellent interview. Shows the importance of being open to your customers. My only quibble with TCB is a certain, shall we say, lack of refinement when it comes to patterns, but that's part of the charm and there are plenty of other brands with a less rough-hewn aesthetic. On that note, will go for another pair of slim 50s but may try sizing down...
  15. peter1


    I'm a fan of both APC and TCB, and while they are at similar price points (APC is a bit less, depending on where you buy your TCBs), they are very different pants. APC is, to me, more about the fit. The patterns are superb and a well-fitting pair of New Standards, Petit New Standards or Petit Standards will look good with everything from a T-shirt to a constructed blazer. But, it's not rooted in a lot of historical references the way a TCB pair is. I love my APCs -- will probably always have a pair in the rotation -- but I wear them as "work" clothes, i.e. office work, whereas my TCBs are better for more casual wear. And the TCB denim is more interesting, at least to me. I don't think it's quality, just different characteristics. If this helps, I'm a 32 in APC and 32 in TCB slim 50s, but I could have easily sized down to a 31 in TCB. I just like a looser fit for knocking around.