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    I'm a fan of both APC and TCB, and while they are at similar price points (APC is a bit less, depending on where you buy your TCBs), they are very different pants. APC is, to me, more about the fit. The patterns are superb and a well-fitting pair of New Standards, Petit New Standards or Petit Standards will look good with everything from a T-shirt to a constructed blazer. But, it's not rooted in a lot of historical references the way a TCB pair is. I love my APCs -- will probably always have a pair in the rotation -- but I wear them as "work" clothes, i.e. office work, whereas my TCBs are better for more casual wear. And the TCB denim is more interesting, at least to me. I don't think it's quality, just different characteristics. If this helps, I'm a 32 in APC and 32 in TCB slim 50s, but I could have easily sized down to a 31 in TCB. I just like a looser fit for knocking around.
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    Stuff you would like to see made

    I'm sure this has been done, and if it hasn't it would be horribly expensive, but a repro of some of the Blue Bell zip denim jackets from the 50s/60s. My father had one, even had the elastic gathers at the rear. I asked my mother NEVER to sell it until I got around to finding a place to store it, but of course it disappeared...
  3. Is there a thread for Phigvel? I'm sure there is but for some reason can't find it. http://store-phigvelers.com/ The off-white Tees look great.
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    I have a pair. They are hard to fade, have about 30 wears since winter with a hot soak but put away for summer. So far only fades are showing up around waist areas and a bit on rear pockets. The fabric is nice and soft, very comfy. But it doesn't quite feel like blue denim. I'm going to go at them hard this fall, I think.
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    Levi's RED

    ^^Good lord those are terrible.
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    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    It comes and goes, some years I'll buy nothing, others I'll a bit nuts when I find something I like. In the last year I've moved back to looser fits, but still in the "artisanal workwear" wheelhouse. I especially like EG Workaday line, which is basically designed to be a half size too big. Also into some Italian brands like 1st Pat-RN and President's that have trim but not tight silhouettes and truly great construction/materials. I'm actually down to 2 pairs of denim, mostly wear fatigue pants for daily wear.
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    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    ^^I just posted this in the LVC thread. We shall see. I can't imagine Levi's getting rid of STF 501s but LVC would seem to be imperiled unless someone can show its making a profit. Actually, I'd be fine if LVC was just a range of limited production jeans/jackets, minus the other stuff that just seems a bit costumey...
  8. peter1

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Wonder if LVC will survive Levi's going public? It's a niche within a niche but once you start getting pressure from shareholders who aren't the Haas family, bean counters start scouring the books for anything that doesn't make a profit or is inefficient.
  9. peter1

    1966 501's... in 1966

    Cool memories. I remember buying my first pair of 501s around 1981 or 82, having worn vastly inferior Lees and Wranglers before that. Remember that Levi's were high-end, and bc of groups like the Ramones had just a tiny bit of transgressiveness. However the style back then was fades, so I washed them about 3x right away to get as much dye as possible out. I was into the punk scene at the time so I remember taking bleach and putting it in a spray bottle then spraying the jeans on the jet setting. Really cool effect! I agree that STF 501s have lost a lot of luster -- the build quality is still there but the denim doesn't seem to be nearly as burly. Happily there are dozens of artisanal makers including LVC who will sell you old school 501 repros...
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    It's a pretty cool looking wash...and yet...$335? IMO you can get the same effect with some well chosen used 501s or 505s, plus you get a red tab. Note that Canoe Club states that a 505 is the inspiration. I'm a huge Orslow fan but once in a while the brand goes off the rails a bit.
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    I use the waist tabs all the time on two of my fatigue pants, as they stretch a bit with wear, or when I don't feel like wearing a belt.
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    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I kind of see a molehill here. I'd just take them to any tailor shop and replace the button. Or DIY. Anyway, you got them on deep discount, right? So paying $10-15 for the fix is no biggie. I'd be too impatient to wear them to ship off somewhere.
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    SOMET Denim

    What are the "writer" jeans on Denimio's site? The cut and price look really good, as well as the 33 inch inseam (which would give me a turnup rather than a roll, which I prefer). I'm looking for a tapered but not tight cut as a contrast to most of my other pants, which tend to be a bit looser. https://www.denimio.com/somet-1820130030-13-8oz-men-s-writer-s-08-indigo.html
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    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    My mother's (and all the side of her family) high school! Many famous alumni.
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    I haven't seen any fade pictures of TCB black denim, possibly because...after 2 + months of 3x week wear, my black slim 50s aren't showing any fades. Tough stuff, even after a soak. They are about due for a wash (next week, possibly) so maybe some wear will emerge. Will post pix if it does. OTOH, the denim has become exceptionally soft, and I'm still sticking to my original assertion that sizing will return mostly to raw after a soak. It's kind of stretchy. Debating between a cold or warm wash; but will hang dry, for now.