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  1. Looking to buy another pair of 3-16s. I'm swayed towards the CT-100x, [sanforized, singed & calendered]. Has anyone had any experience with this cut? I'm just on the cusp of a true 32" waist, so was thinking of getting Size 30 which comes in at a 31.5" waist. But I believe @shredwin_206 mentioned there's very little stretch in the waist. [I don't know if this was for raw or sanforized]. So I'm stuck whether to get the 30s or 31s. I'm leaning towards the 31s. R&H size guide. Thanks.
  2. You are right Duke. My apologies to everyone. Post removed from above & in Supershopper. If it's too good to be true, etc etc. www.wolverine-ukboots.com is a fake website. Avoid.
  3. @Cold Summer My mistake. I have the horsehide rider's jacket - Brown from 2015. (I got it mixed up with another jacket). It's got the zip sleeves. They were really long, so I sent it to Aero Leathers and they took two inches off the sleeve length. Did a fantastic job.
  4. Is that the Riders jacket? I have the same one in the brown/red Shinki. A beautiful jacket. And I agree, TFH shirts are exemplary as mentioned by @mpukas. Pity their jeans don't work for me.
  5. Tapori

    Iron Heart Jeans

    The A2 deck jacket that's just dropped is bloody gorgeous. Edit: I've got the N1 IHM-10 navy as my daily, & a new N1 IHM-35 khaki sitting in the closet. Must resist the A2.
  6. Brazing/soldering is a great skill. One which I was taught, but have not used for many years. (My day-job is high-pressure hydraulic systems). Nowadays tube bending & twin-ferrule connectors are much more reliable. (1), it uses less connections, (= less leak paths). (2), it eliminates porosity, which over time can lead to joint failure. (3), It's less time consuming.
  7. One of these would save you a fortune on connectors shred.
  8. Looking to pull the trigger on a pair of 5109s. The prices on the Klaxon website look most favourable, £165 shipped. Anyone in the UK had any experience buying from Klaxon and getting hit with any import charges? If so, how much did the VAT man fleece you? Cheers.
  9. I bought a pair of these about 5 or 6 years ago for about £600, from RMc in London, (Covent Garden I think). Probably the most uncomfortable boots I have ever had the displeasure to wear. Fortunately I managed to offload them on to some other unsuspecting poor sod someone else for £500. I see they now retail for £1,300!! Bonkers! Edit: Doesn't surprise me to see that their Mayfair shop is now closed. Footpads!
  10. Must be a couple or three years since I've worn my AW DenimHead, (SR12s), Caribous. I've been busting in a couple of pairs of IH-777S-14 in the meantime. However, I happened upon the AWs and thought.....why not? Still fit good. And whilst I was digging about the closet I happened upon a brand new pair of 15oz Caribous w/shovelhead back pockets. Win/win. Apologies for crap photos.
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