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  1. Tapori

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Still waiting here.....18 months. I've sent several emails, but none have been replied to. It's a very odd way to run a business. (But it appears he has time to clothe his ranching buddies with new cuts).
  2. Tapori

    Watches and Denim

    1975 Seiko 5. (Like new).
  3. Tapori

    The Flat Head

    I agree. But only when wearing a formal shirt, & with a Windsor knot. Wearing a tie with a spread collar FH shirt would look daft.
  4. Tapori

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Mojique: I suggest not collecting anymore jeans, but eat a LOT more pasta! I've seen more meat on a butcher's pencil.
  5. Tapori

    The Flat Head

    I like it too. So I bought one.
  6. Tapori

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    @dudewuttheheck Sounds like you've had a crap experience. I've just resigned myself to "they get here when they get here." Good time to get my AW 15oz Caribou's into rotation.
  7. Tapori

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Don't hold yer breath mate. I'm at 14 months, and still waiting.
  8. Tapori

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    I'm 3 weeks shy of a year's wait. Phtt!
  9. Tapori

    Ande Whall Denim

    2.5 year old Standies coming along quite nicely. Maybe x 15 washes.
  10. Tapori

    Ande Whall Denim

    Two Caribou's waiting patiently in the queue. 15.3oz pink-line selvedge & SR12's.
  11. Tapori

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    1960 Steer Ryders. Nearly 9 months ....& counting!
  12. Tapori

    Conners Sewing Factory

    dwth. I'm not on Instagrim[sic]. Or any other social media rubbish. But thanks anyway.
  13. Tapori

    Conners Sewing Factory

    I like the look of those WWII San Jose's. But I can't find a size guide on the OPOR website. Can anyone oblige? Leg opening is a deal breaker for me. Thanks.
  14. Tapori

    Krakatau.ru jeans

    ↑↑ Even without the title, it's easy to guess that these were made for the Russian/Eastern European market. Hideous! The rest of the stuff on the website is equally hideous.
  15. Tapori

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Thanks for that dwth. But I'm not on Instagrim, Farcebook, Twatter etc.