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Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.


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..... Here we know that Christmas will be cold and dark
The sun wont shine, y'can't see the stars at night
Mele Kalikimaka isn't Britain's way, to say... Merry Christmas to you.. say Merry Christmas To You..

Here we go Double 0's New Years Quiz. Tis way better than any shitty hootanani

1) Who's Orange Tab clad Derriere is This?


2)Who's This Dude?


3) Denim Brand? (extra points for Lot)


4) Name This Incredibly Charming Film


5) Name This Group


6) Name This South Asian Sweet


7) Name This Chemist and Author (Clue.. It's not David Bellamy)


8) What TV Show Where We All In?


9) Name This Classic Album?


10) Name The Leggy Chap on the Left


11) In What Country Would You Find This Building?


12) Denim Brand?


13) Name This Film?

14) Name This Ball Player


15) Where's This?


16) Can You Remember The Name Of The Little Man on Top of Our Vintage Butter Dish?


17) Name This Car


18) Name This City


19) Name This Denim Shop


20) ...Pffffff... Errrm, I'dunno, What's Better Cats or Dogs? :)

Same Rules As Ever, No Sneaky Image Drops!

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22 minutes ago, Double 0 Soul said:

13) The Green Knight .. Yes!

I thought that would be one of the less obvious scenes

Pretty good init? plenty of different dialects to wrap your ears around

Oh yeah, a great blend of creative and offbeat while still being very enjoyable. Dialects were cool too and thankfully fairly easy to understand. Strong accents always remind me of The Lighthouse, that one felt like I’m missing at least 1/3 of the dialogue without the subtitles.

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Summing up..

1) Roisin Murphy, @Maynard Friedman gets it, her name and picture are indeed on the t-shirt :)

2) It is H.D.Lee @LazyS gets it

3) Need a clue? 'Mario'

4) Faces Places @Jurassic gets it

5) Digable Planets @ColonelAngus gets it

6) Jalebi @MJF9 gets it (it looks nicer than it tastes)

7) Shulgin @Duke Mantee gets it (Funnily enough Mike, i only heard about him 10yrs ago after his death when i read his obituary in the Guardian, what a fascinating character)

8) Wonder Years, another point for @ColonelAngus


9) Strange Days @fre-co gets it

10) Dhalsim @beautiful_FrEaK gets it

11) Oscar Neimeyer Museum Brazil, @Maynard Friedman gets it

12) Ooe Hercules @Duke Mantee gets it

13) The Green Knight @Cocoa_Lapin gets it

14) This is Dock Ellis..  "Superdenim.. Nil Poi"

15) South Bank @MJF9 gets it

16) Douglas @MJF9 again

17) VW Scirocco @indigoeagle gets it

18) Reykjavik @indigoeagle again

19) PSA @beautiful_FrEaK gets it

20) I thought everyone would know this.. The answer is Cats.. obviously!!

..So it's just the patch?

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5 minutes ago, Double 0 Soul said:

7) Shulgin @Duke Mantee gets it (Funnily enough Mike, i only heard about him 10yrs ago after his death when i read his obituary in the Guardian, what a fascinating character)

I’d assumed you knew of him prior to that. I’m surprised he lived as long as he did given the amount of erm, invaluable testing he performed on himself 

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