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  1. Anyone know a place I could get San Mateo in size 46? Seems like it’s sold out everywhere
  2. @81FXR These are great: https://www.tenderstores.com/product/type-122-pleat-back-jeans/?variation=32027
  3. @Hopethisoneisnttaken thanks! I’m assuming you mean this one https://fieldleathers.com/product/the-connecticut/ it does look nice, my biggest gripe would be, at least from the look of it, unlined sleeves, I might be wrong though; also looks like it leans more towards the fashion side imo, the way the outer shell looks etc. It does look well made and a pretty good price! Would the quality be that much better than Schott? And, generally, how would Schott, Aero, Eastman and others compare quality wise?
  4. Thanks @JDelage. I don’t see them having any available at the moment, but I’ll keep it in mind. The one I’m leaning towards most atm is this Schott one: https://www.schottnyc.com/products/b3-leather-bomber-jacket.htm#tab-overview It’s a B-3 so thicker and warmer than your average B-6, but has those two handwarmer pockets unlike the period correct version with only one; price is decent too - not really looking forward to paying +3500 gbp for RMC…
  5. Any good recommendations for a B-3 or B-6 jacket? I’ve been looking at Eastman, Aero and Schott so far; RMC and Buzz too
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