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  1. Yeah, I’m thinking of maybe picking one of each. But if I had to choose only one, it would be TFH for sure. More of a question which one of the two from each brand to pick. So far I’m leaning more toward D306 and then maybe 3501 LHT.
  2. So with SE having a pretty good discount for a bunch of stuff, I’m looking to get a pair or two of jeans from them. Having never owned TFH or SG denim, I’m currently looking at: Strike gold: 3105 Left Hand Twill Have never owned LHT before, this seems like a nice option for me. One downside, I would have prefer a bigger taper; 3109 fit is too slim though. OR SE x SG wavy Fit seems better, the denim also looks interesting; I like tonal arcs. Not so sure about how the denim looks when fades though. And with 33” inseam after soak I would not really be able to cuff, which is not that bad, but still. The Flat Head D306 Really like everything about this pair, their 3XXX denim seems really exciting to try. My only gripe is the arcs, which are not very good looking IMHO. But maybe they’ll grow on me, or I could always remove them later. OR BSP-AI Again, like everything about this pair, tonal arcs are very nice. I am a bit surprised that it is still in stock after ~2 years; and I could not find any faded pairs online, so I have no idea how it’s gonna develop. What do you say? Would appreciate any feedback!