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  1. Cocoa_Lapin

    Superdenim community sale thread

    All of the items are for sale because they either don’t fit me anymore or my style changed and I don’t plan to wear them. All in good-to-great condition, please inquire about specifics. Also, please feel free to ask me any questions about measurements, specific photos and other info on wear and condition of any of the items (for most of them, you can find all the measurements on OD, SE, Denimio etc.); I love all of these jeans and want to find them a new home so I’m willing to give them up for a good price. Shipping from Canada. N&F 32 oz, Weird Guy, size 32. 295$ I actually haven’t soaked them; I kind of messed up by buying this pair, as they would shrink too much in the inseam for me. They’re ~32” as is, and after shrink they’d be 30-31. I did soak the waist after 20-25 wears, just to tighten it up a bit. Haven’t worn them since, so there’s a bit of stretch left. Raw measurements (except for waist): Waist: 31.5” Thigh (at crotch): 11.6” Knee (14” from crotch): 8.4” Hem: 7.4” FR: 11.2” BR: 15.1” Inseam: 32” https://imgur.com/a/7y9cgaM PBJ SLB-013 16.5 oz, size 33, ~33” waist. Soaked once, worn 30-40 times. 165$ Waist: 31.5” Thigh (at crotch): 11.9” Knee (14” down from crotch): 8.1” Hem: 7” FR: 10” BR: 14.5” Inseam: ~33” https://imgur.com/a/z0aIWCf (Including a close up of a small repair I had to do, front pocket stitching). Samurai ID x Kakishibu 17 oz, size 31. 195$ Waist: 30.75” Thigh (at crotch): 11.75” Knee (14” from crotch): 8.75” Hem: 7.5” FR: 10.6” BR: 14.5” Inseam: 36” They have maybe 20-30 wears on them, there’s still a bit of a stretch potential in the waist. Soaked once, will likely shrink ~1” in the inseam. https://imgur.com/a/KMirPQ4 Tender Co. Type 129 Woad-Overdyed 17 oz, Size 2, ~31.5” waist, low-to-mid rise, slim top block and slim thigh, soft taper. Worn 10-15 times, too small for me now, unfortunately. 185$ https://www.reddit.com/r/rawdenim/comments/g05uja/tender_co_type_129_woadoverdyed_jeans_minireview/
  2. Cocoa_Lapin

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Anyone else noticed how this new model doesn’t have those little loops on the inside? I usually hang the jeans inside out to dry that way. Wonder why they’re missing on this release; all other Roy models that I’ve seen/owned have them.
  3. @mpukas Thanks for the input! It’s funny cause my least favorite part of this MF jacket and the reason I haven’t purchased it yet is definitely the right handed zipper; I’m so used to the left handed one and it’s just so awkward for me if it’s not on that side. It is only a single zipper for this jacket though, so that’s good. And as I don’t really store anything in the pockets, I don’t mind even if they’re on the smaller side. Agreed about JP makers and small/shallow pockets; I’ve not worn my Evisu jeans nearly as much as I’d like to for that very reason.
  4. Thanks! I figured it should be appropriate for that weather, but since I’ve never owned anything with that kind of lining so it’s nice to get some feedback.
  5. @Broark I was looking at this one: https://misterfreedom.com/collections/jackets/products/n-1h-deck-jacket-burnt-umber?variant=30255562227825. I think lining is similar for those two, but the shell is thicker in yours. I don’t really need it to be crazy warm, I have really heavy duty parkas for extreme cold and then fairly light coats for around freezing temp; just need something in between.
  6. Anyone here have experience with N-1 deck jackets? I’m mostly wondering about how warm they are. Planing to wear it when it’s like 10-20F, cause I don’t really have anything that would fit into that mild-to-moderate winter weather category for me. Looking at MF one fwiw.
  7. Cocoa_Lapin

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Caved in and got myself a pair. Funny thing is, I was probably one of the first to buy it as I was afraid they’ll sell out too quickly; and it turns out my size (31) is the only one that’s at 4+ still. I mostly wonder how does this RT fit stack up against R01; as others said, R01 feels perfect and is my favorite ever so far. And since and I don’t have any other pair with similar measurements (especially rise), I don’t know for sure if it’s just because of those measurements or Roy’s expert craftsmanship and pattern making skill, or a bit of both probably. I do, on the other hand, have a few similar pairs to this RT cut, at least in terms of numbers. Also, @julian-wolf, it turns out that for like the past 5-6 releases at least Roy used all cotton stitching, as per @youngofthesoonestreply... for some reason I thought it was polycore. Wasn’t it your main issue with his jeans?
  8. Cocoa_Lapin


    I ordered like 5 of their tees form SE on bf sale; they’re really great in every regard. And also fit me perfectly, better than any other tee I own.
  9. Cocoa_Lapin


    Japan post stopped shipping to Canada on the 26th, and I my order for the 25th anniversary pair shipped on the 27th. And now I saw that my package has already been returned to sender... Should’ve bought them sooner and now I feel bad. Funny thing is, I already bought a seam ripper for the arcs
  10. Cocoa_Lapin

    Shoes that look better with age...

    @Duke Mantee That’s good info, thanks! Haven’t worn my RDT’s much yet, we’ll see how the sole holds up. I have no experience with cat’s paw heel either, I’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for me destroy it; Dainite disintegrates pretty fast the way I wear it.
  11. Cocoa_Lapin

    Shoes that look better with age...

    So what do you all think is the strongest, sturdiest outsole, especially the heel part? Or what are some common options for a pair with a metal thingy, like the one on RDT boots on the toe? I quite like my RDT’s for that little detail though it’s a bit slippery.
  12. Cocoa_Lapin

    Shoes that look better with age...

    You must have a pretty good gait/posture, Julian; at least judging by how evenly worn out the outsole is. This is how all my shoes look after very little wear and I can’t really do anything about it (this specific pair has <20 wears):
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342